Homemade Kee’s Creampuffs

The other day I tried the homemade creampuffs by Kee’s Creampuffs, a small neighborhood venture, delighting people with delectable cream puffs in the form of surprise packages or catering for a special occasion..

Kee’s Creampuffs is now venturing into online world where you can order via email or the conventional phone call..

A minimum purchase of 25 creampuffs would cost you RM0.80 each (RM20), 100 creampuffs for RM0.70 each (RM70), and 300 creampuffs for RM0.60 each (RM180)..

This is the standard box package for the 25 creampuffs..Additional charges apply if you want to customize the packaging, which is upon request only..

It’s cash on delivery (C.O.D) and a deposit of RM50.00 is required for orders above 300 creampuffs..

A delivery charge of RM7.00 applies within Petaling Jaya area and delivery to KL areas are currently not available as of the date of this post..

However, if you are able to pick it up at USJ19 Mall, then there will be no delivery charge..

The creampuffs are very soft and ‘juicy’ with the cream all melt in your mouth, not in your hand! :P

The sweetness is just right, should be suitable for people of all ages, that includes not too sweet for both kids and the elders..I can eat at least half box here..It’s too tempting!

How to order?

Email or SMS Kee’s Creampuffs at keescreampuffs@gmail.com or contact number at 017-3842813..For more info and updates, check out their Facebook page..

Orders must be placed 2 days before the delivery date and creampuffs are delivered FRESH!

Maybe you will need some for the upcoming Chinese New Year?

Tiger Crystal Beer To Go With Laundry Bar Menu @ The Curve

Tiger Crystal, a limited edition brew is making a comeback during this festive season, for a limited time..

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to be invited for a food tasting session at Laundry Bar at The Curve, thanks to G2 and of course Tiger..

It’s a food-pairing meal where Laundry Bar recommended few sets in their menu to complement the Tiger Crystal..

Laundry kickstarted with 3 appetizers..First off, we were served with Spicy Clams Diavolo, sauteed in spicy clams broth..

*Spicy Clams Diavolo*

The Spicy Clams Diavolo (RM23.90++) was a good start, tasted kinda spicy, thanks to the dried chili and chili flakes, and slight bit of sourness from the lemon slice..

*Mini Pizza Pepperoni*

Then came the Mini Pizza Pepperoni (RM32++), made with tomato sauce and spices..It was meant to be slightly spicy but I guessed the spiciness of the clams overwhelmed the pizza’s spiciness..

The thin crust made the chewing sensation of beef, cheese, and tomato sauce pretty awesome..I had at least half of it, and it’s just appetizer!

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Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas With Luncheon Meat

Normally I played futsal at Section 14, PJ on Thursday nights..

In recent months I’ve been skipping games and only turned up for an average once a month :P

After burning all the calories and what not, I’ll add in some protein and some carbs from Jalan 223..

Yes, you read that right, it’s none other than the famous Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas..

Take away or bungkus is an option but I don’t want to sit there all alone, unless I have company..

This is the delicious nasi lemak panas bungkus from Jalan 223, RM1,20 per pack..

There is a slight ‘advantage’ eating it at home..

At the Medan Selera you can have otak-otak to go with the nasi lemak..When it’s at home..

I get to add few slices of pork luncheon meat to go with the nasi lemak!

It was some leftovers from the dinner I’ve had before I went to futsal..

Who’s up for another round of 223 Nasi Lemak Panas? :D

Tutti Frutti – Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti is a dessert shop selling frozen yogurt, started their business since 2009..

The master license holder of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is none other than Naza Group, including countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Brunei..

As of now, Tutti Frutti has 42 outlets in Malaysia, 33 in Klang Valley..All these facts are taken from Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt official site..

Had my first Tutti Frutti experience some time ago at 1 Utama with Daphne..

There are 4 steps before you can dig into your cup of frozen yogurt..

Step 1 : Get cup size..

If you are a first-timer, don’t be deceived by the size of the cups..The smallest cup size will do..

Step 2 : Choose flavour..

When you pull the lever, do it moderately, as in the portion of your yogurt..If you are a first-timer and you are eating alone, do it half-cup full, it’s more than enough..

If you are sharing, you can fill up the cup but not over-the-top filling..You can also mix all the flavours into one cup..

If you are not first-timer, do as you wish..LOL!

Step 3 : Add toppings..

You can add whatever toppings you want..Try not to add fruit unless you really have to, coz fruits are heavy :P

*With nata de coco and chocolate chips toppings*

Step 4 : Weigh and pay..

The final part, weigh and pay..The price of your frozen yogurt depends on the weight of the stuff you have put into your cup..

That’s why for first-timer, do it moderately, don’t be greedy and think that you could finish it in no time..Remember, it is frozen yogurt! Not ice-cream!

If you fill up your cup over-the-top, most likely it’ll cost you in the range of RM10-15..


I had fun sitting there enjoying my cup of frozen yogurt with Daphne, and looking at first-timers filling up their cups..

Some paid up to RM20, for the smallest cup and it’s just for himself! And I guess he had a hard time finishing it..

This is what I consider ‘cup-filled’ portion..If I remember correctly it costs me around RM13..

Just remember to be moderate when you pull the lever and it’s all fine :D Enjoy your cup of Tutti Frutti then..

Jack n Jill Cream-O Blueberry

Recently I’ve been cutting down on supper, not because I wanted to but it’s because of my supper appetite isn’t there anymore..

I’m aware that too much of supper isn’t really good for health, what’s more if it’s instant noodles..

So I got myself a supper alternative, Oreo Cream-O Blueberry!

*The Jack n Jill Cream-O Blueberry*

Although this sandwich cookies is nothing like Oreo but the softness of the cookie is quite nice nonetheless..

*Blueberry jam*

The blueberry jam is pretty and it’s enough to go with the small-sized cookies..

It’s definitely a good alternative to those ‘unhealthy’ instant noodles and I will definitely stock-up few rolls of this stuff..

Daphne doesn’t like it though coz she doesn’t like jam..As a bio-tech Master student, she said jam is very artificial :P

St Patrick’s Day @ Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights [Non-Halal]

In conjunction with St Patrick’s Day, Sid’s Pub had the few of us over to their 4th branch outlet at Damansara Heights for a food review session, all thanks to G2, GAB, and of course Sid’s Pub..

Just a small group of Wilson, Peter, Daphne, and I, we were greeted by Frank, one of the person in-charge of Sid’s Pub..I’ve got to know Frank at the Bangsar South branch and he’s known to be pretty friendly and warm to his customers..

The new Sid’s Pub has been in operation since August 2010 and it’s around HERE in the Google Maps..

Without further ado, each one of us was served with a pint of Guinness to toast for St Patrick’s Day..

On a side note, Frank told us that GAB has notified them that Sid’s Pub is the highest selling restaurant/pub/bar for Guinness (on the tap) last year..

As you can see, the set up of the pub is pretty much the same like other Sid’s Pub outlets..The only difference is the arrangement of the tables and seats..

Let’s cut the crap and make way for the food, shall we?

*Blue Cheese Mushroom*

Our starter would be Blue Cheese Mushroom..

First time trying the blue cheese, I love it..I know it has lots of types and some people didn’t like the smell of blue cheese, the one served here is pretty good, IMHO..

The toast goes pretty well with the blue cheese..Dip the bread in the blue cheese with a bit of mushroom, it makes my tummy growling for a starter..

Nice cheesy Blue Cheese Mushroom at just RM14..

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