Malaysia Olympic Squad Selection vs Chelsea @ Bukit Jalil, Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011

On 21st July 2011, it was the day where I got to meet Chelsea FC star players on the pitch, by using my tele-lens..

The match between Malaysia Olympic U-23 Squad Selection vs Chelsea FC was the last in an Asia Tour by 3 English football clubs..

Got my tickets, thanks to Noobie and of course Samsung for bringing the star-studded team into Malaysian soil!

As usual, I donned my national team’s jersey, the hitam-kuning (black-yellow) jersey with due respect to show my support to the national team, the Harimau Muda Malaya..

The Harimau Malaya (senior team) had to prepare for the World Cup Asian Zone Qualifying Round so the Harimau Muda (U-23 team) were picked to play against Chelsea FC..

*L>R – Didier Drogba, don’t-know, Nicolas Anelka*

Few Chelsea players came on the pitch before kick-off to greet the fans and we can see the guys were snapping photos of the crowd..

*John Terry*

Chelsea captain John Terry holding his mobile phone while waving to the crowd, probably video recording the atmosphere of the strong supporters..

*Two guys carrying a placard with “Torres Marry Me” wtf*

These guys here are probably gay, or maybe not, coz one of them were holding the placard saying “TORRES MARRY ME”..

I hope he’s holding it for his sister..

Daphne, Joshua, and I were seated behind Malaysia goal in the first-half..

More than half of the photographers were behind the Malaysia goal as well to capture photos of Chelsea’s attacking..

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