Touching Down Gold Coast, Australia

Just a week before the Chinese New Year, I got the opportunity to travel to Gold Coast with a whole bunch of good company.

It’s my first time traveling to Down South and there were quite a number of rules and regulations to follow even at the Coolangata Airport. Remember to read the rules before you enter Aussie.

We have got the service of local tour guides to bring us around in coaches. Our first stop after leaving the airport was Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse.

After a short photo session, we proceeded to check-in at our hotel, Hotel Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise, located just beside Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise on Cavill Ave.

*The Grand Chancellor Hotel*

Below are some photos from Captain Cook Memorial and the beach outside Coolangata.

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Super GT Round 3 Malaysia @ Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

Although I have known Super GT since 2001, this is the first time I have ever been to a Super GT race in Sepang International Circuit (SIC) as part of the media on 9th and 10th June 2012 at the Super GT International Series Malaysia, Round 3.

Together with me was Jason as my co-photographer and thanks to Evelyn for such opportunity. Being in the media room was such a different and great experience.

The Super GT International Series Malaysia Round 3 is the ONLY race outside of Japan in the Super GT Series.

Being in the media room brought us ‘closer’ to the race because we got to monitor the whole race and felt the suspense in the pits, as compared to watching from TV or grandstands.

The Japan Super GT Race has been featured in Malaysia since year 2000 where it was only a special exhibition race back then, only in recent years the Super GT Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, was included as part of the whole GT tournament, and usually it’s at Round 3.

Like any other motor sports, Super GT is often associated with its super cars and also the hot Japanese team ambassadors, whom we called them GT Queens.

*ENDLESS LADY 2012. From L>R – Yuki Ichinose, Akari Suzukawa, Takana Honda, and Mina Aida*

Pretty GT Queens came out from their team’s pits to greet the fans and crowd during the Pit Walk session.

*D’STATION Fresh Angels. From L>R – Chikako Tsugawa, Chihiro Andou*

The GT Queens are ambassadors to their teams and they take pride in their job.

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Nigel Barker Masterclass Photography Workshop @ Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

If you have been following ‘America’s Next Top Model’ (ANTM), you would be pretty familiar with Tyra Banks and the panel of judges..

Nigel Barker, the renowned celebrity photographer is one of the judges and also the photographer in ANTM, is coming to Malaysia from 19 – 25 July 2011 to share his unique expertise on his photography style and techniques..

*Nigel Barker – Image taken from Google Images*

This Masterclass photography workshop is brought to you by Epic Voyage..

What : Langkawi Masterclass
Where : Tanjung Rhu Resort
When : 20 – 22 July 2011

The Langkawi Masterclass at Tanjung Rhu Resort (a luxury 5-star beach resort) is a 3 day 3 night Masterclass by Nigel Barker in the beautiful and inspiring setting of Tanjung Rhu..

*Tanjung Rhu Resort – Image taken from Google Images*

The programme includes practical sessions and “out-and-about” photoshoots culminating in an exclusive dinner-exhibition and an award ceremony for the Best Photos judged by Nigel Barker himself..

The winning photo bags Multiblitz studio lighting worth RM8,500..Top 5 images win Glitzo tripod worth RM3,000 each..

How much is the Masterclass workshop : Total Package Price – RM4,995

The total package price inclusive of :
- 3 nights accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort
- Langkawi airport transfers
- Full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition with Nigel Barker
- Autographed copy of Nigel Barker’s ‘Beauty Equation’
- Certificate of Participation signed by Nigel Barker
- Exclusive Tee shirt and cap with Nigel Barker’s embroidered insignia

Per-sign-up is eligible for the following top-up package :
- 1 Supplementary Guest at RM995
- room sharing basis with main participant
- full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition

Option :
- Participants can opt alternatively for the 2 full day Masterclass at RM3,500  excluding accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort..Includes 2 coffee breaks and the closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition but excludes lunch and first night dinner..

For more info, check out Epic Voyage’s website at Epic Voyage : Nigel Barker Photography Workshops..

Or, for bookings and further information, please contact Lee Adeline (+6016-4161914) or e-mail at

Mei Ling And Tan Qian Photoshoot @ Taman Bukit Jalil

After a long hiatus due to my engineering projects of Digital Piano and IR Remote Program Code Reader and final exam, I’m now free for at least 1 month..

And speaking of busy, I didn’t really touch my camera for quite some time and Tony, Jason and I did some stress release by having 2 pretty coursemates from the Chemical Engineering major to have a photoshoot with us..

It’s fun to have them with us on a Saturday morning at Taman Bukit Jalil with few “country themed gardens”..

Here are some of the photos..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Tan Qian*

This is Tan Qian, hailed from China..She’s been staying in Malaysia for more than 5 years and speaks good local slang as well :P

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*Mei Ling*

Mei Ling, a sweet girl who seldom talks but once you’ve got to know her, she’s kinda chatty too..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*I want you!*

Most of the photos were taken using Sony SAL-75300mm, zooming at full-range..

One of my habits of taking outdoor portrait photoshoot is using tele lens..The bokeh effect is one of the reasons..

You don’t even need a low aperture tele lens to get some nice bokeh and that will serve you pretty well as a starter at a more affordable price..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Abandon house*

There’s an abandoned house kinda place which I think it’s not supposed to be like that but it’s quite old and not well maintained hence the wrecked window frames..

Correct me if I’m wrong..LOL..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*The dark moment*

This photo is to reflect her “darkest moment” hence the black and white style to further enhance the feeling in it..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #1*

The feeling of being abandoned doesn’t feel good at all..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #2*

The long-wait for someone seems to be very torturing..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #3*

I must applaud Tan Qian for her anticipation in this photoshoot as she put up a great emotion on this set..

Jason requested her to shed some tears, not to the extent of crying out loud and yeah, she did it perfectly..

Just a slight teary eyes for this set and I can actually feel her when I was looking into her through the lens..

For more photos do head over to my Facebook album of Mei Ling And Tan Qian Photoshoot..

Street Photography – Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks ago went for a bit of so-called street photography session with the Alpha kaki comprising Wingz, Ho, and Tony..

Attended a Sony Alpha so-called workshop and our assignment was street photography, themed KL something something..Forgotten already..

So out we went shooting..Well, not something great or creative or unique because we were kinda lazy..

jalan ipoh

DBKL or not, I bet the people didn’t really feel their authority presence..

jalan ipoh
*Jalan Ipoh*

Was waiting for an empty street but it’s almost impossible on a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh
*Traffic congestion*

I guess it’s quite a norm, what’s more a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh

Is it JT or something else? I’ve forgotten what does the JT stands for, for I know it won’t be Justin Timberlake nor John Terry :P

jalan ipoh
*Use the pedestrian bridge*

Use the pedestrian bridge or pedestrian crossing is always the better choice but in Malaysia, we do it the Malaysian way!

jalan ipoh
*A home*

Don’t you feel grateful albeit wherever you are living now?

jalan ipoh

And that wrapped up our lazy street photography..LOL..We only walked around the same area for not more than one hour I guess..

Yes indeed it was a very lazy one, but it’s good enough for me to get my gears working again..

Singapore Trip – Singapore Flyer, Esplanad, Merlion

After our last stop at The Mint Toys Museum, we proceeded to the Singapore Flyer, said to be the world’s largest observation wheel standing at 165m from the ground..

Going around with Nuffnang and with the collaboration with Tourism Singapore, we were able to enter the Singapore Flyer for FREE~!!!

singapore flyer
*The Flyer*

If you really want to know the price, it is SGD 29.50 for adults, SGD 20.65 for children, and SGD 23.60 for seniors..

There are many other packages and you can check it HERE..

You can book the whole capsule for your own function, which of course will cost a bit of money if you were to do so..

singapore flyer
*On our way up*

This is a bit of wide angle which I’ve tried to get as much of the sky for a better effect..

It was about 5pm at that time and the sky was quite moody, hence the greyish-no-cloud sky..

singapore flyer
*River meets sea*

This is where the river (I suppose) meets the sea..

More breath-taking photos after the jump..

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