Axiata Cup – Up Your Game

With the Axiata Cup coming to an end this weekend at Cheras Badminton Stadium, it has been quite a championship during the preliminaries.

axiata cup badminton stadium cheras

Did you know, the Axiata Cup, featuring top players from around the world, is the richest badminton championship with USD1 million in prize money?

The first prize worth USD400,000 and the 8th place is USD20,000!

To keep you guys in the game, Axiata Cup, in its second year running, are working very closely with social media this year. One of them, is a mobile game app!

axiata cup mobile game app

This Axiata Cup – Up Your Game is available on iOS, Android, and BB platforms. You can also download it from Axiata Cup Official Website.

axiata cup mobile game app

Step 1 – Choose your player.

When you start to play, flick the shuttlecocks with your finger to prevent it from falling onto the ground.

axiata cup mobile game app

Shoot the shuttlecock over the net to score your points.

axiata cup mobile game app

You have 3 chances for the shuttlecocks to fall to the ground. Apart from the shuttlecocks, there are also falling bombs so don’t flick on them.

axiata cup mobile game app

You can also score more points by doing trick shots such as smashing from above, saving the shuttlecocks from the ground at low level or far behind the court.

axiata cup mobile game app

You can also juggle the shuttlecocks, bounce the shuttlecocks from the net and shoot it over again, or hold the cocks longer before you flick them over the net.

axiata cup mobile game app

Here’s how the shuttlecocks fall from the top and you have to flick them over the net.

axiata cup mobile game app

Score more points to ‘unlock’ next round for more difficult levels.

It’s actually pretty addictive by just flicking your finger on the phone screen. Not sure if my finger is not agile anymore or there were actually a lot of shuttlecocks falling all over the place.

While you are flicking your finger, remember to raise your eyebrows on the semi-finals on 13th April 2013 and finals on 14th April 2013, all games at Cheras Badminton Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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