Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks @ 1 Utama [Halal]

I bet a lot of people heard or saw this shop before, the Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks eatery, a franchise originated from Taiwan, and it’s HALAL!

It has outlets in 1 Utama, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens, Berjaya Times Square, and many more..You can check out the locations HERE..

Shih Lin is famous for their XXL Crispy Chicken and also Handmade Oyster Mee Sua, where other stuff in the menu are pretty good too..

Daphne ordered the XXL Crispy Chicken while I choose the more fulfilling one, Happy! Ricebox Set that comes with any drink..

*Daphne and her XXL Crispy Chicken*

*My Happy! Ricebox Set*

My Happy! Ricebox Set comes with the signature crispy chicken fillet, tofu, and rice ala Japanese bento rice, the sticky type of rice but not exactly glutinous..

The tofu is meant to be eaten with the rice because it’s quite salty, at least I felt so..

The rice is slightly fragrant and it complements with the crispy chicken very well..


I’m a happy man with a growling stomach..

*Happy! Ricebox Set comes with V-Soy, or any drink of your choice*

Other than the Happy! Ricebox Set and XXL Crispy Chicken, they also have Seafood Tempura, Sweet Plum Potato Fries, and Crispy Floss Egg Crepe, all selling at reasonable and affordable price..

My ricebox set is about RM10++ that comes with a drink, while the others in the range of RM4-RM8, or somewhere there, I couldn’t really remember..

*Having my XXL Crispy Chicken*

I would say the Crispy Chicken is not bad, but I prefer those from pasar malam (night market), namely Uncle Bob and the likes of it..

IMHO, those from Uncle Bob and A Li San the skin of the chicken is more crispy and somehow more flavorful than the Shih Lin’s..

Anyway, it’s still a good meal and pretty reasonable for a tea-time snack!

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