Johnsons Motorcar To Shamrock To Merdeka

Cross-cultural Celtic rock band, Johnsons Motorcar will be rocking the stage exclusively at Malones in ushering to the Hari Merdeka this weekend.

Be ready to tune in to a pure form of Irish music by the band, which interestingly hails from Tokyo, Japan but come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

JMC in short, is made up of lead vocalist and fiddler Martin Johnson who is a native of Florida, guitarist Blacko Muiri (Dublin), bassist Coleman Bayliss (Australia) and petite lady drummer Rinamame, also known as ‘Beanie’ (Japan).

Named after a popular Irish song from the 1920’s, JMC’s brand of Shamrock is nothing but fun foot-stomping merry tunes that makes you want to take your partner to the dance floor and just dance like it’s 1957.

What sounds like an odd combination, this multicultural and multiracial quartet shows what the spirit of unity is all about. It’s like, what business has a Japanese drummer got in a Dropkick Murphy sounding band?

TimeOut Tokyo has stated that “Johnsons Motorcar come with our hearty recommendation — absolutely no threats required”, they’ve played a few music festivals in Japan and for a 4-year old band, they’ve been creating ripples all the way to our Tanah Air.

This will be the second time JMC is coming to Malaysia. Previously playing a St. Patrick’s show earlier this year where they surprisingly got crowds to their feet at Malones, they are back for a bigger party for Malaysian to celebrate our 56th Independence in a way only they know how.

Armed with the fiddle that is sure to magically get the party going, Martin Johnson (the other one, not the Boys Like Girls frontman) and his band will be playing in Malaysia for three exclusive nights.

So head down to Malones on the dates and times:

  1. Date: 30 August 2013, Friday
    Time: 7pm
    Venue: Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar, Sooka Sentral, KL Sentral
  2. Date: 31 August 2013
    Time: 7pm
    Venue: Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar, JayaOne, Petaling Jaya
  3. Date: 1 September 2013
    Venue: Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar, Pavilion KL

Check out one of Johnsons Motorcar’s songs, Johnny is a Rovin Blade.

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