My First English Comic, My Bad – A Zits Treasury

It’s been years since I last bought my last comic book, and that was Captain Tsubasa – Golden 23 series, back in somewhere 2008..

Now I’ve bought my first comic book in 3 years and of course my first ever English comic book, that is Zits, the comic strip you read on local The Star newspaper..

Thanks to Kelli for selling the extra one to me, now I’ve gotten my first English comic book, “My Bad – A Zits Treasury”..

I’ll have to say this is my current favourite and yes, I’ve never read X-Men or Superman or Spiderman before..Archie, yes, a bit..

Zits is basically about a teenager named Jeremy Duncan going to high school and doing what most teenagers do nowadays, be it in the US or even in Malaysia..

He’s very attached to his mobile phone, he’s very attached to his Facebook, and he’s very attached to his iPod and music, like many other teenagers around the world..

He has big appetite, he hates doing house chores like he’s born not knowing what house chores meant, he’s quite rebellious towards his parents in terms of communication, and yet he’s very smart in his study..

He hates seeing his dad signing up on Facebook, he hates his dad watching video on Youtube, and he hates his mom checking out his blog and Facebook status..

His dad, Walter Duncan, is an orthodontist and most of the time wanted to look cool in front of Jeremy but most of the time looked clueless due to his illiteracy in technology..

His mom, Connie Duncan, is very strict towards Jeremy, giving curfews, giving punishments, and most of the time, like most of the caring mothers in the world, would forgive him for his wrongdoing and eventually treat him with care, like any mother would do..

Jeremy has other crazy friends namely girlfriend Sara Toomey, best friend Hector Gracia, and close friend Pierce who usually do weird stuff like keeping flies and other funny animals as pets..

It’s one freaking funny comic strip that is suitable for teenagers nowadays because it deals with the local trends (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, etc) and it’s suitable for parents in the sense that it’s kinda like seeing themselves having trouble to communicate with their children if they are like Jeremy’s parents, or have a good laugh if they are as tech-savvy as Jeremy..

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