Tiger Crystal Beer To Go With Laundry Bar Menu @ The Curve

Tiger Crystal, a limited edition brew is making a comeback during this festive season, for a limited time..

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to be invited for a food tasting session at Laundry Bar at The Curve, thanks to G2 and of course Tiger..

It’s a food-pairing meal where Laundry Bar recommended few sets in their menu to complement the Tiger Crystal..

Laundry kickstarted with 3 appetizers..First off, we were served with Spicy Clams Diavolo, sauteed in spicy clams broth..

*Spicy Clams Diavolo*

The Spicy Clams Diavolo (RM23.90++) was a good start, tasted kinda spicy, thanks to the dried chili and chili flakes, and slight bit of sourness from the lemon slice..

*Mini Pizza Pepperoni*

Then came the Mini Pizza Pepperoni (RM32++), made with tomato sauce and spices..It was meant to be slightly spicy but I guessed the spiciness of the clams overwhelmed the pizza’s spiciness..

The thin crust made the chewing sensation of beef, cheese, and tomato sauce pretty awesome..I had at least half of it, and it’s just appetizer!

*Cheezy chewy pizza*

*Chicken Sausage*

By now you could have guessed the appetizers were all spicy stuff and for that, the Tiger Crystal cools down the palate pretty well..The less bitterness of Tiger Crystal compared to the normal Tiger made it easier to drink..

Third dish on the table, Chicken Sausage (RM25++), a bowl of seasoned chicken sausage in pan fried served with spicy chili, and lots of chili flakes..

The sausages were well done..The spiciness of the chili and crunchy tenderness of the sausage were actually quite tempting and appetizing..

Then came the main course..

*Roasted Chicken*

This Roasted Chicken (RM39.90++) is cooked with herb with chef special recipe..The chicken meat was tender and the wedges were soft..It’s another spicy dish alright..Look at the dried chilis..

*Lamb Chop*

The Lamb Chop (RM42.00++) is marinated with basil and served with mash potatoes..The meat was tender and succulent which is irresistable, all of us had to use our hand..

*It’s finger licking good!*

*Seafood cioppino*

The Seafood Cippino (RM39.90++) was mussel calamari clams and shrimps sauteed and tossed with spicy marinara..



*Raisin bread pudding*

The Raisin Bread Pudding (RM12.00++) was kinda refreshing after savoring on few spicy dishes..The bread pudding is sweet with few dice of strawberry..


All in all, it was a great meal with great company..Generally, food were all great and I especially liked the sausage and mini pizza pepperoni..I will go back for more!

Owh, we had a complimentary onion ring as well..It’s a good snack as well and I love it, too..Nice to have with a beer in hand watching a football match :D

*Tiger Crystal*

This limited edition of Tiger Crystal is only available in the month of December 2010..Don’t miss it!

Check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tigerbeer..


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