myBurgerlab @ Seapark, Petaling Jaya

myBurgerlab, a new burger joint that recently appeared in the neighbourbood of Seapark, Petaling Jaya.

It’s not like any Ramly burger or Burger Kaw Kaw stuff because it’s a burger shop, yet not a restaurant.

Two special things about myBurgerlab are its fresh burgers, which include its patties, buns, and other ingredients like mushrooms, salads, etc, and it doesn’t serve pork.

Most Chinese would asked for a scrumptious pork burger and yet myBurgerlab would just stick to the basic, beef and chicken.

Few of the reasons I think they opted out the pork burger is because of its customer where I think myBurgerlab would love to cater to the different races and religions in Malaysia and also the consistency and efficiency of their production.

myBurgerlab make everything from buns to patties all on their own. So there’s a limit to the amount of buns and patties that they can make, and also to keep them fresh.

Hence I think there’s no plan for pork burger yet until they found the solution to increase their production. They also serve vegetarian burgers!

*The shop*

myBurgerlab is an open-space shop which I think can accommodate 50 pax at a time.

The shop has a photo booth, communal table and an open kitchen. The communal table is to encourage strangers to sit with strangers and maybe they can strike up a conversation while enjoying their meals, quoted from the shop owner, Chin.

You can play in the photo booth while you are waiting for your burger or before you leave the shop. It’s pretty fun if you have a big group of friends together.

*Assembly & Collection*

This is the ‘Assembly & Collection’ window where you can see how the burgers are made and assembled and of course, to collect your burger when it’s done.

*Beautiful Mess 1.0*

This is my first burger, Beautiful Mess 1.0 with Portobella mushroom, sunny side up, mozzarella cheese, and of course a beef patty.

I don’t know how Fat Boy’s burgers taste like or any other burger in other restaurants taste like but this is one very different burger. The first bite definitely gave me a shock and surprise.

“Normal burger patties have 20% fat in but ours only have 15% fat content and no preservatives at all since we don’t keep them for any more than two days,” said Teoh, one of the owners.

The fragrant of the Portobella mushroom is a tad too strong in this burger that it almost overlapped the beef. Some people who can’t take the strong smell might not really like it.

Customers gave feedback and they took it with open ears, and they improvised.

They tried Beautiful Mess 2.0 where they grilled the Portobella mushroom but the mushroom taste is still pretty strong. Final result?

*The Beautiful Mess 3.0*

They did it with Beautiful Mess 3.0 where they fried the Portobella mushroom and that’s it. You can still taste the good mushroom and it doesn’t overlap the taste of the beef patty. Brilliant!

The Beautiful Mess is RM18, add-on RM5 for bottomless drink and awesome fries.

*The Hangover*

This is The Hangover, with smash patty, crispy hashbrown, maple syrup, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, and beef patty.

The hashbrown complement very well with the patty and mushrooms. It’s not something you usually found in other burger joints.

*The A++*

The A++ Beef Burger, with a slice of fried mozzarella cheese, sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, and beef patty. You can order this with chicken patty.

On the menu it’s A+ burger where it’s only sharp cheddar cheese. Add RM1 to upgrade the A+ to A++ for the fried mozzarella.

As you can see from the photo, it’s pretty cheesy as if it’s too sinful to consume, but we all know it’s hard to resist.

*Say Cheese*

The Say Cheese Chicken Burger, comes with sharp cheddar and grilled chicken patty. Not sure how this taste like but according to my friend who eats a lot, she said she’s not going back to McDonald’s anymore.

The owner, Chin, was inspired by what he saw of In-N-Out and Shake Shack in the US where they used ingredients as fresh as possible for their food and prepared them as customers place their orders.

This is where the myBurgerlab concept comes from. Results shown where their burgers sold out every single day since their opening on 10th of July 2012.

Because it follows the concept in the US, they don’t have chili sauce as well, only ketchup and mustard, but they do have a spicy sauce of their own. It’s specially made.

myBurgerlab open at 5pm-11pm but it usually sold out before 9pm. It’s advisable to be there early as the wait sometimes might take up to an hour.

myBurgerLab is located at 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya, open everyday except Monday.

Checkout the location at Google Maps HERE or the coordinate at 3.110777,101.622137. It’s very near to the Seapark Maybank Nasi Lemak and roadside wantan mee.

In the first week of their operation, they produced 150 burgers daily. Now they’ve upped their production to about 200 or maybe more, to accommodate the supporting customers.

It’s not that they don’t want to produce more, who doesn’t want more business right? But it’s their preparations and also the quality control that they had to limit their productions.

Ideally, they do hope to open up for lunch by the end of the year once they have figured out the formula of running a burger joint.

Check out their menu on their Facebook Page.

*Thumbs up yo!*

TIPS: If you are up for something new that is not in the menu, you can order Jamming with Elvis Burger, The Seattle, and also mustard grilled patties!


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  1. So many ppl posting this black bun burger on insta and I’ve always wanted to try it. But i heard the queue & wait is crazy!

    Will go try one day!

    Weii.. Y ur last picha don’t look convincing one?? Like Tai Kor eat burger! hahaha

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