Plurkers Gathering @ Dave’s, 1 Utama

It wasn’t quite a Plurkers gathering but a farewell dinner for Jackie aka Yuri for her departure to Singapore to join the SIA..

On 10th September 2010 we had dinner at Dave’s, quite a cosy place to have a meal and the food is quite teh awesome too..

I had a Carbonara Linguine and it was awesome..Others had steak, pizza, and some others..Thumbs up from them too..

Okay no food review shits from me..Just an update just for the record..


I think I shall keep their identities a mystery..

Til the next time I see you Jackie, all the best in your training! Stimzzzz!

Malacca Day Trip With Family – Jonker Walk

Well it was about 4 weeks ago where my dad had an impromptu plan to visit the historical state of Malacca on a 1-day trip..

It was our first family outstation trip after my mom had passed away in 2006 and not like we traveled a lot when my mom was still around back then..It’s like a first-timer thingy..

So off we went off early in the morning for some breakfast before the 1-hour plus 2-hours trip..

A big mistake was we took the LEKAS highway via Kajang route, where we thought passing by Seremban would be faster as Cheras is nearer to LEKAS (Lebuhraya Kajang-Seremban)..

Once we reached Seremban we had to take a detour and exit to PLUS highway to follow Johor Baru, which is the very same highway if we were to follow KL-Seremban highway..

So a reminder to first-timer to Malacca, unless you are staying in Kajang-bound area, keep off LEKAS highway to go to Malacca..Always take KL-Seremban highway..

So on the highway it’s all the way follow road sign on the highway and we exited at Alor Gajah if not mistaken..By the way, my family is not a keen user of GPS-device, though we did try it on my phone for that trip..

Once you’ve passed the toll plaza, follow Pusat Bandaraya Melaka or something like that..

Straight away we headed to Jonker Walk (or some say Jonker Street) as most people know there’s nothing much to do in Malacca other than going to Jonker Walk..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball
*Kedai Kopi Chung Wah – Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball*

Our first stop in Jonker Walk, to find Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, the Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball shop..

It’s located at the end of Jonker Walk connecting to the famous red colored Christ Church Malacca..

There were a few chicken rice ball shops but I’ve heard of good reviews on Chung Wah so we decided to queue up despite the long queue under the hot sun..

The queue was not like freaking long but I guessed we’ve waited at least 30-40 minutes, standing under the hot-burning sun..

Coincidentally, while we were queuing, I bumped onto Akira “Jian” ceo, Jacquelyn, and Alex..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*The chicken rice balls*

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*Steamed chicken*

I would say it’s not like superbly delicious but it’s way better than a lot of chicken rice..The rice balls are to die for..

It’s difficult to find any chicken rice that you can eat just the rice without putting any sauce or gravy on it..In Chung Wah you can..

The steamed chicken is quite tender and not too salty, which is just right and just dip into the chili for better taste..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*Both my sisters Min, Eshan and my dad*

Once again I wouldn’t it’s especially great that you have to travel so far just for it but if you are already there, why not?

malacca jonker walk christ church
*Walking distance*

In Malacca town, where Jonker Walk, Christ Church, and few other places are all just walking distance..

malacca trishaw rental
*Trishaw rental rate*

Other than walking around you can also rent a trishaw which is equipped with sub-woofer audio system blasting on Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”..

malacca jonker walk christ church melaka
*Walk walk*

We opted to walk around instead of taking the trishaw..

Reminder, do apply sunblock lotion and take necessary pre-cautions to deal with the heat in Malacca..

malacca jonker walk christ church ice kacang
*Ice kacang*

After the long-haul under the hot sun, it’s best to sit down and have a bowl of ABC a.k.a ice/ais kacang before you leave..

We didn’t stay for the night nor stayed for satay celup dinner due to fatigue and the heat is hitting us..

So off we went back to KL at about 5pm..

It’s a good journey and definitely will be there again..

Chinese New Year 2010 And Meet-Ups

Chinese New Year 2010 was AWESOME-ly bored, as usual..

Being a true KL resident (grandparents, parents, relatives, etc were ALL from and still in KL) is quite boring because we didn’t really go anywhere other than visiting relatives..

Lucky that most of my close friends are all true KL residents as well..Staying in traffic-congestion-free KL is better than to get stuck in the jam going back hometown and coming back KL, anytime!

*L>R..Front>Justin, Mabel, Raven, Daniel..Back>Chew Shu, Bee Yan*

First we made Chew Shu’s house a pit-stop then we went for lunch..It’s like a routine thingy..

Every year we will gather at her house and start to get headache for thinking where to have our lunch..

*L>R..Front>Weng Soon, Lausanne, Chocolate, Justin..Back>Yew Hon, Chew Shu, Bee Yan, Raven*

And so we decided to make a move to Fusion something something at Sri Petaling..It’s somewhere around the shoplots nearby Hotel Sri Malaysia..

It’s a fusion of ramen, pasta, western, oriental, and much more style  where 2 or 3 of them fused into one dish..

So we ordered our food and drinks, and camwhored..

*Ramen Soup with Omelet*

This is my ramen soup with omelet egg and some sausages..Taste just like any nissin noodles but it is not bad..

Oh well should’ve tried something else..

*Lamb Chop*

If not mistaken this is a lamb chop, nicely done..The girl who had it was kinda full because there is the lamb chop, a fried Japanese-styled glutinous rice, and a bit of fries or something..

The taste wasn’t bad and most of the Western food were kinda of the same portion as the lamb chop and those who had Western were quite full, so they said..

Some photos after the jump and GIRLS do check out the bottom of this entry..

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Miss Hypertune – Semi-Finals @ Mist Club

Last weekend I joined the fellow Alphanatics to the semi-finals of Miss Hypertune, an annual model search made popular by the car magazine, Hypertune..

SONY Xplod was one of the sponsors so we Alpharians got to get some “media” passes and went to the event as photographers and all..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Participants from all over Malaysia*

IMHO, some of the girls really cannot make it, as in their appeal..But I should applaud them for their courage to join such events..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*The 2009 Miss Hypertune candidates*

In the crowd there were one Japanese, one Russian, one Kazakh, one Indonesian Chinese, one Korean, and the rest were Malaysian Chinese..

Like many other events, most of these girls are student and/or freelancers..

*Group pic of 33 participants*

So the models were all posing in front of Mist Club before they went on stage to be judged by the panel judges, who half of it were previous winners or runners-up..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club

I’ve found my new love among the contestants..My favourite contestants of all is no other than Evonne..She’s the tallest among, standing at 172cm if not mistaken..

She’s a tad bit skinny, but it’s okay..She’s sweet, tall, and thin..My love~~

Look who is my new found second love..

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Steamboat @ Tony’s House

Close to one months ago which is during the Hari Raya holiday, some of the ex-Form Sixers gathered around for a steamboat feast cum gathering at Tony’s house..

Thanks to Lay Koon and Tony for organizing this gathering..

I know one month is a long way but I was busy so yeah..Here’s my post..LOL~!!

wah kei steamboat
*Wah Kei the poser*

One of my buddies back in Form 6 times, Wah Kei..He is currently working in Intel Penang..Don’t play play..

A lot of them were unable to attend and a lot more weren’t invited due to the constraint time frame..

Those who attended were Poh Hong, Pay Shuen, Tai Chee, Xinyee, Lay Koon, Waimin, and few others whom I can’t really recall as I was busy eating my heart out..

*Cock tails and balls*

Yes, we have cocks, balls, and tails..How can steamboat be completed without the balls..

*So-called Abalone mushroom*

This is the ‘bao yu ku’, which I directly translate it to abalone mushroom..Is that the correct name for it? Please correct me if I’m wrong..

*More balls, crab sticks, and fishes*

Other than the balls, it would be nice if you want to feel healthy and grab some vegetables..

Steamboat is quite heaty so it’s also good to go with some cool such as carbonated drinks or beer..

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Jason And Grace Wedding Ceremony On Mid-Autumn Festival – Tea Ceremony

October 3rd 2009 is the day that a lot of couples deemed it to be an auspicious day..They get married on 2009′s Mid-Autumn Festival based on the Lunar calendar..

I have 2 couple of friends who have registered since few months back and now they are officially married, the Chinese way..

One couple is my old best buddy, Jason Chan Yew Mun, whom I got to know during my short stint in Cochrane Road School doing Form 6, marrying his love of his life, Grace Loo..

Another couple is a blogger friend who I got to know not long after I blog actively back in 2006, Cely and Hongkiat..

As much as I wanted to attend both of their dinner, but it’s impossible..

To make up to both of these friends wedding, I’ve decided to go both sides, one in the morning and one for the dinner..

So, I went to Jason and Grace‘s wedding reception aka tea ceremony (in Chinese custom), in a slight hangover state..I know, it sucks..

jason chan and grace chan wedding tea ceremony
*Home prayer*

Due to my drunkard state in the previous night (with a different group of friends), I didn’t manage to go to the early morning thingy where the maids of honor (bridesmaids) played a fool with the best men (groomsmen)..

I bet it was a fun activity..

jason chan and grace chan wedding tea ceremony
*Rushing to the next destination, The Mines*

So after fetching the bride to the groom’s house for a short prayer and all, they proceeded to the next destination for the tea ceremony..

On a side note, it’s not quite a good morning as it drizzled for a while..I bet a lot of couples around the KL were expecting the worst scenario..

Fortunately it didn’t happened..

jason chan and grace chan wedding tea ceremony
*In Mines*

Before the Chinese custom’s wedding tea ceremony, all of us were treated with some light meals because all of them were up since early morning, except for me.. :P

Due to my hangover state, I skipped the foods and drinks..

jason chan and grace chan wedding tea ceremony*The lovely couple, Jason and Grace*

A bit of fun facts..Both of them got to know each other in their college, Sunway College..

They have been together for 4 years and 11 months before the real deal, if you set aside the registration part..We are Chinese anyway..

What else..One of the bride’s bridesmaid, Jennifer is my friend Nicholas’ girlfriend and Nicholas happened to be Jason’s ex-schoolmates back in Primary school..

More photos up ahead on the tea ceremony and also the bouquet-tossing activity, which is kinda funny..

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