Celcom iPhone 5 Launch @ Blue Cube, Iconic Sunway Pyramid

On 14th December 2012, the long-awaited iPhone 5 has finally arrived our Malaysian shore on the Celcom network.

Some loyal and new Celcom subscribers all queued up since early Wednesday evening to get their hands on the world’s most sought after smartphone and experience it first with the best network and the best plans!

Enthusiasts had to wait til Wednesday midnight before the gate is opened for registration. I’m always surprised with all this gung-ho crowd.

The first 100 pre-booked customers also stand a chance to try their luck on the wheel of fortune.

Whichever the 100 lucky pre-booked customers get on the wheel, he/she can buy the iPhone 5 with RM100, RM200, or RM300 discount.

Three lucky slots on the wheel include iPhone 5 for RM5, where the lucky customers get to buy an additional iPhone 5 for only RM5!

This is the first lucky winner for the iPhone 5 for RM5 prize.

There were few winners who got to buy the iPhone 5 for RM5. I was very envious. It’s a superb deal even if I had to buy it for RM500.

Us bloggers also stand a chance for a lucky draw. The winner gets to buy the iPhone 5 for RM5 too! Obviously the winner isn’t me. :(

Like most other flagship smartphones and plans, Celcom has offered some of the best and cheapest deals as compared to other telcos.

With Celcom First, you can enjoy these unrivalled advantages and benefits:

  • BIGGEST savings of up to RM1,921
  • HIGHEST data volume of up to 6.2GB a month
  • BUNDLED USAGE up to 1,500 in minutes/SMS/MMS
  • FREE 1GB Celcom First WiFi access

Get the iPhone 5 and enjoy total savings of up to RM1,921, lowest device price offer from as low as RM278 after savings and total monthly rebate up to RM1,210.

Simply choose the ideal Celcom First plan to suit your needs:

*12-month contract plans*

*24-months contract plans*

Total Payment Upon Registration for each iPhone 5 model is:

  • iPhone 5 16GB: RM2,038
  • iPhone 5 32GB: RM2,338
  • iPhone 5 64GB: RM2,638

Why register with Celcom? Celcom has the widest network coverage and best network quality anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move, be it messaging, voice calls, video calling, surfing, email, etc.

Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection.

Now if only I get one on my hands.

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