Tiger Viewing Party – Arsenal vs Chelsea, Season 11/12

The English Premier League Season 2011/12 is coming to its last few matches and as usual, the matches always seemed like they were fixed in a way that 3rd-placed team have to go against 4th-placed team for the Champions’ League spot and the top two teams have to battle it out on the last match of the season to vie for the title, and so on..

On 21st April 2012, I have attended the Tiger Viewing Party – Arsenal vs Chelsea at Publika Dutamas for bringing down the Emirates Stadium from north London to Kuala Lumpur..

Makeshift walls were built as the one resembled the real Emirates Stadium, tunnels, and also tiered seats to make the game more enjoyable..

The Gunners Stadium, is half of the wall at the outdoor area of Publika in front of The Bee..Invited David to join me..

The entrance tunnel into the ‘stadium’ where Tiger beer is served!

A replica cannon is placed in front of the ‘stadium’..

Took a photo together with ex-Liverpool great John Barnes..One of the best Liverpool and England players in the late 80′s and early 90′s alongside Ian Rush, before the emergence of the new generations of Liverpool players like Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Stan Collymore..

Honestly, this match wasn’t one of the best or most exciting games at all..Arsenal is trying to keep its 3rd spot and Chelsea is trying to catch up on 4th-placed Newcastle..

Lots of chances for both sides but attacking were kinda sloppy where the game ended in a goalless draw..

The venue and decoration were pretty interesting with the presence of 3 football legends, including John Barnes..

To sum it up, it was great to watch with so many supporters and of course, with few cup of cold Tiger beer..

For more photos, check out my Facebook album..

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