3rd Nuffnang Cheque In 4 Years

It’s the third time I clicked on the “Cashout” button and I’ve only waited for about 6 weeks, the most..

I got my first ever Nuffnang cheque in early May 2009 and my second cheque of almost the same amount as the first one few weeks before CNY 2010, which I didn’t blog about..

This time, clicked on 29th September 2010, waited for about 5 weeks I guess, an envelope reached my doorsteps on 2nd November 2010..

*Mail to : Yat dot dot*

Having received 2 cheques before, I could recognize the envelope and the weight of it, roughly..

I tore the envelope like Conan The Barbarian did to his enemy or any predator would do to its prey..

*My cheque*

I know the amount is not as much as my previous 2 cheques due to the drastic drop of traffic on my blog so that’s the reality..

And I would even say some newbies are probably earning more than me who has blogged since 2004..

Well it’s okay, it’s just a side income that I ripped off from my past-time anyway..

But of course, who would say no to more and more earnings, right?

*Money monay*

Now that I’ve got my money, it’s time to pay off my debts! My webhost and my domain other things of course..

Hopefully the remaining few tens could be used in Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88 :P

Maybe not these few days as it’s still superbly crowded..Should hit it during the weekdays :D

Happy blogging everyone!

Malware Attack By Innity Ads On Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

UPDATED (20th September 2010, 11pm – GMT+8:00)

Innity has clarified their issues and took swift action is trying to solve the problem..As quoted from Innity’s Announcement Page as of 20th Sept 2010, 6.20pm (GMT+8) :

Google has now completed a review of our domain and certified that http://innity.net/ has now been re-activated and has passed all checks.

We at Innity though are still looking to enforce additional layers of checks and confirmations before reinstating all advertising scripts so please bear with us and we will notify you in the next 24 hours to put up our ad scripts again.

Furthermore, if your site is still currently blacklisted and you are having difficulty getting it reinstated, please drop us an email with your site details to report-malware@innity.com with a copy to marketing@innity.com and we will complete this process for you as quickly as we can.

For further updates you can proceed to Innity : Announcement..


I bet many of you have heard of and also never heard of Innity Ads..

Unlike Nuffnang and Advertlets where both companies aiming at blog advertising, Innity Ads target more on corporate websites, or so I heard..

As quoted from Innity’s website..

Innity Ad Network is a South East Asia network of premium quality news, editorial and entertainment websites that reaches more than 200 million consumers regionally, with over 2.1 billion ad impressions monthly.

Innity Premium Network campaigns are designed to provide high profile brand exposure with no limits on specific placement sites or creative structure on selected premium content publisher sites.

It’s presumed at about Malaysian Time (GMT+8:00) 5pm, September 19th 2010, more than 500 sites contained Innity Ads have been labeled as harmful as it is listed as suspicious..

The time of attack can be confirmed by the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for rojaks.blogspot.com, where it’s updated 12 hours ago at the time this blog post is being written, 5am..

innity rojaks malware
*Printscreen of the page at Malaysian Time 5am, 20th September 2010*

In that page it’s also clearly stated that malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including innity.net..

Here’s a printscreen of rojaks.blogspot.com where you can’t view it on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers but they are working fine on Internet Explorer and Safari..

rojaks innity malware attack
*rojaks.blogspot.com on Mozilla Firefox*

Here’s a printscreen of rojaks.blogspot.com on Google Chrome..

rojaks-chrome innity malware attack
*rojaks.blogspot.com on Google Chrome*

Using Internet Explorer is pretty fine, well I don’t know why as I’m not a tech guy but here’s a proof, visiting the blog at the same time..

rojaks-iinternet explorer innity
*rojaks.blogspot.com bearing the Innity Ads banner*

So the question is what causes the “malware attack” that prevented those sites having Innity Ads from being visited?

After some research and discussion with Joshua, we found out that Innity is not at fault for causing the malware attack that paralyzed those blogs and websites..

If you visit Innity.com you will safely enter the site without any warning at all..But when we tried Innity.net, the warning page appeared and we found a better source of it..

innity-page malware attack google

Quoted from Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for innity.net says..

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, innity.net appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 3 site(s) including yiela.com/, insurance.us/, lintasberita.com/.

Other than the 3 mentioned sites, we also know that The Star is actually running Innity Ads but they have solved it pretty fast and The Star is working fine now..

But when Joshua searched on the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for thestar.com.my, it says..

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 902 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 75 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-09-19, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-09-19.Malicious software includes 63 scripting exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 3 domain(s), including 2117966.net/, cnjug.com/, innity.net/.

3 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including skyad.net/, doubleclick.net/, innity.com/.

This site was hosted on 3 network(s) including AS10204 (ARCNET), AS17547 (QALA), AS2042 (ERX).

innity-thestar malware attack
*Printscreen of the page to support what I’ve quoted*

People started noticing this “attack” after some people tweeted bout it where you can search “innity” it on Twitter Search page..

Other than proofs from Google, DataKL Solutions also blogged about “Innity Ad Code Causing Reported Attack Page”..

Now don’t be surprised if you found out your blog/website appeared to be harmful :D

The solution is to temporarily remove the ad code in your blog/website by using Internet Explorer or Safari because these 2 browsers were not affected by the malware..

To date as of 6am, 20th September 2010, it’s reported that this malware has infected more than 644 domains including xaluan.com, cari.com.my, and gudanglagu.com..

Check out Joshua’s – Malware Attack on More than 600 Domains/Blogs/Sites With Innity Ad Code Affected..

A Merry Christmas With Carlsberg Christmas Tree

It’s the end of the year again and festive mood is in the air *sniff sniff*, yet again..

Everyone is out shopping, be it weekdays or weekends..But for me, I’m stuck at home online, blogging, chatting, tweeting, and Facebooking instead..

Not that I got no transport nor money but I don’t think it’s a good idea to get into the freaking crowd and having a hard time to find a parking..

With Christmas Day is just around the corner, shopping malls and radio channels have been playing Christmas themed songs and also Christmas decorative set ups..

So do Facebook and Carlsberg..Think Carlsberg‘s green and Christmas tree..They complement each other very well and Carlsberg is taking this thing to another level, i mean, platform..

Carlsberg has come up with a game on Facebook and it’s called Carlsberg Christmas Tree..

Everyone knows that I don’t really play Facebook games but this game I’m definitely playing it because there’s more to just a game!

carlsberg christmas tree facebook

This is the home page of the Carlsberg Facebook game application called Carlsberg Christmas Tree..

But before you can start to play the game, first become a fan of Carlsberg on http://facebook.com/CarlsbergNiceOne ..Yes, I should call it the 1Malaysia way, baik punya~!!!

So what makes me want to play this game so much? The thing is, this game is actually a contest!

Yes, everyone stand a chance to win a private party with the FHM Girl Next Door 2010~!!! Now what you should say? NICE ONE~!!!

Okay it’s not so private in a Hugh Hefner way where you play the Playboy sifu role and the FHM girls are the bunnies..NO it’s not like that..

P/S – Me likey GND #6 aka Yvonne Sim..Do vote for her..

fhm girl next door 2010
*Yvonne Sim GND 06, taken from Carlsberg Nice One Photo Album*

Key in GND<space>06 or sms to 32888 i.e GND 06..

You actually get to invite 50, yes you read it correctly, 50 of your friends to party at Carlsberg’s private lounge in Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia in Shah Alam..

Photos credit to JunJunRiko..

carlsberg brewery malaysia christmas tree facebook
*Bar filled with beers*

Yes, you get to see Hoegaardens, Carlsberg Gold, Special Brew, Corona, etc etc..Continue on to see MORE~!!!!

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Singapore Trip – Part 1, Nuffnang Awards, URA, And Mint Toys Museum

About 2 weeks ago, 23rd til 25th of October 2009, I was in Singapore thanks to Nuffnang Singapore for the sponsored trip and also thanks to Tourism Singapore for the collaboration..

I know I’m a bit jakun but it’s actually my somewhat first time in Singapore..I’ve been to Singapore very very very long ago, that’s when I was in kindergarten and it’s my dad’s company trip..

Okay never mind bout the history and all..Back to Singapore trip..Here’s a bit of summary..

We left Asian Heritage Row, KL at about 9am..Reached Singapore at about 2.30pm if not mistaken..Waited at the hotel lobby of Link Hotel at Tiong Bharu..

Then off we went to Pan Pacific Hotel (if not mistaken) for the grand gala awards dinner..

nuffnang awards singapore akiraceo ginny
*Me, Ginny, Akiraceo..We lengchai and lenglui or not? :P *

Well if you ask me now, I couldn’t remember a thing except for Xiaxue winning the Region’s Best Blog, Most Influential Blog, and Best Original Blog Design..Congrats..

You can check out the other winners HERE..

IMHO, the Best Original Blog Design should go to Akiraceo because the whole layout is very original and is done by the blogger himself..

But I bet Xiaxue’s fans did a lot to make Xiaxue win every category which she’s nominated for and I doubt she designed the layout all by herself..

Anyway, the dinner was great and performance was good too..I quite like the magic show..The female magician was hot!

I think the rock band was a bit out of place, nevertheless I quite like their music..

Overall the event is nicely done considering the award it’s the first of its kind in this region, if you exclude Project Petaling Street previous dinners..LOL~!!

So the next day came, I reckoned that I should stick with the tour since it’s my first time in Singapore and most of the places that needed entry fees have been waived..So it’s a good idea to follow them..

singapore trip chinatown

Our first stop is Singapore’s Chinatown, very much cleaner and better looking than our very own Chinatown..

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #1*

Took some random photos to test out my street photography skills..Never tried before and it’s quite fun!

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #2*

This is one of the lots that I pretty like..

singapore trip chinatown
*Christine, WeiZhi, and Akira’s palms*

We went to the Chinese Heritage Museum or something like that..It’s actually in one of the shoplots in Chinatown..

The museum tells the story on how the Chinese ended being in Singapore and their olden days culture..

It also has a scary kitchen..Go check it out yourself if you want to know..Continue on for more interesting places wtf..

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DiGi Music Unlimited – All-American Rejects

In 2009, the international artistes in the local music scene have been tremendously improved in terms of line-ups, as compared to previous years..

Take a look at the line-ups in 2009 music highlights, Jamiroquai at F1 After-Party, DJs of Armin van Buuren at Zouk KL, Ferry Corsten at Freedom, and the recent Hennessy Artistry’s Fatman Scoop and Ying Yang..

*I was at
Zouk KL for Armin van Buuren*

That’s not all, Black Eyed Peas and Akon are scheduled to perform at Sunway Lagoon as well..

Music has never been enough in our daily life, what’s more that the most iconic singer on earth, Michael Jackson has passed away on 26th June 2009..

Now that music has become a part of our life, fret no more..

DiGi Music offers an unlimited music download via its phone or PC ..What’s offered and how to get it started?


With just RM5/month with first 30 days trial for FREE, you get to download unlimited songs every song!

Not only that, every month you get to keep 5 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free songs for unlimited time! Yes! Forever! You can check out songs available HERE..

Now that’s like at least a quarter of what I have to pay for a CD~!! And most importantly, it is LEGAL~!!!


Furthermore, you can download the songs in 2-ways, that is either to your phone or to your PC..You can listen to your favourite songs either on your powerful small ear-plug or blasting it on your surround speaker..

And to make it work, you can get it started via Web (PC) or SMS (Phone)..

For PC, just log on to DiGiMusic.com.my and subscribe to Unlimited Music, while for the phone, SMS ON MUSIC to 2000 and click on the WAP Link received..

Now that suits me very much..I can listen to my phone when I’m out, and also on my PC when I’m home..I guess I’ll listen to it more on my PC as I face my PC more..

I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night..That tonight’s gonna be a good good night~~~

That’s not all..I have some Dirty Little Secret for you guys..

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DGMB Pot Luck + BBQ @ David’s House, Klang

Two weeks ago on 29th August 2009, the night where Diaby scored an own goal that caused Arsenal lost 2-1 to Man Utd, we, DGMBians had a somewhat annual private BBQ cum Potluck at David‘s house in Klang..

The house is rather big and a bit far from KL..We’ve planned that for almost one month and boy, glad we made it..Of course with a bit hassle here and there, on and off, but it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ve made it..

*Early birds*

Some of the early birds, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Jamie, Nigel, and Andrew were there to help out the chores and preparations..

Andrew became a fireman that night, literally..No, he’s not a fireman who puts out the fire but put on the fire on the BBQ pit..Well done Drew! :P

*Some of the foods*

Since it’s a BBQ cum potluck dinner, everyone brought their best choice of food..

On the pic above, that’s Jamie’s mashed potatoes, Kelli’s fried bee hoon, Andrew’s cai kueh, and Chung Lern and Stephenie‘s brains otak-otak..

That’s not all..We also have Chris Tock‘s raw squid for BBQ, Ren‘s Ramly burger patties, Joshua and Aaron‘s chicken wings, and my mini egg tarts, to name a few..

*Makan time*

While I was BBQing the chicken wings, everyone was chit-chatting around, and waiting for my chicken wings at the same time..

Well it’s not that I’m complaining because BBQ chicken wings is my forte, so it’s my pleasure to serve them with my stim chicken wings..

Not to mention PinkPorkChop (PPC), Vivien, and Linda were literally sitting there and waiting for the chicken wings..LOL~!!

There’s more collage images, a group pic GIF, and we played some games of course..

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