Blackberry Torch 9800 Launching By RIM @ Westin Hotel

On 1st of October 2010, Research In Motion (RIM) launched its newest Blackberry Torch 9800 at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur..It’s said to be the first launch of BB Torch in the Asia Pacific..

The launch event was pretty posh and I was delighted to be invited under the Maxis10 programme and be part of the first group to witness the launch of BB Torch 9800..

Was there with the few lucky bunch :D

Photos taken from Joshua Ong and Xiangcool..

joshua ong blackberry torch 9800 launch westin hotel
*L>R – Jason, Daphne, yours truly, Jamie, Didjital, Joshua*

Like I said, the event was pretty posh and it’s quite an exclusive one, only people from the few telcos, limited media people, and others were VIPs, if not mistaken..

*The crowd in Westin Grand Ballroom*

The finger food was great and the drinks were thirst-relieving..

It’s so posh and exclusive and VIP-ish where Datuk Jimmy Choo was there as well..

*Chammaine with Datuk Jimmy Choo – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

Stunning performances of Sand Art and a nice piano medley totally got the crowd in mood before DJ Goldfish took the stage with his antics..

Games ala “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was being played as well where the few selected people were going against each other for a Blackberry Torch 9800!

*TuneTalk’s Jason Lo going against DiGi’s Charlie Chia – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

It was an entertaining game and the winner deserved it..

The Blackberry Torch 9800 is a sweet slide phone with both touchscreen and full Qwerty keyboard functions..I shall talk about the functions when I get the phone in my hands soon! :D

*The Blackberry Torch 9800 – taken from JoshuaOng’s album*

The event ended with a happy face on me, at least, coz everyone gets a complimentary door gift from RIM by Tiffany & Co..

The gentlemen got a money clipper and the ladies got a jewelry glass case..

*Tiffany & Co Money Clip*

Following is the 10 selected people for the Maxis 10 reviewers for Blackberry Torch 9800..

*Maxis 10 for Blackberry Torch 9800 – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

For more updates and reviews on Blackberry Torch 9800, stay tune for more!

Will be talking about it more when I get the sweet BB in hand soon, very soon!

Maxis iPhone 4 Launching @ Gardens

The hype was already buzzing in the evening of 23rd September 2010 where Maxis officially launched the much anticipated iPhone 4 at the stroke of midnight on 24th September 2010 at The Gardens Hotel’s Grand Ballroom..

Some people were already in queue since lunch time to be the first group to get their hands on the iPhone 4..

I reached The Gardens slightly after 10.30pm and the queue was pretty long, holding at least 200-300 people and still counting..

maxis ihpone 4 gardens
*The crowd in front of The Gardens Ballroom*

Apart from Harry Potter new book craze, I would never thought Malaysians can be this enthusiastic to own a gadget as compared to what we usually see on TV where Americans camped days before the launching of gadgets like PlayStation consoles, iPad, or even for a movie ticket!

The long queue on a midnight that actually surprised me..If it’s launched in the morning or noon then it’s still acceptable but at midnight?

maxis iphone 4 gardens
*Crowd in the Grand Ballroom lobby*

People walking around greeted by Maxis promoters showing them the iPhone 4 and I must say the response was quite overwhelming..

The whole launch event was being broadcast live on terrestrial TV channel (TV3) and also some of Astro channels (Astro Awani)..

maxis iphone 4 gardens
*First 60 Maxis iPhone customers*

They did a countdown from 10 to congratulate the 60 first iPhone owners under Maxis network..

After that there were lucky draws to win an iPhone 4 for the members of media as well..

Also congratulations to Kelli and Jenifer to be chosen in the Maxis10 reviewer for iPhone 4..

Now talk about iPhone 4, it features FaceTime for enhanced video calling and Apple’s new Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, resulting in super crisp text, images and video..

I’ve seen the comparison between the iPhone 4 and 3GS, it’s stunningly beautifully where it’s heading towards the HD era..

iPhone 4 also features a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, HD video recording, Apple’s a4 processor, a 3-axis gyro and up to 40% longer talk time – in a beautiful all-new design of glass and stainless steel that is the thinnest smartphone in the world..

iPhone 4 also comes with iOS 4, the newest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, which includes over 100 new features..

Pricing and Tariff Plans for Maxis iPhone 4 as of media release..

iValue 1

Monthly Commitment – RM100
Free Minutes – 333
Free Data – 1GB
Free On-Net SMS – 200
Free On-Net MMS – 20

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,990
24-month – RM1,790

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,690
24-month – RM1,390


iValue 2

Monthly Commitment – RM155
Free Minutes – 667
Free Data – 2GB
Free On-Net SMS – 400
Free On-Net MMS – 40

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,890
24-month – RM1,390

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,490
24-month – RM990


iValue 3

Monthly Commitment – RM250
Free Minutes – 1500
Free Data – 3GB
Free On-Net SMS – 600
Free On-Net MMS – 60

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,590
24-month – RM890

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,290
24-month – RM490

iValue 4

Monthly Commitment – RM375
Free Minutes – 2500
Free Data – 4GB
Free On-Net SMS – 800
Free On-Net MMS – 80

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,190
24-month – FREE

16GB Plans

12-month – RM790
24-month – FREE


By the way, this is a photo I’ve taken at the Grand Ballroom before I left the place at about 2am..

maxis iphone 4 gardens

The crowd was dying and it was very long queue..When I reached home I saw someone tweeted that at about 3am they have more than 3,000 customers already..

It’s crazy!

For more info, visit

Warning At Petrol Sation For Foreign Registered Vehicle

Malaysian Government has announced that starting on 1st of August 2010, all foreign registered vehicle is not allowed to pump RON95 petrol..

They are also not allowed to pump diesel of more than 20 litre at a time at any petrol kiosk within the vicinity of 50km from the border..

Good news is they can pump RON97 without any limit..

*Taken at Shell Station in Taman Connaught*

This warning notice is taken by me at a Shell Station in Taman Connaught..

Can you spot the mistake in this notice?

Now take a deep breath and read out loud the warnings written on the notice..

Still don’t get it?

Once again, the notice is a warning towards foreign registered vehicles, so it’s presumable that foreigners (without MyKad) are not allowed to pump the RON95 petrol..

So, foreigners include Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Caucasian, etc etc..

How the heck can these foreigners read the Malay notice?!?!?!

But on the bright side, I saw the same notice in other petrol kiosks in both Malay and English..

Get smart yo!

Stereophonics “This Feeling” Live Gig @ KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Stereophonics, a rock band hailed from Wales rocked Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago with their “This Feeling” gig/concert at KL Live at Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail..

First of all, gazillion thanks to Ginny for the pair of tickets that she bought but couldn’t attend due to high fever..THANK YOU! Makan and movie next time k :D

So I asked Dillon to join me coz he’s the only one who likes rock music and free to drive me to Mutiara Damansara during office-hour to pick up the tickets from her..Well my car was in the workshop, so yeah..

It was said that the door opens at 7.30pm and the gig starts at 9pm, so Dillon and I thought we could slack a bit because we were afraid if there’s no crowd and we got nothing to do there if we were too early..

We reached KL Live at about 7.35pm and we were shocked to see the crowd waiting in line..We’ve never thought that Stereophonics have THAT kind of fanbase in Malaysia..

One reason is Stereophonics is not a new band and it’s not quite a mainstream hits in local radio..I can understand those people who are of my era but some were pretty young..

I first heard of them in 1997 of their first ever single “Local Boy In The Photograph” from their debut album “Word Gets Around”..

Anyway, so we entered KL Live at about 8pm after waited for quite some time at the lower ground due to the packed crowd..

stereophonics kl live crowd
*The crowd waiting for the gig to begin*

Sorry for the photo quality but that’s all I have coz I was using my camphone only..Didn’t bring my gears..

So we entered and more waitings til around 9.25pm..The waiting had finally ended..

Owh, Hsu Jen, David, and Chris Tock were there too..And I’ve created a Twitter hashtag for it under #StereophonicsMY..

stereophonics kl live
*Stereophonics rock the house down*

The Welsh rock band now consists of Kelly Jones (vocal, guitar), Richard Jones (back up vocal, bass), Javier Weyler (drummer), Adam Zindani (back up vocal, guitar), and touring member Tony Kirkham (keyboard)..

And that night was Tony’s birthday, or somewhere around that day..We even sang birthday song to him wtf..LOL..

The gig lasted for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and another 15-20 minutes of encore..It was a great deal!

I’ve video recorded 2 songs on my phone, namely “Mr Writer” and “Have A Nice Day”..

*Stereophonics – Mr Writer*

*Stereophonics – Have A Nice Day*

The video quality was so so but the audio quality sounds pretty fine, not great..

So, enjoy! I hope those people who attended it enjoyed themselves too..

We Can Has BlackBerry Messenger Conference

For the past few entries you have seen me talking bout BlackBerry and all because I just can’t get enough of it!

Now here’s a short clip (2-minutes plus) of me using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) conferencing with Jason and Eugene, where the former is just seated right in front of me!


I know the video is a tab bit long and boring and all but hey, I was too busy with my BBM~!! LOL~!!

Then I have created a BBM Group and planned for a meet up for Cheras BB users..

bbm group chat
*Group Chat – Adrie on the timeline*

bbm group chat
*Sharon on the timeline*

Too bad the #CherasBBmeetup is a failure due to tight schedules and busy weekend..

Now what are you waiting for? Get a BB for yourself and your partner so you guys can save MORE!

And do it with DiGi BlackBerry Internet Service for just RM58 with unlimited data transfer, including web surfing!

Not to forget to check out my #YatBBlog tweets..

DiGi BlackBerry Curve 8520 Coverage

After you have read about the “main applications” in a BlackBerry, now it’s time to test DiGi 3G coverage, whether is it worth its RM58/month low price..

Not that i’m comparing it with other telcos but it’s fine to just comment on the DiGi line itself..

bb curve 8520 gsm
*BB Curve 8520 on GSM*

On start-up, my BB Curve 8520 is always on GSM aka 2G before it handover to EDGE due to the limitations of BB Curve 8520..

Curve 8520 doesn’t support 3G so the optimum signal it can get is EDGE..

bb curve 8520 edge
*BB on edge connection*

If you see “edge”, that’s small letters, beware and NOT to surf around if you have subscribed data plan..

The “edge” connection is actually a normal connection that will charge you based on the amount of data you have used..

So if you surf or use applications when this “edge” sign is showing, it’s a sign that your data plan isn’t ready yet and you better tell DiGi about this problem..

bb curve 8520 EDGE

The real sign that should be showing is the capital letters of “EDGE”, which means you are now running on data plan instead of pay-as-you-use rates..

If a phone can support 3G connection, it will show 3G and if in areas that have low 3G signal, the sign on your phone will drop down to EDGE or maybe GSM depending on the coverage of the areas..

So far my BB’s signal has never drop to GSM even when I was around outskirt area such as Cyberjaya and South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE)..

I tried to make phone calls and I was amazed with its reception..

My biggest problem with my previous telco is the reception in my room..

I, as a Communication & Electronic Engineering student knows that the reception will drop if one is surrounded by walls or buildings..

So I couldn’t blame the telco for the bad reception but I couldn’t really bear with it especially when I pick up phone calls when I’m still sleeping..

I have to get up and find the best spot for the reception..

Tried with DiGi, I talked with no reception problem in every corner in my room..Asked my friend if there is any cracking or “robotic” sound, a firm NO is replied..

I am more than happy to stay loyal to DiGi just because of that..LOL~!!

Although last week there’s a slight mishap with its slow connection but they have swiftly restored its stable connection..

Even though DiGi is a new player in 3G coverage but as of late it has improved a lot and I bet they will keep on improving to accommodate its customers’ needs with the rapid growth of BB users..

Do check out DiGi BlackBerry packages..So far it’s the cheapest and affordable plan ever!