WeChat Party 2013 @ Neverland, KL

It was quite some time since I last attended a bloggers gathering or party. I didn’t expect much when I was invited for the WeChat Party 2013, held at Club Neverland, Kuala Lumpur, on 2nd of April 2013.

When I arrived at the club at Jalan Kia Peng, I was pretty stunned to see so many bloggers, and it’s not a bloggers party to begin with.

Minus all the new faces of the new generation of bloggers whom I don’t really know of, I was really surprised to see quite a number of old faces, whom I haven’t seen in parties like this for couple of years.

Reunions aside, what is WeChat?

If you are a smartphone user, be it iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone devices, you would heard of and could be using WeChat already.

It’s a messaging application just like any other messaging applications that you might already know of, but this WeChat is one of the fastest growing messaging app around!

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Standard Chartered ICT (Innovation, Communication, Technology) UTAR Roadshow

SCICT, the Standard Chartered ICT (Innovation, Communication, Technology) Competition invites University/College students and staff of Standard Chartered Bank and its subsidiaries to submit their ICT related innovative ideas in a form of a business proposal.

The competition aims to boost creativity in innovation and further enhance knowledge on ICT as well as to promote entrepreneurship amongst the university students in Malaysia.

This competition is also one of Standard Chartered initiatives to help the Government to increase the country’s pool of knowledge workers and to realize the Digital Malaysia agenda.

On 20th January 2013, a SCICT roadshow was held at UTAR Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was held at SA Building 6th floor by Mr. Leon Koay, the Country Head of Global Markets, which encompasses Standard Chartered Malaysia’s product suite of Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance & Principal Finance solutions.

He is also Co-Head, Wholesale Bank Malaysia, and retains joint responsibility for strategy, development, management and governance of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia’s wholesale banking business.

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Don’t Lose It All – Episode 2

Here comes the last episode of Don’t Lose It All.

I think in the teaser video we saw that the long hair guy, Joe is getting pretty close with the girl, Amy, when she’s lost contact with her boyfriend, Nick.

It’s pretty bad to take advantage of a long distance relationship, what’s more if you are snatching it from your friend?

Some said love is blind, there’s no right or wrong in love, or love knows no boundary. But I guess taking all that into account, luck and fate pretty much have a fair share in it too.

Sometimes, try not to see things on the outside only. What if what you see or hear, is not real?

As shown in this Episode 2, it’s definitely not the choice of Nick’s to abandon Amy in the first place.

Like I said, I guess there’s no fate between them, or not? The ending seemed to be open-ended.

Anyhow, watch it for yourself here or find out what is it all about at http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll.

Stay connected to your loved ones in this tech-modern world. Don’t keep her or him waiting.

Don’t Lose It All – Episode 2 Teaser

If you remember the scenes from Episode 1, you would know that Amy and Nick’s long distance relationship (LDR) got intercepted by the guy with the long hair, Joe.

Can’t remember? Watch the first episode HERE.

I can’t accept it still. No matter if he’s a good friend of Amy or a good friend of Nick, he should be there to show his support instead of sneaking chances.

Not blaming on the guy alone, Amy has to take slight bit of the responsibilities too. Is it so easy for your heart to waver when there’s no communication?

Although I do agree that communication is very important but that’s not the reason for a person to turn sides, in this relationship context wise.

Now with mobile internet and data plans, it’s very accessible as compared to the olden days. Like I could just Whatsapp or BBM the whole day.

Anyway, the Episode 2 teaser is out. Check it out.

Now Joe came to Amy with a ring. Drama, drama. Stay tuned to http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll for Episode 2 on the 18th January.

Don’t Lose It All

I wonder if you have watched this short clip? I just watched it on TV earlier.

The parting of the girl and the boyfriend at the airport reminds me of some of my friends who went abroad to study and work. It’s very saddening but it’s a new beginning to one’s life journey.

But of course there’s quite a bit of awkward moment when there’s another guy standing behind them.

Communication is very important in a relationship because that’s the core to understand each other better.

As shown in the video, they communicated via text messages, probably Whatsapp, SMS, or BBM.

The girl seems to be very upset when the boyfriend didn’t reply her messages. I can totally relate to this when it comes to relationship because it makes one worried.

Like what you see in the video, when you’ve lost that moment or connection, someone could have taken the opportunity and try to replace your position.

Every moment and every second is pretty much important coz it shows that you cherish the relationship.

I bet most of you people would agree to this. But I really wonder who’s that guy at the end of the clip.

Follow up on the story at http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll.

Celcom iPhone 5 Launch @ Blue Cube, Iconic Sunway Pyramid

On 14th December 2012, the long-awaited iPhone 5 has finally arrived our Malaysian shore on the Celcom network.

Some loyal and new Celcom subscribers all queued up since early Wednesday evening to get their hands on the world’s most sought after smartphone and experience it first with the best network and the best plans!

Enthusiasts had to wait til Wednesday midnight before the gate is opened for registration. I’m always surprised with all this gung-ho crowd.

The first 100 pre-booked customers also stand a chance to try their luck on the wheel of fortune.

Whichever the 100 lucky pre-booked customers get on the wheel, he/she can buy the iPhone 5 with RM100, RM200, or RM300 discount.

Three lucky slots on the wheel include iPhone 5 for RM5, where the lucky customers get to buy an additional iPhone 5 for only RM5!

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