Fans Meet & Greet With Liverpool Legend Ian Rush @ Courts, Setapak

When I arrived at Courts Setapak, Reds supporters were queuing and flocking the place, waiting for Liverpool’s legendary player, Ian Rush to show up.

Well I’m a football fan since 10-year old, supported the top teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Newcastle back when I was in primary school.

As I grow older, I’m more inclined to beautiful games and underdogs, so I’m not really that hardcore as a football fan.

I don’t sing Arsenal’s anthem, I don’t refer Arsenal as “we”, and many other trivial stuff.

These Liverpool hardcore fans were singing to the Liverpool FC anthem and lots of questions regarding their performance in the BPL. I was quite amazed, and slightly amused as well.

Ian Rush, one of Liverpool’s top strikers, scoring 346 goals in 600 appearances. With Liverpool FC International Soccer Academy happening now, Ian Rush will be coaching what he had learned in his hey days, the tactical games of “The Liverpool Way”.

*Ian Rush and Commercial Director Courts Malaysia, Rob Lewis*

Quoting from the Commercial Director Courts Malaysia, Rob Lewis saidof the community and partnership with Liverpool FC Academy,

As this Nation’s leading electrical, IT and furniture retailer – Courts is committed to putting in the time and effort to give back to the Malaysian society. I’m truly excited with the prospect of The Liverpool FC International Soccer Academy being held here as it enables supporters a chance to get closer to the club beyond the television screen.

For Courts, it is important to continue to engage with other leading brands of superiority in order to create an experience our consumers can benefit from and apply the lessons they’ve learnt for future. We’re always thinking of ways to solicit valuable brand engagement for the community.

This training camp is not about finding the next legend; it is about instilling future skills of leadership, being pro-active in the community and giving the kids a chance to play football. With such a big name behind the training camp, we can ensure that professionalism on the football pitch is put forward.

*L>R – Dominic Price, Rob Lewis, Ian Rush, Antony Ryan, and John Connors*

Ian is on hand to lead the Academy as head mentor and coach alongside a team of three expert coaches from the Academy, namely Dominic Price, Antony Ryan, and John Connors.

The Liverpool FC International Soccer Academy, which will take place from 3 – 14 December at Persada Plus Mini Stadium is sponsored by Courts and endorsed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

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