Adjustment Bureau – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s weird that the few people I’ve talked to before the movie, they have no idea what movie is this, despite the numerous times of the trailer being shown in cinema..

When I tell them it’s the trailer of Matt Damon holding a girl’s hand (Emily Blunt) running around trying to escape from pursuers..

Then they go “Ooooohhh”..

That’s right, Adjustment Bureau is some kinda romance-thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, is loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s short story of “Adjustment Team”..

I saw the newspaper ads for this movie, it says, ‘Bourne Meets Inception’..I thought this movie should be a mind-blowing one..

Thanks to UIP for the pair of tickets again, and of course thanks to Kel Li for giving he tickets to Daphne and I :D

So the tagline ‘Bourne Meets Inception’ did give me a little bit of idea what to expect of the movie..

David Norris (Matt Damon), a young candidate running for the US Senate, meets highs and lows during the election and eventually loses out to the other candidate..

During his low time, he met Elise (Emily Blunt) and eventually they fell in love at first sight of some sort..

At this point of time, a group of people called the Adjustment Bureau appeared and they don’t seemed to belong to this world..

As the name of the organization suggests, it’s a bureau in-charge of adjusting people’s life to make them run as according to the bureau’s chairman’s plan..

The reason David Norris is in their plan because he could turned out to be someone very influential and powerful in the future and meeting up with Elise could ruined the plan..

So the bureau is trying their best to stop David and Elise meeting each other..

The plot continues from there and that how you got the movie trailer where David and Elise holding hands running around the city trying to escape from the bureau..

I would say the story is pretty interesting and yes, there is a slight similarity to Inception but of course not as mind-blowing as it is..

Given the plan from the bureau and also ‘chances’, it definitely shows that one has a lot to consider for the best of the future and at the same time, it may be something that you can consider much because everything is already planned by the ‘authorities’..

All in all, I would rate it at 8/10 for its great concept of the ‘adjustment bureau’..I could have given higher rating if not due to its sloppy ending..

Here’s the trailer of Adjustment Bureau..


No Strings Attached – Non Spoiler Review

As much as some people wants to be involved in a no-commitment relationship, it’s not as easy as you think..

No Strings Attached is quite the “slice of life” kinda movie that reflects some people around you, even in Malaysia! Well I speak from experience :P

Thanks to UIP, Daphne and I had heaps of good laughs watching this movie..

*Taken from Wikipedia*

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher is no stranger to movie-goers in the romance-comedy genre and this time he’s teamed up with Natalie Portman, his love interest in the movie..

The movie tells a story about long-time friends Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) bumping into each other few times on the street..

The story starts to kick in when Adam tries to find any random girl just to sleep with, and it happened to be Emma..

As suggested by the movie title, they want to keep it as no stings attached, casual sex with falling in love into each other..

*Taken from Google Images*

“Drama” goes on and on and it got me thinking how many casual sex would last long without love feeling involved..

The movie also starring Kevin Kline as Ashton Kutcher’s dad and Ludacris as one of Ashton’s buddies..

Overall, I like the movie very much..Maybe I’m the type of person who likes chick flick as much as I like action and drama movies..

Watch it with your loved one or your love interest, which I hope it would turned out to be good after you watch this movie with him/her :D

I’m rating it 8/10 for the good laughs that I had..I think it’s been some time since I last watched romance-comedy in cinema..

Here’s the trailer..“I’m warning you, if you take one step closer, I’ll never let you go..”..


Homecoming – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s the time of the year again and lots of Chinese New Year (CNY) themed movies are showing on screen now and/or soon..

If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I don’t usually watch Chinese movie in the cinema, what’s more a Singapore or local production..

But this time, many thanks to UIP for the pair of tix to Homecoming ‘gala premiere’ where Daphne, Joshua, Nigel, Kel Li, Bryan, and I watched together with the casts, namely Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Rebecca Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, and Koe Yeet..

*Taken from Google Images*

The movie plot sets on 1-2 days before CNY where all of the characters try to rush home for reunion dinner in the spirit of balik kampung..Hence the title Homecoming..

Mark Lee plays a famous chef and his dialogues are all very punny and funny when he mixes Cantonese and Mandarin..Koe Yeet plays as Mark Lee’s daughter..

Jack Neo is cross-dressing as a housewife, Karen Neo, and Ah Niu plays as her son..

The story focuses on Mark Lee who can’t have reunion dinner with his daughter, Jack Neo and the son Ah Niu rushing to KL to have a reunion party with the family, and newly-wed couple Huang Wenhong and Rebecca Lim realize the importance of reunion dinner with the family..

The angle changes from time to time among the 3 events but overall it’s actually inter-connected in a way or another..

All I can say is that if you know me well you would know I can hardly speak Mandarin and sometimes understanding it..

This movie primarily conversed in Mandarin with a little of Cantonese, English and also Malay..With my little understanding of Mandarin and with the help of subtitles, I actually laughed throughout the movie, no kidding!

The jokes are mostly from Mark Lee’s puns, Ah Niu’s character as a rebellious son, Jack Neo’s character of a typical Chinese mother/housewife, and a some very subtle jokes about current events about the actors/actresses..

*L>R – Huang Wenhong, Ah Niu, Jack Neo, Mark Lee..Image taken from Google Images*

If you know local news very well then you would most likely be able to catch the jokes..

Afdlin Shauki actually played quite a role in this movie as a taxi driver and at some point I think his acting is much natural for his character as compared to other local productions..

IMHO, the movie have a very obvious message to the viewers regarding the importance of reunion dinner and family ties..

I actually teared at some scenes, which I think I could somewhat relate myself in that situation..

As compared to lots of modern Hong Kong CNY movies which are quite silly, I think this movie fared pretty well and we could relate ourselves in the balik kampung spirit..

I would give the movie a FANTABULOUS 8/10 for its jokes and puns, and some touching moments..

P/S – Don’t ask me if Homecoming is better than the other local CNY movie or the other way round..I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually watch Singapore or local productions so I can honestly tell you this is the first Chinese movie of Singapore or local production that I’ve watched, and I love it!

Here’s the trailer for the movie Homecoming, directed by Lee Thean-jeen..

Happy Rabbit Year to everyone who is celebrating CNY directly or indirectly due to the public holidays..Hehehe..


Paranormal Activity 2 – Non-Spoiler Review

The time is back..After slightly a year after Paranormal Activity is shown around end of 2009, the much anticipated Paranormal Activity 2 finally has reached Malaysian shore..Thanks to UIP that I can watch it beforehand again :D

If you have watched Paranormal Activity 1 (PA1), you may say that it’s a boring movie that you almost fell asleep and all..But for me, PA1 is something very fresh and I know the plot is moving very slow but the effect is all it counts..

The movie itself is not that scary at all but the after-effect is simply terrifying..I who usually watch horrors like normal movies, if not like comedies, too felt the after-effect has gotten me a bit..

If you have not watched PA1, don’t worry because it doesn’t really mater as Paranormal Activity 2 (PA2) is actually a prequel of PA1..

The family in PA2 is related to the family in PA1 and PA2 gives you a better picture of what was happening in PA1 and why does it happened..

PA1 seems a bit hanging here and there and left you clueless back then as why Katie was possessed..Was it just because the house was haunted or was it something from the past..

This prequel definitely tells a lot and I would say it’s much more interesting and horrifying than PA1..

Whenever I watch horrors, I usually predict the next scene that would make the girls scream so it’s not that horrifying when one can predict the next move..

But in PA2, I can hardly predict the next scene and it caught me by surprise..

All in all, I would rate Paranormal Activity 2 for a horrifying 8/10 for its prequel story prior to PA1 and lots of surprises that got me scared..

For those who thought PA1 was boring, you might not think the same for PA2..From a psychology point of view, I would say for a person to say it’s boring is a way to neutralize or control the fear in them :)

Owh, expect quite a surprise ending too..It got me think about karma for a while..

Watch the official trailer..Not for the weak-heart..Lower down your volume..You have been warned..


My Soul To Take – Non-Spoiler Review

Watched ‘My Soul To Take’ with Daphne, thanks to UIP for the tickets..

First off, here’s a bit of details on the casts and production crew and all..

Genre :  3-D Suspense thriller

Cast :  Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Emily Meade, Nick Lashaway, Denzel Whitaker,  Shareeka Epps, Paulina Olszyinski, Raúl Esparza

Written and Directed by :  Wes Craven

Produced by :  Wes Craven, Iya Labunka, Anthony Katagas

‘My Soul To Take‘ is a thriller with a slight bit of horror but it’s not getting anywhere near ghost-horror thingy, directed by Wes Craven, who also did ‘Nightmare On Elm Street‘..

When I thought it’s some trying-too-hard-to-be-there kinda movie, the beginning of the movie got me startled and I was amazed, really..

It’s about a family guy (no not that animation Family Guy) who has some kinda mental illness and has multiple personality which got him became a serial killer in Riverton..

*Car crash*

The starting of the movie wasn’t making any sense but who cares coz Abel Plenkov (Raul Esparza) has multiple personalities aka mental illness so we are not in for something of the norm..

The killer, Riverton Ripper is already on killing spree before you could warm your seat and your popcorn is probably still fresh hot..Like I said, I was amazed with the amount of actions..

*5 of the Riverton 7*

After some killings and car crashing, the Riverton Ripper fled, not knowing whether he’s dead or alive..

16 years have passed and come the story after that, the Riverton 7..Riverton 7 is the 7 babies that survived on their pre-matured birth on the night The Ripper is ‘killed’..

Rumors said the Ripper’s soul is still around among the Riverton 7 and things have been fine until the night of Ripper’s Day, 16-years later..

So the rumor or curse is that the Ripper will be back for more killing spree and the Riverton 7 is his target..

Riverton 7 consists of main character Adam ‘Bug’ Hellerman (Max Thieriot), Bug’s best friend Alex Dunkelman (John Magaro), Jerome King (David Whitaker), Penelope Bryte (Zena Grey), pretty girl Brittany Cunningham (Paulina Olyszynski), Jay Chan (Jeremy Chu), and big bully Brandon O’Neil (Nick Lashaway)..

*The Fang*

IMHO, I think the character of Fang (Emily Meade) is not quite necessary but later in the movie only I realized her role in the movie is pretty much what makes the characters of the Riverton 7 of some sort..

So never underestimate the Fang, the self-appointed high school queen in Riverton..

*Brittany Cunningham being assaulted*

Things got pretty ugly with pools of blood and it’s nothing much of goriness..So don’t worry if you are afraid if you can’t handle the gory scenes, coz there’s almost none, IMO..

*Lots of surprises waiting for you*

Lots of twists and jokes in this movie and it got you thinking who is the real killer..It could be the Ripper from 16 years ago, it could be someone among the Riverton 7..

The ending is quite a surprise for me, at least..Some might want to claim their superiority by using the word ‘predictable’..

The ending isn’t really hanging around but there’s room for a sequel but I think it’s good that it stop just right there..Perhaps a prequel would be fine..

I’ll give ‘My Soul To Take’ a decent 7/10 for its early actions and the suspense throughout the movie..

Here’s the trailer..


Anime – Highschool of The Dead Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

Highschool of The Dead, or known as Gakuen Mokushiroku in Japanese, is an anime-adaptation of a manga of the same name written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato..

The manga has been released since September 2006 and was adapted into anime by Madhouse where it began airing on 5th July 2010..

Highschool of The Dead (HOTD) starting-plot takes place in a highschool, where Takashi Komuro and his gang of fellow students, childhood friend Rei Miyamoto, swords-woman Saeko Busujima, geek Kota Hirano, genius Saya Takagi, school infirmary doctor and Shizuka Marikawa..

Suddenly the whole world infested by zombies and other fellow students who got bitten by the zombies will eventually become one of them too..

So the story is about survival and the journey to look for other survivors..

Character development is pretty good on each of the main surviving character and it has the mind-boggling thing if it really happens to you..

Unlike Resident Evil kinda zombie plot, HOTD is more about survival, human instinct and nature when such apocalyptic incident happens upon mankind..

Its genre falls into action, horror, thriller, and with the themes of gore and fan-service..

Fan-service is the kind of theme where it “pleasures” the fans with partial nudity and/or sexual images, where in most cases involved upskirts, down-blouse, and lots of panties views..

Takashi Komuro is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who also did Archer in Fate/Stay Night, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in Bleach, and Greed in FullMetal Alchemist, just to name a few..

Rei Miyamoto is voiced by Marina Inoue, who also did for Yoko in Gurren Lagann series, Kana Minami in Minami-ke series, and also sang for OP and ED for Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei..

The Opening Song (OP) is “Highschool of The Dead” by Kisida Kyodan and The Akeboshi Rockets..

Ending themes (ED) are pretty unique in HOTD because it has 12 different EDs on this 12-episodes anime..Each ED suits the mood on how each episode ends..

All of the EDs are sung by Maon Kurosaki..Do check out some snippets after the EDs, they are not previews of the following episodes..

I would say it’s NOT the kind of anime suitable for minor due to its goriness and mild sexual content..

It’s a 12-episode anime and it seems 2nd season should be up anytime because it ends at the beginning of Chapter 16 in the manga, which have a total of 28 chapters as of July 2010..

I’m not too sure if the manga ends there or there’s still more to come but the anime certainly has more to offer!

I think it should be pretty similar to The Walking Dead, which is about survival after post-apocalypse when zombies have ruled the world..

According to ANN, the readers gave it a median rating at ‘Very Good’ with 931 voters in total as of now..

I would give it a very decent 8/10 for the gore scenes and the killing instinct just to survive at the end of the day..