ADC Florianopolis Crowned As Tiger Street Football Tournament Champion

Award-winning Tiger Beer’s innovative football offering, Tiger Street Football which started its campaign in Asia this April successfully ended its search for the Kings of the Streets..

On 18th September, the world-class street football tournament saw team ADC Florianopolis of Brazil winning the first Tiger Street Football Tournament and walking away with the grand prize of USD30,000 after a stunning display of sublime street play throughout the day..

*Tournament champion, ADC Florianopolis*

Today’s grand finals saw qualifying teams from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Vietnam as well as two invited professional street football teams from Brazil and Holland battling it out in high winning spirits, they fought to  the last whistle in the fast-paced, adrenalin-pumping game..

Tiger Street Football is a fresh and innovative consumers experiential offering from Tiger Beer through its Tiger FC platform that engages football fans with a total football experience; from the best football viewing parties, to the best online football games engagements and now bringing the edgiest football action to the streets of Malaysia..

*Champion flanked by Tiger FC Cage girls and Sean Koh (middle)*

“Tiger FC has a legacy of delivering the best viewing parties, football themed promotions, contests and perks to football lovers in Malaysia. Last year, Tiger FC hosted 700 viewing parties across the nation in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup – the largest number ever in Malaysia,” said Ms Yap Swee Leng, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)..

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Hennessy Artistry HALO 2011 Is Coming Back!

Well what do you know, the Hennessy Artistry HALO is back and still kicking hard!

For this 2011, the biggest and boldest Hennessy Artistry instalment will be descending upon the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines Resort City on 12 November 2011..

This time, the Hennessy Mixing Zone – is elevated on to a whole new level, 2011’s biggest bash will be no different!

Expect more Hennessy Mixing Bars, Hennessy Music Mix Synths, Hennessy iMix Challenges and Hennessy Interactive Photowalls in the house that is sure to keep revellers busy before the party begins..

Those are fun ‘games’ to play with!

At international parties, artistes who have performed in Hennessy Artistry includes Ciara, The Roots, Mike Posner, Alexandra Burke, Harlem Yu, Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung, and Sammi Cheng..

The parties in Malaysia have also been nothing short of impressive.. Locally, the event has in the past, featured a host of star-studded performers such as Flo-Rida, Kardinal Offishall, Shayne Ward, Lenka, Boys Like Girls, The Ying Yang Twins, Da Mouth, and many others..

Who do you think will be coming down this year to rock the house down? Well I certainly hope there will be a Japanese band coming over..What about Bruno Mars or B.O.B?

Or maybe even a Youtube celebrity like David Choi or Kina Grannis? You wouldn’t know..Well you know, I’m just saying..

But there’s a way to know the artiste line-ups!

For more info and details on how to obtain passes to the upcoming Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ party at MIECC, visit the official Facebook fan page

Do take note that the party in MIECC is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only!

Remioromen – Konayuki, 1 Litre of Tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida)

Remioromen is a Japanese rock band comprised of Ryota Fujimaki (vocals, guitar), Keisuke Maeda (bass) and Osamu Jinguji (drums) in 2000..

“Konayuki” is taken from Remioromen’s third studio album, Horizon, released in May 2006..

*Taken from Google Images*

In MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 (MTV VMAJ 2006) Remioromen Music Video “Konayuki” won The Best Pop Video Award.

If you are an avid fan of Japanese drama (J-dorama) then you would have known the meaning of 1 Litre of Tears..

1 Litre of Tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida) is a Japanese drama about a girl who was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease at 15, but was able to continue her life until her death at the age of 25..

The drama is based on a real story of a girl named Aya who suffered from a disease called spinocerebellar degeneration – a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat..

Those who have watched this drama would definitely agree with me that you could have cried one litre of tears..It is that saddening..

It’s a very sad drama, yet it’s very inspiring to those who have lost hope in their life..

The drama starring Erika Sawajiri (Aya Ikeuchi), Ryo Nishikido (Haruto Aso), and Kenichi Matsuyama (Yuji Kawamoto of Death Note’s L fame)..

This song, “Konayuki” by Remioromen is an insert song of the drama..It adds up the dramatic effect and it’s a very nice song..

Whenever I go to Red Box I would definitely choose this song to sing, and they provides romanized lyrics..

Here is the romanized lyrics and music video of “Konayuki” by Remioromen..


*A live cover of Konayuki by Gackt and Takanori (of TM Revolution)*

Remioromen – Konayuki

konayuki mau kisetsu wa itsumo surechigai
hitogomi ni magiretemo onaji sora miteru noni
kaze ni fukarete nitayou ni kogoeru noni

boku wa kimi no subete nado shittewa inai darou
soredemo ichiokunin kara kimi wo mitsuketayo
konkyo wa naikedo honki de omotterunda

sasai na iiai mo nakute onaji jikan wo ikitenado ikenai
sunao ni narenai nara yorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashiidake

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo wakeau koto ga dekitano kai?

boku wa kimi no kokoro ni mimi wo oshiatete
sono koe no suru hou e sutto fukaku made
orite yukitai soko de mou ichido aou

wakari aitai nante uwabe
wo nadeteita nowa boku no hou
kimi no kajikanda te mo nigiri
shimeru koto dakede tsunagatteitanoni

konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amarini moroku
zaratsuku asufaruto no ue shimi ni natte yukuyo

konayuki nee toki ni tayori naku kokoro wa yureru
soredemo boku wa kimi no koto mamori tsuzuketai

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo tsutsunde sora ni kaesu kara

Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas With Luncheon Meat

Normally I played futsal at Section 14, PJ on Thursday nights..

In recent months I’ve been skipping games and only turned up for an average once a month :P

After burning all the calories and what not, I’ll add in some protein and some carbs from Jalan 223..

Yes, you read that right, it’s none other than the famous Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas..

Take away or bungkus is an option but I don’t want to sit there all alone, unless I have company..

This is the delicious nasi lemak panas bungkus from Jalan 223, RM1,20 per pack..

There is a slight ‘advantage’ eating it at home..

At the Medan Selera you can have otak-otak to go with the nasi lemak..When it’s at home..

I get to add few slices of pork luncheon meat to go with the nasi lemak!

It was some leftovers from the dinner I’ve had before I went to futsal..

Who’s up for another round of 223 Nasi Lemak Panas? :D