Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 @ Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC)

Tiger Beer presented the biggest Asian music festival ever that has happened in Malaysia..

On 30th April 2011, the Asian Music Festival 2011 was held at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC) and had pulled a strong 20,000 crowd to the event!

Thanks to GAB and G2, I was able to cover and enjoy the 12-hour concert standing right in front of the stage, standing very close to the artistes when they walked upfront the stage..

Long story short, let’s head to the main agenda of the day..

Local English band Rosevelt did the opening for Asian Music Festival 2011..Then Malaysian Will Ng came on stage for the second act..

I was right on time for 24 Herbs (Yah Sei Mei), the high-prolific rap group (after LMF) from Hong Kong was on stage to rock the house down..

*24 Herbs from Hong Kong*

24 Herbs gave a good performance with 6 songs, including Do or Die, Wonderland featuring ManHand, and ended with “Hu Ge”..

*Local Chinese rock band, dayDream*

dayDream was quite okay, performed 6 songs including covering 2 songs, one of MayDay’s and another Linkin Park’s “In The End”..

*Suki Low featuring Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau*

Suki Low made her appearance a moment to be remembered with a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework”..She has grown so much since the One In A Million and she can definitely go further..

She continued to do an unplugged cover of “Born This Way” (Lady Gaga) on the keyboard featuring beatboxer Shawn Lee and violinist Dennis Lau..

*Namcha from Thailand*

Next up was Namcha from Thailand..Although I hardly understood Thai except for “sawadee kap”, her performance was pretty energetic and the tune and rhythm of the songs were quite easy to blend in, fun-happy-go-lucky type..

I really had fun with her songs and eventually followed her on Twitter (@namcha_tea) right there and then :P

Lots of photos ahead! Get ready to load!

*Olivia Ong from Singapore*

Olivia Ong did her stuff, singing all the mellow jazzy stuff that we all have liked all this while..

On a side note, not that I didn’t like Olivia’s songs but I think her style didn’t quite suitable for the Asian Music Festival (AMF)..

I think something more energetic, be it pop, rock, rap, dance, or even jazz, would be more sufficient..I think her voice is too, erm, soft, and being soft-voiced doesn’t mean her songs are not nice..

Well I’m just saying..

*Sam Lee of LMF*

Then it was Sam Lee aka DJ Becareful‘s turn to spin on the turntable to get the crowd pumped up before more great acts coming in..

*Paul Wong – Ambassador for AMF*

Veteran Hong Kong rocker Paul Wong was up for close to a 1-hour performance singing up to 10 songs, bringing back some memories of the more adult groups and rocking it for the younger generations..

Paul Wong ended his solo with an old song from the Beyond-era, “Guong Fai Sui Yuet”, and it definitely got the crowd singing along..

*Se7en from Korea*

Most of the artistes are Chinese and it got me thinking for a while why are there Malay media and Malays in the crowd as well..

Obviously, they were there for the Korean heartthrob Se7en..

Honestly, I’m not a Korean-song kinda person but Se7en’s performance really surprised me and made me go gaga..

*Se7en doing a hand-stand*

All the ladies in the house were screaming their lungs out and to my surprise, some of the Malay girls actually sang to his songs, in Korean!

*Closing pose*

Se7en was suppose to sing only 6 songs, he gave the crowd an encore of 1 or 2 more additional songs..

I’ve heard a lot about the great live performances by Korean artistes but this was my first and it really caught my attention..

*FAMA (Nong Fu) from HK*

The more radio-friendly rap group from Hong Kong, in comparison to 24 Herbs and LMF, FAMA (loosely known as farmer in Cantonese slang), rocked the house at about 9.30pm and gave the crowd a good 5 songs rapping..

*Taiwanese Tiger Huang*

Tiger Huang didn’t let other artistes kicked her aside with their fast-beat songs..She has got her own crowd that sang along with her on those slow tracks including her famous single “Mei Na Me Jian Dan”..

*Malaysian rap group ManHand*

ManHand is no stranger to fans of Chinese music, what’s more if you are into local music..

They are quite an established rap group in Malaysia and seen performing together with 24 Herbs and also a crossover with dayDream in ManHand’s set..

*Jess Lee*

This is Jess Lee‘s first show in Malaysia after winning the Superstar Avenue 2010 in Taiwan..

She showed her top notch vocal performance with covers including “Gemilang”, “Fighter”, and “All By Myself”..

*Bibi Chang from China*

Bibi Chang, also known as Bibi Zhou or Bibi Chow, first runner-up in the 2005 Super Girl Competition has certainly came to the write land where her fans all waited eagerly since early noon!

Their patience definitely paid off when Bibi sang 7 songs before she gave way to the closing act..

*Edison Chen with MC Yan and MC Chef*

By the time Edison Chen went on stage it was around 12.30am and to those who stayed til the end, it was definitely worthwhile..

Edison Chen together with MC Yan, MC Chef, and DJ Prepare gave the crowd a night to remember with about 45-minutes long performance..

The show ended at around 1.45am and that music festival actually lasted for about 12-hours!

I’d actually missed the second-half of the festival where I left the scene after Se7en’s performance..It’s sad I know..

Should AMF is coming back in 2012, I’ll be definitely staying in it throughout the concert!

Oh, and I hope they will consider at least a Japanese artiste, such as Yui, MOVE, Sambomaster, or FLOW, just to name a few..

Those who went, I hope you guys enjoyed because I really enjoyed myself and am really looking forward to 2012 should they come up with a second instalment..

And before Natasha, Daphne, and I left, we took a photo with 24 Herbs and Edison Chen backdrop outside of the hall..

*Yours truly*

*Daphne with Edison Chen*

For more photos, please check out my Facebook Page – AMF 2011 album..

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