Wong Fu Productions Live in KL, Malaysia @ Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

Youtube filmmaker sensation the Wong Fu Productions is coming to KL, Malaysia!

The guys at Wong Fu Productions consist of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang are making their way to Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus nearby Sunway on 4th of February 2012..

The news of them coming down got ‘leaked out’ by Jin from hitz.fm, the DJ who hosts the Hitz Party show..

JinnyBoy tweeted,

“I’m really excited! Because WONG FU PRODUCTIONS are coming to MALAYSIA!! @wongfupro #wongfu4lyfe! http://pic.twitter.com/PsdAzVdQ

Check out the tweet HERE..

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Wong Fu, as it is known among Netizens, are famous for their Youtube short clips productions that are widely shared and liked on social media..Their Youtube Channel has more than 1-million subscribers and over 139-million video views on their 261 video (as of the time this post is being pbulished)..

They have also directed a MTV for Taiwanese artiste Wang Lee Hom’s song, “Still In Love With You”..

Although the tour poster is somewhat made public but there is no updates yet on the partners’ websites, except for ME Malaysia Facebook Page, mentioning that Wong Fu Productions are coming soon in 2012 (as of the time this post is being published)..

Admission fees for WONG FU 4 LYFE at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus is RM95 and RM150, for general admission and limited VIP seats respectively..


UPDATED: (9th January 2012)

Wong Fu has confirmed in their site that the news of them coming down to Kuala Lumpur is true!!

Check it out HERE..

The Wallflowers – Beautiful Side of Somewhere

The Wallflowers, a rock band from Los Angeles, led by Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan, one of the influential bands in the rock music industry in the 90′s..

The original members of the Wallflowers started off in 1989 included Jakob Dylan (vocals and guitar), Barrie Maguire (bass guitar and vocals), Peter Yanowitz (drums and percussion), Rami Jaffee (keyboards and vocals), and Tobi Miller (guitar)..

They have won 2 Grammy Awards for the single “One Headlight” in 1998 for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for “One Headlight”, and Jakob Dylan was awarded Best Rock Song..

This song “Beautiful Side of Somewhere” is taken from their 2005 album Rebel, Sweetheart..

IMHO, I think this song is about one has to leave the other due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness that causes death..Do correct me if I’m wrong because this is just my opinion..

Anyhow, it’s a beautiful song, the “Beautiful Side of Somewhere” with music video and lyrics..

    The Wallflowers – Beautiful Side of Somewhere music video

    The Wallflowers – Beautiful Side of Somewhere on David Letterman

The Wallflowers – Beautiful Side of Somewhere

Tomorrow is gonna make you cry
It’s gonna to make you kneel
Before it breaks you from inside
Still pressing on
Arm over arm
Still trying to get both feet back onto the ground
They are harvesting these fields in autumn.
We’re different now than when we started

I am ready to wake up
There in the exodus
On the beautiful side of somewhere baby

There on the pavement
Underneath the yellow moon
I think of you
And just how easily we bruise
The folded address in my pocket i have stuffed
Trying to believe for you
That the bottom didn’t drop
I am on the platform
Covered with dust
I pray they take the both of us

I am ready to wake up
There in the exodus
On the beautiful side of somewhere baby
I am ready to come down
To see us both somehow
On the beautiful side of somewhere someday