UEFA Champions’ League Final – Barcelona vs Manchester United

On 28th May 2011, the UEFA Champions’ League was first to be held on a Saturday instead of the usual weekday of Wednesday or Thursday..

Went to Sid’s Pub at Bangsar South to watch one of the most memorable football matches so far with my friends..

The match between Barcelona vs Manchester United would be awesome with a capital A..

The starting line-up was as following :


1 Victor Valdés

Man Utd

1 Edwin van der Sar

3 Gerard Piqué 15 Nemanja Vidic
14 Javier Mascherano 5 Rio Ferdinand
22 Eric Abidal 3 Patrice Evra
2 Dani Alves 20 Fabio
16 Sergio Busquets 11 Ryan Giggs
8 Andrés Iniesta 16 Michael Carrick
6 Xavi 13 Park Ji-Sung
7 David Villa 25 Antonio Valencia
10 Lionel Messi 10 Wayne Rooney
17 Pedro 14 Javier Hernández

All photos being used are taken from UEFA Champions’ League Official Website Photo Gallery..

*Starting line-ups*

The match kick-started and everyone was hoping for a good match as it was a match between Spanish champion and English champion at the Wembley Stadium..

Two years ago the two met in the Finals in Rome and Man Utd got whipped by a classy Catalan side but this year, Man Utd is back with a stronger side with stronger mentality..

The first 10-minutes Barca looked shaky as if their good form is jinxed by Man Utd’s good form..

*Gerard Pique challenges Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (white)*

For a moment I thought it would be a disappointing match because Barca had been making mistakes and shitty passes, very different from the passing-experts of Xavi and Iniesta..

Man Utd have been making waves of attacks and Barca looked pretty weak..I was dumbfounded..

*Park Ji-sung challenges Lionel Messi*

Fortunately, after about 15-minutes, Barca fine tuned their passes and they finally played the game on par with Man Utd, with their usual slick passes..

If that’s not enough, Pedro slotted in a goal on the 27th minute and it was a moment to cheer for..

*Pedro’s goal*

Seven minutes later Rooney found the back of the net to levelled on 1-1..

*Rooney’s goal*

It’s frustrating but it’s good to see a good fight from both sides at just 34-minutes, with almost an hour to go..

The first-half ended with Barca dominating almost 60% of ball possessions..

More photos and brief match coverage after the jump, like loads of it!

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Lee DeWyze Music Showcase Live In Malaysia 2011 @ Subang Parade, KL

Lee DeWyze was in town on 17th May 2011, a public holiday in Malaysia where we celebrate the Wesak Day, to promote his “Live It Up” album..

The music showcase followed by an autograph session, proudly brought to you by Astro STAR World & Sony Music, was held at Subang Parade..

The American Idol is definitely one good talent and I enjoyed his acoustics..

Lee and his keyboardist showed some pretty good works and it made the crowd asking for more..

The crowd started to build-up even before Lee turned up and more curious on-lookers on top floors got attracted to the screamings and of course, nice voice with nice music..

I bet there were quite a number of new fans of Lee DeWyze on that day..

Other than Lee’s voice, the only other stuff I heard was from the crowd shouting “Lee I love you!” or a long stretch of “Leeeee ~!!!!”, I mean many of them..

The 90-minutes showcase ended with an encore of ‘Sweet Serendipity’ and an autograph session..

The queue was quite long and it’s good to see Lee make the effort to try to talk to each and every one of the people in queue but of course the tight schedule didn’t permit him to do more..

Thanks to SONY Music Malaysia, I was able to meet him in person in the backstage before the showcase with Joshua and Daphne..

Here’s the encore to his pretty awesome showcase, ‘Sweet Serendipity’..


More photos in my Facebook Album – Lee DeWyze Showcase..

More other photos and videos at :

Joshua – Lee DeWyze Music Showcase Live In Malaysia 2011

Daphne – Lee DeWyze Live In Malaysia 2011

Global Guinness League of Excellence Award and GAB Brewery Tour

If you have noticed, more youngsters nowadays drink Guinness Draught at Irish pubs and bars..

I guess it’s that good and it wouldn’t be surprising because Guinness Malaysia has won the coveted Global Guinness League of Excellence Award (GLoE) for the 4th consecutive time in a row for brewing the best Guinness in the world!

Congratulations and thank you for the hardwork and effort to bring the best of Guinness to my fellow Guinness drinkers and I! :D

Guinness Malaysia had won the award in close competition involving 50 international breweries, including the top breweries in the America, Asia Pacific, and Africa, for consistently delivering great looking, great tasting Guinness every time, everywhere..

*GAB Brewery at Sungei Way, PJ*

Brought Daphne along and we were introduced and explained on the key ingredients and steps being used to brew a good quality of Guinness..

Key ingredients included roasted and malted barley which provides the foundation for the flavour of the beer, finest female hops, purity and softness of water is prized, and the famous Guinness Yeast descended down from Arthur Guinness’s time..

Then we were treated with a brewery tour to have a look on their packaging, from preparing the bottles in line to filling up the bottles with beer and putting them in carton stacks..

It’s was quite an interesting tour considering brewery tour is not something common like any bread factory for highschoolers..And too bad photo-taking was not allowed so yeah, everything has to be discreet :P

*Cans lining up*

It was really an eye-opener..Then we were taught how to serve a glass of Guinness Draught from the tap..

They actually showed us how to pour the perfect pint on few steps and even how to drink the pint of Guinness with confidence and pride!

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San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Brewery is the largest beer producer in the Philippines..

I have tried the San Miguel Premium Beer when I was in Manila last year and it tasted pretty good..

Saw the San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen in a local convenient store nearby my uni and it is pretty cheap for it’s size..

A king can of 500ml costs less than RM7. Knowing it’s good stuff in the Philippines, I bought one to try..

It tasted a bit like Carlsberg, but it has a slight taste of citrus, very similar to the aroma of Hoegaarden..

Put it simply, it’s Carlsberg with the taste of Hoegaarden..I quite like it, and planning to buy a carton :D

Try out San Miguel if you have not..

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 @ Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC)

Tiger Beer presented the biggest Asian music festival ever that has happened in Malaysia..

On 30th April 2011, the Asian Music Festival 2011 was held at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC) and had pulled a strong 20,000 crowd to the event!

Thanks to GAB and G2, I was able to cover and enjoy the 12-hour concert standing right in front of the stage, standing very close to the artistes when they walked upfront the stage..

Long story short, let’s head to the main agenda of the day..

Local English band Rosevelt did the opening for Asian Music Festival 2011..Then Malaysian Will Ng came on stage for the second act..

I was right on time for 24 Herbs (Yah Sei Mei), the high-prolific rap group (after LMF) from Hong Kong was on stage to rock the house down..

*24 Herbs from Hong Kong*

24 Herbs gave a good performance with 6 songs, including Do or Die, Wonderland featuring ManHand, and ended with “Hu Ge”..

*Local Chinese rock band, dayDream*

dayDream was quite okay, performed 6 songs including covering 2 songs, one of MayDay’s and another Linkin Park’s “In The End”..

*Suki Low featuring Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau*

Suki Low made her appearance a moment to be remembered with a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework”..She has grown so much since the One In A Million and she can definitely go further..

She continued to do an unplugged cover of “Born This Way” (Lady Gaga) on the keyboard featuring beatboxer Shawn Lee and violinist Dennis Lau..

*Namcha from Thailand*

Next up was Namcha from Thailand..Although I hardly understood Thai except for “sawadee kap”, her performance was pretty energetic and the tune and rhythm of the songs were quite easy to blend in, fun-happy-go-lucky type..

I really had fun with her songs and eventually followed her on Twitter (@namcha_tea) right there and then :P

Lots of photos ahead! Get ready to load!

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STAR World Presents Lee DeWyze Live In Kuala Lumpur

American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze will be in Kuala Lumpur this coming 17th of May 2011 for a promo tour..

STAR World is proud to present another American Idol winner to fans in Malaysia so don’t miss this opportunity to watch him perform live in person on the 17th of May 2011 at Subang Parade (West End) at 4pm!

There will also be an autograph session for the public after his performance. So don’t forget to grab a copy of his new album, “Live It Up”..

*Image taken from Google Images*

Lee DeWyze will be here to promote his “Live It Up” album, in which he co-wrote all but one song on the album, has become the very first American Idol winner to have writing credit on a first single..

His first single of his debut album is “Sweet Serendipity” which is one of my current favourite, while his second single is “Beautiful Like You”..

Sony Music will give one lucky fan a chance of a lifetime to show Lee around town! Tune in to Mix FM from Monday, May 9th for a chance at being Lee’s personal tour guide to Kuala Lumpur together with fellow Mix FM DJs, JD & Dilly..

Be the first caller through during the cue to call and tell Mix FM how you will show Lee Dewyze around Kuala Lumpur in the most creative way possible..

All successful callers win 2 VIP passes to the autograph session as well as his latest album..

*Image taken from Google Images*

Shall I see you guys at Subang Parade? :D