Anime – Steins;Gate Review

Steins;Gate, is a sci-fi adventure game by 5pb. and Nitroplus which also published as visual novel, then adapted into manga and then anime in 2011.

Steins;Gate (S;G) actually sets in the same timeline as Chaos;Head, considered the prequel to S;G.

S;G is a drama, psychological, mystery, science fiction, and thriller that talks about time travel theory with lots of discussions that made me keep on watching.

It starts off with Rintaro Okabe, the mad scientist of the series who also calls himself Huouin Kyoma, claims the world he’s living is a conspiracy theory and his life is in¬†jeopardy¬†for knowing the secret.

With him is Mayuri Shiina, the supporting female character who turned out to be the major reason for the time travel events.

*L>R – Daru, Kurisu Makise, Ruka, Feris Nyannyan, Amane, Moeka, Mayuri Shiina, and Rintaro Okabe*

It discussed about alternate timeline, parallel universe, and butterfly effect, the topics of time travel.

If you have watched Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, don’t even cross your mind that this anime or series is trying to copy that concept.

I may put it that Looper is copying S;G, if that’s what you want to argue about.

This series pays tribute to few terms, especially John Titor, a username on a few buletin boards or forums in 2000 who claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036.

There are also terms like IBN 5100, which is referring to the real portable computer IBM 5100, built by IBM back in 1975, and SERN, a parody name for CERN, an European nuclear research organization.

The beginning of the anime is pretty intriguing and thrilling due to the introduction of new characters and as they unfold the functions of their Future Gadgets (FG).

It might be a slight bit boring in the midst of all the turn-back-time to save that someone but as soon as Rintaro Okabe made that decision, the story turn normal and it’s as thrilling again.

From that point onwards, it’s all about Butterfly Effects, very mind-boggling.

S;G has 24 episodes with one OP and 3 EDs. The only opening theme is “Hacking to the Gate” by Kanako Ito.

The ending themes, “Tokitsukasadoru Juni no Meiyaku” by Yui Sakakibara, “Sukai Kuraddo no Kanshokusha” by Kanako Ito, and “Another Heaven” by Kanako Ito.

As for the voice casts, Rintaro Okabe is voiced by Miyano Mamoru, who also did for Yagami Light (Death Note), Setsuna F. Seiei (Gundam 00), and Shinku Izumi (Dog Days).

Kurise Makise is voiced by Imai Asami, who also did for Chihaya Kisaragi (The IDOLM@STER) and Chelsea Arcot (Blessing of the Campanella), among the notable ones.

Although Itaru is on the supporting role and pretty much non-existent (apart from fixing the gadgets and idolising Feris NyanNyan), the seiyuu Seki Tomokazu has also voiced for Hidetora Tojo (Beelzebub), Touya Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), Hideki Motosuwa (Chobits), Suneo (modern Doraemon series), Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay), Archer (Fate/Zero), Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic!), Kunio Murai (GTO), Takahashi Keisuke (Initial D series), Yzak Joule (Gundam SEED series), Suzuhara Touji (Evangelion series), Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile), Kenji (Pokemon series), and Pierrot Bolneze (Yakitate! Japan) among those notable ones in the long list of his roles.

He’s also a part of a blockbuster movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, where he voiced for Skids in the Japanese dub version.

According to ANN rating, it’s rated ‘Masterpiece’ and it’s difficult to find an anime that’s rated ‘Excellent’, let alone ‘Masterpiece’.

I would give it a good 8.5/10 for its time travel and butterfly effect concept and also the intriguing plot.

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