Wong Fu Productions Live in KL, Malaysia @ Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

Youtube filmmaker sensation the Wong Fu Productions is coming to KL, Malaysia!

The guys at Wong Fu Productions consist of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang are making their way to Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus nearby Sunway on 4th of February 2012..

The news of them coming down got ‘leaked out’ by Jin from hitz.fm, the DJ who hosts the Hitz Party show..

JinnyBoy tweeted,

“I’m really excited! Because WONG FU PRODUCTIONS are coming to MALAYSIA!! @wongfupro #wongfu4lyfe! http://pic.twitter.com/PsdAzVdQ

Check out the tweet HERE..

*Right click on image to view large image*

Wong Fu, as it is known among Netizens, are famous for their Youtube short clips productions that are widely shared and liked on social media..Their Youtube Channel has more than 1-million subscribers and over 139-million video views on their 261 video (as of the time this post is being pbulished)..

They have also directed a MTV for Taiwanese artiste Wang Lee Hom’s song, “Still In Love With You”..

Although the tour poster is somewhat made public but there is no updates yet on the partners’ websites, except for ME Malaysia Facebook Page, mentioning that Wong Fu Productions are coming soon in 2012 (as of the time this post is being published)..

Admission fees for WONG FU 4 LYFE at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus is RM95 and RM150, for general admission and limited VIP seats respectively..


UPDATED: (9th January 2012)

Wong Fu has confirmed in their site that the news of them coming down to Kuala Lumpur is true!!

Check it out HERE..

The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2011

Visited the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale for the first time..

The fair was very big! It took me quite some time to go through whatever they have..

The books they have were awesome and very cheap!

English-translated Japanese manga you usually see in book stores like Borders, Kinokuniya, etc, were selling only at RM3 per book!

Original price? About RM30-40 per book..But of course, the selections of manga were pretty limited..

Graphic novels such as G.I Joe, Transformers, 24, etc, were selling around RM5-RM12 per book..Darn cheap..

Biographies and memoirs such as Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, and the likes of it, were selling in the range of RM10-RM20 only!

Some hardcovers from Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, were selling at RM8 only! Dirt cheap off the rack..

Went there with my dad and sis, here’s what we bought in less than 3 hours..

My damage..

15 books for about RM179..

Johnnie Walker Black Label F1 McLaren Mercedes Limited Edition

Got my Johnnie Walker Black Label F1 Limited Edition some time ago..

As you can see the shape of the obttle is a bit weird because it’s a small bottle of 200ml (20cl)..

Guess I should keep this for a very long time..Perhaps until Lewis Hamilton and/or Jenson Button retired or no longer alive :P

Glay – I’m In Love, For Japan Earthquake Relief #prayforjapan

Last Friday on 11th March 2011, Japan suffered their worst earthquake so far, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake..

Japan, being one of the most advanced country in terms of technology and also city development, handled the massive earthquake pretty well, considering one of the popular countries that have earthquakes..

Unfortunately, the 8.9 magnitude earthquake caused a massive tsunami hit on Northeast of Japan, Sendai..

From earthquake leads to tsunami and then radiation due to meltdown of nearby nuclear plants..Tragedy maximum :(

On 25th June 2011, the 10th MTV Video Music Awards Japan has become MTV Video Music Aid Japan, serves as an awareness and fund-raising campaign of some sort benefiting the Japanese Red Cross..

Here’s a song from Glay called “I’m In Love”, an old song back somewhere in the last 90′s..

Let’s show some love to Japan and I don’t want the anime industry to die!

Here are 2 videos, one from the GLAY Survival Expo 1999 at Makuhari Messe, gathered a large crowd of 200,000 people, making it the largest concert ever held by one single act in Japan..

Another video is at GLAY 15th Anniversary Special 2009, The Great Vacation at the Nissan Stadium, a two-day event which have gathered 150,000 people..

*GLAY 15th Anniversary Special 2009, The great Vacation at the Nissan Stadium*

*GLAY Survival Expo 1999*

Chiisa na pokke ni gyutto tsumateita
Kusa no nioi no takaramomotachi wa kakurembo
Hodoketa kutsuhimo musunde kureta kimi o nose
Manatsu no takasugiru kumo ni mukatte shouryokou

Mabuta no ura ni wa ano hi no bokura
Itsu demo nani ka ni kizutsuiteta ne

I’m just in love I’m just in love
I’m just in love oh Singin’ my life

Furuita arubamu hiraita boku wa
Wakakatta futari to ima ja toshi mo sou kawaranai
Shouwa to iu no jidai ni bokura o kakaete hashitta
Sonna anata no ikigai ga shimite nakitaku naru

Yutaka na hibi ni natsukashiku omou

I’m just in love I’m just in love
I’m just in love oh Singin’ my life


My First English Comic, My Bad – A Zits Treasury

It’s been years since I last bought my last comic book, and that was Captain Tsubasa – Golden 23 series, back in somewhere 2008..

Now I’ve bought my first comic book in 3 years and of course my first ever English comic book, that is Zits, the comic strip you read on local The Star newspaper..

Thanks to Kelli for selling the extra one to me, now I’ve gotten my first English comic book, “My Bad – A Zits Treasury”..

I’ll have to say this is my current favourite and yes, I’ve never read X-Men or Superman or Spiderman before..Archie, yes, a bit..

Zits is basically about a teenager named Jeremy Duncan going to high school and doing what most teenagers do nowadays, be it in the US or even in Malaysia..

He’s very attached to his mobile phone, he’s very attached to his Facebook, and he’s very attached to his iPod and music, like many other teenagers around the world..

He has big appetite, he hates doing house chores like he’s born not knowing what house chores meant, he’s quite rebellious towards his parents in terms of communication, and yet he’s very smart in his study..

He hates seeing his dad signing up on Facebook, he hates his dad watching video on Youtube, and he hates his mom checking out his blog and Facebook status..

His dad, Walter Duncan, is an orthodontist and most of the time wanted to look cool in front of Jeremy but most of the time looked clueless due to his illiteracy in technology..

His mom, Connie Duncan, is very strict towards Jeremy, giving curfews, giving punishments, and most of the time, like most of the caring mothers in the world, would forgive him for his wrongdoing and eventually treat him with care, like any mother would do..

Jeremy has other crazy friends namely girlfriend Sara Toomey, best friend Hector Gracia, and close friend Pierce who usually do weird stuff like keeping flies and other funny animals as pets..

It’s one freaking funny comic strip that is suitable for teenagers nowadays because it deals with the local trends (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, etc) and it’s suitable for parents in the sense that it’s kinda like seeing themselves having trouble to communicate with their children if they are like Jeremy’s parents, or have a good laugh if they are as tech-savvy as Jeremy..

Summary of 2010..Hello 2011

First and foremost, good bye 2010..Hello 2011! :D

Well I don’t usually do a year-end-summary blog post but 2010 has been pretty decent to me so I guess it’s good that I summarize my 2010, just for the record..

Mind you, my summary is not something you could read from my previous posts because I’ve missed out a lot of things, as in blog posts..

So the content is a mixture of something new (never posted in blog before) and something old (posted in blog)..

Warning – It’s quite a long post with quite an amount of photos..Enjoy if you are reading..Happy new year and all the best if you are not reading it..LOL..

January 2010

- It’s also the time where most friends trying to adapt themselves with my new short hair look (HERE)..I have to cut it due to my internship, not like a permanent job where most people have mistaken..

- Organized a Form 6 reunion dinner and I’ve relived my F6 Council President status for a night..LOL..More photos HERE..

- Malaysian Information, Communications, and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has caused an uproar among Twitter users and the twitter-attack on him has launched, with the hashtag of #yorais ..HERE is the FULL Transcript of #yorais..

It even made it into the Global Top 3 Trending Topic in Twitter with ’2010 Haiti Earthquake’ and ‘Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury’..

February 2010

- Went to American Idol Kris Allen Showcase in Gardens..

- This is the month where I got my first Blackberry review unit, a BB Curve..

- Celebrated CNY at Ren’s Crib..

*Lou sang*

Hikaru and I also created an awesome trick, without editing!


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