Tiger Street Football Malaysia National Finals 2012 Result @ e@Curve, Damansara

The Tiger Street Football Malaysia National Finals 2012 is done and we have a winner, the Equal FC! And for that they have just won themselves USD3,000! Congratulations!

*Equal FC*

Muhammad Iderus, Captain of Equal FC said he was ecstatic about winning the second Tiger Street Football Malaysia National Finals, with the score of 7-4 against Dani FC.

“All these weeks of practicing really paid off! It is our honor to be able to represent Malaysia in Vietnam at the Grand Finals. We certainly will not disappoint our supporters here,” he said.

Tiger Street Football, an edgy and unique football tournament organized by Tiger in partnership with ESPN STAR Sports for local street footballers to showcase their raw talent and put their skills the test against professional street football teams from other countries.

*The grand cage in front of e@Curve*

It’s my first time watching a street football and it’s really intense. I played futsal but futsal is nothing near to this.

Filled with adrenaline-pumping and fast-speed battles that showcased the mastery of skills needed for this 5-a-side edgy street football, the 32 local teams selected from across the country put up a high energy and fierce fight to the every end, much to the delight of the throng of fans and spectators.

First time watching the street football got me all confused and excited at the same time.

Different from futsal, the street football has no out nor throw-in, the game goes on until the game ends. Street football needed much more physical strength as compared to futsal.

Incorporating a five player-a-side formation with the combatants playing inside a unique street fenced oval pitch with no sidelines and a dynamic, continuous state of play with two five-minute halves and a two minute halftime interval.

Although that’s the tournament system, there’s a time I couldn’t understand is that it’s a 5-a-side tournament but it gradually decreases until it’s 2-a-side.

But I didn’t see it in every match, or perhaps I’ve missed some of it. This needed to be look into, it’s very interesting.

Apart from the exciting football matches, the event provided exciting activities for the street football fans and spectators off the pitch as well, with entertaining street-themed performances such as dance groups and S3 from France.

A percussion group also cheered up the event with their strong and energetic performance.

Check out their performance in this video I’ve recorded.

*Edgar Davids and Lynda Chean, artiste who designed and painted the tiger sculpture*

The highlight of the event was the special appearance by Tiger Street Football Ambassador, Dutch international football legend Edgar Davids, who is the global face for this new dimension of football.

The final intensified into a true battle of will and skill whilst the hundreds of onlookers watched in anticipation as the game reached Finals. This then went into overtime, whereby the Equal FC took lead of the field and beat out team Dani FC in true football style.

*Winner Equal FC with Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger, and Edgar Davids*

As the winners of the Tiger Street Football Malaysia National Finals 2012 tournament, Equal FC will be whisked off to Vietnam for the Grand Finals to play against national champions and international teams on September 29, to be broadcasted live on ESPN where the teams will be playing for the pride and glory of being named the Kings of Streets and the grand prize of US$30,000 (RM90,000)!!

As the top four local teams, Equal FC and Dani FC alongside Versus 5 and Chatterbox faced 2 international street football champions – Edgar David’s protégé The Street Legends and S3, French’s best street footballers as well as Asian champions Aussie team Street Vipers and Thailand’s Big 1 Sport 99 on August 26 for additional prize money of US$5,000 (RM15,000).

To find out more on Tiger Street Football, kindly log on to www.tigerstreetfootball.com or “Like” the page on www.facebook.com/tigerbeer.

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