Father’s Day @ Brotzeit German Bier Bar, MidValley

Had an early Father’s Day celebration on Friday instead of Sunday to beat the crowd at Brotzeit, Midvalley Megamall.

Brotzeit is a German beer bar and restaurant located at the Boulevard nearby Maybank.

First off that cannot be missed, German beer, the Paulaner Original and Paulaner Dunkel Hefe to cool off from the hot weather.

Other than the draught Paulaner, Brotzeit also offers a wide range of bottled German beer.

*Brotzeit Platter*

The Brotzeit Platter, a promotional offer for 4-5 pax at RM175.

It comes with the German Pork Knuckle, assorted sausages, pork schnitzel, and 2 side dishes.

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Wheels Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue Shopping Mall

Just the week before CNY, a group of us went to Wheels Roller Skating at Subang Avenue Shopping Mall..

Wheels Roller Skating Centre is a newly opened funky disco-themed skating rink ala 70′s disco style..

For those who’s not from Subang, just like me, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall is  just beside Carrefour, the one next to Subang Parade..

It’s on 4th Floor, take the lift and go up straight to the skating centre..

Initially I made a mistake, thinking it’s an ice-skating rink but it turned out to be roller skates and in-line skates..

The price are pretty reasonable..

If only I’m residing in Subang or Sunway area, I would have purchased the monthly entry..It looks pretty reasonable if compared to the daily package..

But of course it will only worth it if one decided to skate every week and all..

Else the daily entrance fees are pretty good too..

If you want to save more, head over to Hahah.com.my to purchase the e-voucher worth RM25, which only costs you RM12! You save up RM13 for the daily skatings!

Just pay for the entrance fees, you can rent a pair of roller skates or blades for FREE! But make sure you remember to bring your own socks because that’s not for free..

For a start, I chose the roller blades because I thought it’s easier to balance as compared to the roller skates since I know how to ice-skate and it’s been 20-years since I last played roller skates..

But the blades here is a bit unusual because the brakes are at the front instead of the usual back-brakes..So I changed to roller skates, easier to handle..

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Daniel And Raven’s Wedding Morning Ceremony

First of all, congratulations to Daniel and Raven once again on their lovely wedding to mark a new beginning in their life together as husband and wife..

Known Raven for 9 years since the heydays of STPM..Time flies and everyone has moved on to a new journey in their life and Raven is the first from our batch to tie the knot on 20th November 2010..

If there’s a first, for sure there’ll be second, third and so forth..As expected, few more from our batch would tie the knot in 2011 should everything goes as planned..

Once we were close friends, and we shall remained as close friends for as long as can be..So I wish all of you all the best and we shall see each other again in such inaugral reunion dinner..

As promised, got up pretty early (on a Sunday) and headed to Raven’s house for the morning ceremony to be the unofficial photographer..

*Preparing for the games*

Here you can see all the maids of honor aka bridesmaid were busy getting their things ready because they didn’t prepare it earlier!

*The Ultimate Killer Drink*

This I call it the Ultimate Killer Drink, contained Pepsi Twist, raw eggs, chilli boh, and a bit of wasabi paste..

Now here’s a little story to  the games they played in that morning..

We had a little gathering at Raven’s house the night before wedding, heard the plans from the one in-charge of the games, BeeYan..Few of us guys, weren’t very happy with the games..

Not that they were too cruel, but they were rather too lenient..So when all of the bridesmaids have left, few of us helped alter the games a bit here and there to make it much more interesting..

The Ultimate Killer Drink was one of them..I’ll continue with the games as we move on..

*The groom, Daniel*

Now, if you are an avid fan of Hong Kong TVB drama, you will definitely know who is this guy..Can be seen in Forensic Heroes 1 and 2 and many other notable drama where he’s usually with the police force..

Ok just kidding..He’s not that HK actor but I can tell you that Daniel is 90% looks exactly like that actor, Chou Weng Nin (or however you pronounce/spell his name), in terms of face sturcture and even his smile..

*The groom and his groomsmen*

The groom had his warriors groomsmen wore their ‘uniform’ ala football style, short pants, knee-length football socks and sports shoes..

Daniel had about 15 groomsmen with him that morning and I applaud to that..It’s not easy to gather your best warriors to help you get Rapunzel off the tower..

So back to the games..It’s understood that the games provided by the bridesmaids for the groomsmen is a symbol of support by the groomsmen to help the groom in anyway they could in order to marry the bride, or something like that..

Earlier, we were told that the elders might not like something to extreme or raunchy hence the lenient games..

We thought that marriage is a once in a lifetime thingy..So I think it’s okay to have some fun which is not too extreme just for the sake of a lovely event on a lovely day..

First off, we have this..

*Groomsmen in ugly briefs*

I know this is normal but it wasn’t even in the initial plan! Wicked I know..I had it on for Wilson’s wedding and now I’m on the audience’s side for something funny and interesting..

Then we had the groom to use a marker pen to write “Daniel <3 Raven” on the butts of his warriors by using his mouth..

Then we got them to kiss each other wtf..

Much more raunchy stuff after we’ve consulted the bridesmaids..

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Kelli’s 25th Surprise Birthday @ Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights

On 9th October 2010, the day after Jamie’s private surprise birthday dinner, we had another private surprise birthday dinner for Kelli..

This time it was at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights in Jalan Dungun..It’s a cosy restaurant with a combination air-conditioned dining hall and also al fresco environment..

Long story short, again no food review in this entry but a simple warning, the sausages and roast pork (siew yuk) is the bomb! Pasta was good too..

*Cupcakes from WonderMilk and name card by Elaine*

The two early birds who were there to set up the balloons..

*Jenzten and Cassandra*

They were in-charge of preparing the balloons and some other party stuff..Then Daphne and I arrived, followed by April and Elaine..

After everyone has arrived, we were feasting on the awesome sausages and roast pork while waiting for Nigel ferrying Kelli from home..

Surprise party is the way to go..Normal parties or hit the club is a bit boring..

*L>R – Daphne, April, Elaine, Kelli*

All photos credit to the loving guy, mastermind, planner, cameraman, photographer of the night, Nigel :D

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Jamie’s 20th Birthday @ Opus Bistro, Bangsar

Last Friday on 8th October 2010, the bunch of us gave Jamie a private surprise birthday party at Opus Bistro in Bangsar..

Not much of food review kinda thingy but more on a party post..

It was almost a failure because she was supposed to attend an event at Ecoba..Glad the boyfriend Didjital managed to somewhat tricked her to go somewhere else, which is to meet us..

Photos credit to Nigel‘s 550D and Ren‘s Leica Digilux 2..

*Balloon surprise*

There we have colorful balloons floating around for a more relaxing atmosphere in the cosy restaurant..

With time fixing and taking a detour from Ecoba, the time has come and we can’t wait to surprise her..

*Rise and salutation*

When Jamie and Didjital entered the bistro, we definitely surprised and we caught her off guard..

*Jamie and Didjital*

Well, the surprises to see the surprised face was priceless and it’s kinda fun to do this once in a while..

*Muka stimzzz*

I don’t know why but she looked stimz in this photo..By the way, Jamie always got high on helium balloons..You’ll know later on..

And so the camwhoring started before and after the food arrived..

*L>R – Joshua, Kelli, Daphne, yours truly*

The food there was kinda awesome and the pricing is around RM30-50 per pax for pasta..Not too sure bout steaks and others..

*Stormtrooper cupcakes*

Jamie is kinda well-known for loving cute things such as Domokun and many other things (can be seen in HERE)..

So we got her some customized Stormtrooper Cupcakes for something different *Imperial March theme playing in the background*..

More photos ahead and of course a recorded video!

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Image Makeover By Ana Consultancy @ TANGS

Few weeks ago, I had attended a consultation session regarding image makeover..The image consultant is none other than Ana Cheong, of Ana Consultancy..

Ana, an image consultant, helps the people who sought after her service to know themselves better and translate the inner strength into the outer image without changing your much of their own personality..

Before the personal consultation, Ana had studied a bit of my personality..So during the consultation, I can see that Ana had put a deep thought on interpreting my personality and how to improve it to suit back myself..

*Putting a deep thought*

The whole consultation is about knowing myself better, from image to communication skills to body language..

Knowing one self better is where I realized which path I should follow best and how to improve my communication skills and some simple knowledge about body language..

*Trying out a new image*

After her study, here Ana was giving me an outlook of what I should do to my image at this stage of my life..

I must say I’ve learned a lot in this consultation and am able to express myself better than before, be it in image, communication skills, or body language..

Two weeks after the personal consultation, few other people and I were in a joint “workshop” to see result of “before and after”..

*The bloggers makeover group*

Attendees were Joshua, Rebecca, Iza, Huai Bin, Thomas, Jamie, and yours truly..

Before I continue, a huge thanks to TANGS Pavillion for the sponsored venue, a private lounge for us to change and make up and all..

TANGS too offered Personal Fashion Styling services and they were a big help! :D

*Before makeover*

So all of us got a “before shot” before we get changed and transform into a new person on the outside and yet same on the inside..

As usual, I went to the workshop with my favourite jeans, sneakers, and a stripe collared T-shirt..

After that we got into changing rooms and tried on few sets of pre-selected apparels where Ana and her assistant Catherine had chosen for us as a result of the makeover..

*The apparels*

Once again, thanks to TANGS Pavillion for letting us try on those clothes..

Read on the whole entry to see the final result of our makeover..Stimzzzz~~~

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