Don’t Lose It All

I wonder if you have watched this short clip? I just watched it on TV earlier.

The parting of the girl and the boyfriend at the airport reminds me of some of my friends who went abroad to study and work. It’s very saddening but it’s a new beginning to one’s life journey.

But of course there’s quite a bit of awkward moment when there’s another guy standing behind them.

Communication is very important in a relationship because that’s the core to understand each other better.

As shown in the video, they communicated via text messages, probably Whatsapp, SMS, or BBM.

The girl seems to be very upset when the boyfriend didn’t reply her messages. I can totally relate to this when it comes to relationship because it makes one worried.

Like what you see in the video, when you’ve lost that moment or connection, someone could have taken the opportunity and try to replace your position.

Every moment and every second is pretty much important coz it shows that you cherish the relationship.

I bet most of you people would agree to this. But I really wonder who’s that guy at the end of the clip.

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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 @ Mines Convention Centre (MIECC)

The Big Bad Wolf Books (BBW), world’s biggest book sale has returned!

In 2011 they did it inside UPM, some kinda convention hall, and it was pretty big. Check out my 2011 loots HERE.

But this year, BBW is operating from 7-23 December at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre.

On it’s opening day, Friday, they were going for 63-hours non-stop, opened 24 hours til Sunday, 9.30PM.

It was then I was surprised that so many Malaysians, or probably KLians, actually read books because the road to Mines Convention Centre was pretty jammed along the Sungei Besi highway.

*Taken from BBW FB*

Operation hour then resumed at 9AM on weekdays. Surprisingly, they continued with the 24 hours non-stop operation hour on 14-16 December.

*Taken from BBW FB*

That’s when I paid a visit to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Went with my family on Saturday night, arrived Mines slightly before 10PM.

I on the other hand, I don’t really read books. I visit for the sake of bringing my dad over because he reads a lot, religions and new age, and self help to be precise.

On the contrary from what I heard last week, the road was pretty smooth from South City Plaza and there were ample of parking space at the convention centre.

*Before and after*

Grabbed an empty box as I entered the entrance, just simply pick up books, and that’s my loots, I mean, my father’s loots of the night.

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Celcom iPhone 5 Launch @ Blue Cube, Iconic Sunway Pyramid

On 14th December 2012, the long-awaited iPhone 5 has finally arrived our Malaysian shore on the Celcom network.

Some loyal and new Celcom subscribers all queued up since early Wednesday evening to get their hands on the world’s most sought after smartphone and experience it first with the best network and the best plans!

Enthusiasts had to wait til Wednesday midnight before the gate is opened for registration. I’m always surprised with all this gung-ho crowd.

The first 100 pre-booked customers also stand a chance to try their luck on the wheel of fortune.

Whichever the 100 lucky pre-booked customers get on the wheel, he/she can buy the iPhone 5 with RM100, RM200, or RM300 discount.

Three lucky slots on the wheel include iPhone 5 for RM5, where the lucky customers get to buy an additional iPhone 5 for only RM5!

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Heineken Thirst 2012 Featuring Justice, Above & Beyond, and Avicii @ Sepang International Circuit, KL

It was one of the best party in 2012, probably the best in 2012!

Well I was a bit late for the event because the door opened at 5PM, and I reached the venue around 11.30PM.

So basically I’ve missed most of the local acts like Tommy Cham, Mr Nasty and Guru Guru, Phil K Lee, Goldfish & Blink, Lapsap, and international acts like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, and Justice.

Just barely made it for about 20-minutes set of Above & Beyond before Avicii came on the podium.

The VIP area was really great! It has ample of space for the party revellers to move around. But I guess one of the reasons was some of them actually went into the normal area to party with the crowd.

*Yours truly, Adrie, Joshua*

Apart from the VIP area, there’s also the Heinekabana where you need to purchase a minimum amount of tickets to have the whole cabana for your company without having to push or get lost in the crowd.

Although the crowd was really packed and the place is of course, dark, I still managed to bump into few friends.

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iPhone 5 Is Coming To Celcom

Apple has announced its elongated iPhone 5 since September 2012 and everyone has been speculating its arrival in Malaysia.

It’s no stranger to the local smartphone scene where fans went beyond boundary where some queued overnight just to be among the first users of the iPhone.

Following the worldwide hype over the amazing iPhone 5, it’s soon to be launched on Celcom!!

With just RM200 deposit, you can pre-order and secure your iPhone 5 and get invited to the launch to be one of the first in Malaysia to own the iPhone 5.

Pre-order your iPhone 5 HERE!

Well no one knows what’s the price Celcom is going to offer but from my experience they have always offered quite a surprise plans for their smartphone plans.

Though I don’t have details on prices and packages yet, you can still check out Celcom First plans at

Fans Meet & Greet With Liverpool Legend Ian Rush @ Courts, Setapak

When I arrived at Courts Setapak, Reds supporters were queuing and flocking the place, waiting for Liverpool’s legendary player, Ian Rush to show up.

Well I’m a football fan since 10-year old, supported the top teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Newcastle back when I was in primary school.

As I grow older, I’m more inclined to beautiful games and underdogs, so I’m not really that hardcore as a football fan.

I don’t sing Arsenal’s anthem, I don’t refer Arsenal as “we”, and many other trivial stuff.

These Liverpool hardcore fans were singing to the Liverpool FC anthem and lots of questions regarding their performance in the BPL. I was quite amazed, and slightly amused as well.

Ian Rush, one of Liverpool’s top strikers, scoring 346 goals in 600 appearances. With Liverpool FC International Soccer Academy happening now, Ian Rush will be coaching what he had learned in his hey days, the tactical games of “The Liverpool Way”.

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