Oishi x One Piece Green/Black Tea From Phuket, Thailand

Just came back from Phuket, Thailand. I wouldn’t say it’s a superb trip but it’s fun nonetheless.

As usual, grocery shopping at 7-11 was very cheap, so I bought these, Oishi Green/Black Tea One Piece edition.

It was so cheap that I just simply grabbed them. The 7-11 in Phuket is selling this for 10baht each, and I grabbed 12 of them.

*Chopper and Luffy*

Chopper is Strawberry flavored green tea and Luffy is the original green tea flavor.

*Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro*

Then we have Nico Robin’s Lemon flavored Black Tea and Roronoa Zoro’s Genmai (brown rice) flavored Green Tea.

*Sogeking and Nico Robin*

Last but not least, Sogeking’s gojiberry (wolfberry) flavored Green Tea.

I have not tried all yet but I have to say it’s refreshing! Something different from what we have in our 7-11 outlets in Malaysia.

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