Thieves Start It Young On CNY Day 1

DISCLAIMER : The following is just my point of view of a normal Malaysian, and not from my race as a whole..There is not even a single racism sentiment and it’s all based on assumptions on why such situation/incident is happening..

Today, 3rd February 2011, Day One of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011..I looked out from a house balcony and I saw an incident, which I think it’s pretty much an eyesore, at least it is to me..

Look at the pic and take a wild guess..

I bet you don’t see any irregularity in this pic and the sky was pretty blue and clear, how is that an eyesore?

Now, take a closer look..

A group of kids together with 2 ladies on their bike were taking away bags of goods from the Charity Recycle Box in Taman Kobena, Cheras..

Well obviously the “recycle box” is locked on the outside, but the kids are small enough to climb through the “entrance window”..

These kids actually ran through the bags in the box, threw them out, and started to scavenge the goodies, and the 2 ladies joined the fun by stealing taking away their chosen goods too..

*Other kids are hiding*

At one point, 2 policemen (actually 1 male and 1 female) were on their bike patrolling the housing area..Good job I must say, but they didn’t even bother to warn the kids and just let them continue do what they were doing..

The kids actually ran and hid when they saw the policemen coming their way..So I guess in their right mind, they actually knew or thought that what they were doing is somewhat wrong, or else they wouldn’t have hid..

If you ask me, I would say these kids are a bunch of future-to-be thieves..

Now they are looking for goods in the Charity Recycle Box, who knows next time they may move on to roadside snatching and/or daylight burglary..

I know some of you would actually question my stand or am I dumb to even say they are actually stealing from the Charity Recycle Box..

Yes, it’s somewhat a known fact that people actually donated stuff that they didn’t want anymore..In another words it’s called used goods..

So are you saying that there is not a single good Samaritan who actually donates new goods to the people who are in need?

Think about this situation, let’s just assume that some goods in the box are new and most of it are used stuff..They are for the people who needs them..

So by assuming these kids are from poor family, just because they resorted to take things from the recycle box, so it does make sense they really need those goods..So they are not fault if they take the goods..

If that’s so, is there any difference if I were to say that you actually agree to robbery or snatch theft or burglary, only if the robber or thief is poor?

Some may even argue that they are still young and naive..They need proper guidance and all..

Regardless of their age, stealing is still stealing..You stole a pen, it’s stealing..You stole a shirt, it’s stealing..You stole few thousands of ringgit from whoever it is, it’s STILL stealing..

This Mercedes actually stopped for a while to have a look..

My initial guess was the driver or people in it actually thought of donating some of their goods to the people in need..But once they saw the kids and few construction workers scavenging the bags, they drove away..

Who wants to put their goods in when they know their donations will NOT reach those who really needs them??!

Well if “stealing” things from the recycle box is not bad enough, the kids actually kicked and stomped on the goods that they didn’t take..

Meaning, there’s really nothing left for the people who really needs them..

Okay, some might also argue that the goods are meant to be given away so what’s wrong with them taking the loots away?

Let me ask you, if your sandals or shoes that you placed outside your house, would you be angry if they were stolen? The poor or in this case, the kids could’ve thought you actually don’t want the shoes already..

If you want them, you would’ve placed them inside your house, not outside..Does that make sense? Of course it’s not you dumbass! Stop being a hypocrite!

If your parcel doesn’t reach the recipient say, via Poslaju, you could’ve sworn and cursed that Poslaju is doing a bad job and all..

But if your donations didn’t reach the organisation who was suppose to handle all the goods because these kids were looting away the goods, you might not blame the kids..

There you go, hypocrisy..

The kids left with a smiley face and the construction workers had to clean the mess, while looking for stuff that they can use..

Talk about proper guidance, now I remember it’s not properly taught in schools..

The Moral subject only teaches you to be helpful, hardworking, be polite, be loyal, etc etc..From what I remember, they didn’t say that stealing is actually wrong..

They only teach you the good things, but didn’t say what’s wrong and what’s bad..

After such long story, my point is that these kids are very wrong and I’m utterly saddened when the adults actually joined them to search for the goods..

The adults know it’s wrong and they should have warned them instead of join-in the party..

What have the society come about? The Government still think the rakyat are able to cope with the expensive livings? Get real people..

It’s a fucking eyesore for me on CNY Day One..

Run Over The Line Divider

Well okay, I don’t know what those lines are called so let’s just say it’s called line divider..

You know, when you come to a diverging road on highway or any road there will be lines before you reach the divider..

Usually, lots of motorists like to cut queue on these line dividers and I really hate it because those who are in line are also in a rush and they have wasted time to queue up..

So in what excuse can you say that you are in a rush and I’m not?

On 9th of July 2010, I got bored when I was in line at the Bandar Tun Razak exit after Connaught‘s Giant, PJ-bound, some smart ass cut queue as usual..

That road is quite a hot spot for motorists to cut queue during lunch time and off-work hour..

So here’s an image I snapped on my mobile phone..

toyota wish cutting queue
*Toyota Wish – WPE 823*

Of course there were some escaped at that time and it just so happened that this Toyota Wish WPE 823 is the lucky one to be featured in here this time..

On the bright side, this Wish is not the only one I’ve captured coz I passby that road almost everyday..More to come in the near future..Cheers!

More on Traffic Offenders..

Traffic Congestion At Cheras Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur

On every weekday Monday to Friday, traffic congestion during off-work hour is kinda unavoidable, be it in KL city center, Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Damansara, Subang, or Shah Alam..

Unavoidable is one thing, but making it become worse is another thing..

I always freaking hate selfish irresponsible drivers who managed to get their driving license and driving around not knowing how to respect other drivers..

In this case, traffic congestion at a roundabout..The one in Cheras specifically..

Congestion usually happens when drivers on either side of the incoming road don’t give way to the other road despite blocking the road and causing massive jams..

I got fed up and made an impromptu video on that very roundabout and I know it’s kinda boring or whatsoever but hey, it’s my way of reporting reckless-selfish-irresponsible drivers!

So here’s the video and I’ll definitely come back with more videos..


This is a part of my Traffic Offenders series..Do check it out..

Malaysian School Bully Continues

I’m proud to be a Malaysian..Yes, I’m telling the truth, of course, minus all the corrupted authorities and our future leader, school bullies..

Back in 2006, I’ve blogged about the St. Joseph school bully all the way from Miri, Sarawak..

Then came the Singapore girl bully video few days after the St. Joseph mishap..

I don’t know whether the school children was trying to ride on the fame of instant hit via Youtube, another 2 clips unveiled days after that, again..

All these 3 incidents happened in 2006, within 1 week, that is..

I don’t remember any actions taken against the St. Joseph bullies as according to rumour, the parents of one of the bullies are gangster or some shit..

So I guess everything is covered up very well that it left no trace which I guess most people didn’t remeber a thing from it..Mind you, I still have that clip..

Early this year, Wingz told me something happened to his 7-year old son and it was quite serious shit..

Apparently, a classmate of Wingz’s son Lil Devil, wanted to take his pencil and Lil Devil didn’t let him take it..Then the alleged “bully” took his own pencil and poke Lil Devil’s left eye..

That incident left Lil Devil an eye with injured cornea, which could lead to blindness..What does the school authority did? I don’t know..

Fortunately Lil Devil is now recovered, what if he went blind and cuckoo? He’s just a 7-year old kid and just started his schooling days..He’s hot long way to go..

Just yesterday, another 2 serious school bully incident happened..Okay maybe there were others that led to death as well in the past 2 years but I got no motivation to blog about it..

The recent incident, a Form 4 student fell victim to school bullies last year and it was video recorded by one of the attackers..

The video has leaked out and it causes so-called trauma on the victim..

*Taken from The Star Online*

According to the news, the victim had been “harassed” by the bullies for quite some time..The victim also had lodged police reports as well as reported it to the school authority..

After the bullies found out that he reported to the authorites, they beat him up and that led to the recent surfaced video, which I’ve yet to watch it..

Worst of all, Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah said that although the school had summoned the culprits for questioning, no action had been taken..

Now don’t you love to live in Malaysia? You beat up a student, you get to escape the punishment..So you get to keep on bully again, again, and again..

So if the video clip hadn’t surfaced on Youtube or the Internet, the authorities will just remain silent on this matter?

After the clip is revealed, only they tried to take credits or take the blame by saying they are already doing their “job”?? Nonsense bullshit~!!!

Then another case, a 14-year-old boy is in a coma at the Penang Hospital after his classmate allegedly hit him on the head with a plastic water bottle..

The mother said she was told (by the doctor) her son suffered excessive internal bleeding in his brain and that his skull was cracked, which might end up partially paralysed or experience frequent fits as his brain had been badly damaged..

*Taken from The Star Online*

Well okay, I know the bottom of a plastic bottle is very hard, especially soft drink kinda bottles, where as mineral water type is a bit soft because most of it are now recyclable..

Okay this one might have been a bit accidental but anyway, this shows that friends shouldn’t act too harsh among friends..

On a side note, I still remember my time that a lot of Indian and Malay students liked to mock wrestling in the class..

Yes, with all the “choke slam“, “stunner“, and whatsoever finishing moves done by the pro wrestlers a.k.a Oscar-deserved-winner actors and actresses..

There were twice serious shits happened during my time and of course, the friend involved got so scared because a junior blacked-out after he choke-slammed the little guy or something..

But those are accidents where when you apply a bit of logical and sane thinking, you wouldn’t involve yourself in silly wrestling mock-ups..

As for real school bullies, I do believed at least 50% of them are real secret society a.k.a gangsters a.k.a triad gangs..

Therefore, they thought they have the upperhand and back ups..That’s how all the bullying started..

I wonder how long does the authorities, whether from the Education Ministry or PDRM or any other affiliated authority, needed to curb all these failures in our society..

It’s been quite some time since my last rant on current issues..It felt so good after doing so..

Now, do your part, lodge police reports, again and again until they take action..No one should get hurt in school because school SHOULD be the safest place for any child..

I’ll be the happiest man on Earth if all these fucktards are sent into rehabs or any jail or prison if it’s within the country’s jurisdiction, that is..

It’s where children learn things and gain knowledge, not to get hurt..Thank you..Sekian..

Japanese Invasion – Unit 731

Yay I’m done with my supp paper and I think I’ve a 60-40 chance to pass my paper..Sigh, wtf right..

But anyway, few days ago, I’ve came across a blog but I can’t really remember which one..It’s about Unit 731..

Do take note that this is something trivia that you cannot find in your Form 3 Sejarah textbook, that’s when you study Japanese Occupation in Malaya..

It’s not really that important but I think it’s best if you know more than you can learn in school and why do people hate World War 2 so much..

WARNING : Do NOT proceed if you are weak-hearted or just taken your meal..

Now only I understand why the whole world especially China condemned the Japanese invasion after so many decades..

Unit 731 is a biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Japanese Imperial Army on human..

They conducted experiments on civilian and military of Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and Russian origin as well as some Japanese criminals from Japanese mainlands..

Some of the human experiments included :


  • Prisoners of war were subjected to vivisection without anesthesia..
  • Vivisections were performed on prisoners after infecting them with various diseases. Scientists performed invasive surgery on prisoners, removing organs to study the effects of disease on the human body. These were conducted while the patients were alive because it was feared that the decomposition process would affect the results..The infected and vivisected prisoners included men, women, children, and infants..
  • Vivisections were also performed on pregnant women, sometimes impregnated by doctors, and the fetus is removed..
  • Prisoners had limbs amputated in order to study blood loss..
  • Those limbs that were removed were sometimes re-attached to the opposite sides of the body..
  • Some prisoners’ limbs were frozen and amputated, while others had limbs frozen then thawed to study the effects of the resultant untreated gangrene and rotting..
  • Some prisoners had their stomachs surgically removed and the esophagus reattached to the intestines..
  • Parts of the brain, lungs, liver, etc. were removed from some prisoners..

Germ warfare attacks

  • Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations to study their effects..
  • To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, then studied..
  • Prisoners were infested with fleas in order to acquire large quantities of disease-carrying fleas for the purposes of studying the viability of germ warfare..
  • Plague fleas, infected clothing, and infected supplies encased in bombs were dropped on various targets. The resulting cholera, anthrax, and plague were estimated to have killed around 200,000 Chinese civilians..
  • Tularemia was tested on Chinese civilians..
  • Unit 731 and its affiliated units (Unit 1644, Unit 100, et cetera) were actively involved not only in research and development, but also in experimental deployment of epidemic-creating biowarfare weapons in assaults against the Chinese populace (both civilian and military) throughout World War II..Plague-infested fleas, bred in the laboratories of Unit 731 and Unit 1644, were spread by low-flying airplanes upon Chinese cities, coastal Nongbo in 1940, and Changde, Hunan Province, in 1941. This military aerial spraying killed thousands of people with bubonic plague epidemics..

Other experiments you can read it HERE..

It’s the most brutal and inhumane doings that a person can do..Well, if you think back, it’s not surprising for the Japanese to act this way..

In most Japanese porns, they do things that you have never seen before and could never really imagine..

Even their culture are somewhat weird compared to many nations, albeit being one of the most advance nations around the globe..

Here are 2 documentary videos regarding Unit 731..



Brutal and sadist isn’t?

Traffic Offender – Uni Double Parking

Well, another traffic offender post from my university, yet again..

The vicinity of my uni campus, applies to both Main and School of Engineering/Architectural campuses, are well known for its bizarreness of double parking..

On Thursday, I was at the Main campus side to have my lunch with Kelvin and Jason..Found a perfect parking spot..

It’s also famous for its double parking because most banks are opened in areas with insufficient parking space..This one, Maybank that is..

But I was damn hungry and I don’t care coz it’s very hard to find parking space..I just parked in it and went for my favourite Salad Chicken Rice..

After my meal slightly after 3.30pm, went back to my car and saw this..

*Cars blocking my way out*

*See all the cars?*

*The long stretch of double parking*

*The Satria R3 goes extra-mile in parking skills*

We waited for like 5-10 minutes, without honking at all..That’s when I started to snap pics around..

Coz I wanted to give chance to the drivers..Who knows they were in the bank waiting for the long queue..I understand that..

Then a guy, drove off the car behind the Satria R3..That didn’t helped me to move my car an inch at all..

Then waited again, hoping the Iswara driver was in the bank..

Then came 3 people, 2 girls and a guy..One of the girls was the driver..I recognized them, or at least one of the girls, they were from our uni, UCSI..Nice one..

I guessed they double parked the car then went for lunch at one of the restaurant nearby..

How could you double park your car then go to a restaurant far away from your car?

If you double park your car just right in front of the restaurant then it’s fine coz you’ll have a good sight whether you are blocking other cars..

Anyway, it’s total bizarre and if you call the cops to come over to clear up the congestion, they’ll arrive in like 5-15 minutes, depending on the traffic..

During my ordeal, a friend of my sis saw what I did and she blogged about it too..Check HERE..Coincidence or what?

Please double park responsibly..This is a community message brought to you by Yatz..