Jack n Jill Cream-O Blueberry

Recently I’ve been cutting down on supper, not because I wanted to but it’s because of my supper appetite isn’t there anymore..

I’m aware that too much of supper isn’t really good for health, what’s more if it’s instant noodles..

So I got myself a supper alternative, Oreo Cream-O Blueberry!

*The Jack n Jill Cream-O Blueberry*

Although this sandwich cookies is nothing like Oreo but the softness of the cookie is quite nice nonetheless..

*Blueberry jam*

The blueberry jam is pretty and it’s enough to go with the small-sized cookies..

It’s definitely a good alternative to those ‘unhealthy’ instant noodles and I will definitely stock-up few rolls of this stuff..

Daphne doesn’t like it though coz she doesn’t like jam..As a bio-tech Master student, she said jam is very artificial :P

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