St Patrick’s Day @ Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights [Non-Halal]

In conjunction with St Patrick’s Day, Sid’s Pub had the few of us over to their 4th branch outlet at Damansara Heights for a food review session, all thanks to G2, GAB, and of course Sid’s Pub..

Just a small group of Wilson, Peter, Daphne, and I, we were greeted by Frank, one of the person in-charge of Sid’s Pub..I’ve got to know Frank at the Bangsar South branch and he’s known to be pretty friendly and warm to his customers..

The new Sid’s Pub has been in operation since August 2010 and it’s around HERE in the Google Maps..

Without further ado, each one of us was served with a pint of Guinness to toast for St Patrick’s Day..

On a side note, Frank told us that GAB has notified them that Sid’s Pub is the highest selling restaurant/pub/bar for Guinness (on the tap) last year..

As you can see, the set up of the pub is pretty much the same like other Sid’s Pub outlets..The only difference is the arrangement of the tables and seats..

Let’s cut the crap and make way for the food, shall we?

*Blue Cheese Mushroom*

Our starter would be Blue Cheese Mushroom..

First time trying the blue cheese, I love it..I know it has lots of types and some people didn’t like the smell of blue cheese, the one served here is pretty good, IMHO..

The toast goes pretty well with the blue cheese..Dip the bread in the blue cheese with a bit of mushroom, it makes my tummy growling for a starter..

Nice cheesy Blue Cheese Mushroom at just RM14..

*Tuna Nicoise*

The Tuna Nicoise can be quite appetizing due to its sourness and the tuna is pretty fresh and well complement the salad..

It’s a bit too sour for my liking but I reckon salad lovers would pretty much like it..

This Tuna Nicoise is quite a good catch at RM14..

*Pigs in Blankets*

Next off we have Pigs in Blankets, literally pork sausages wrapped with bacon strips..

I love this one very much, the sausage is very soft and tender..It goes very well with a pint of Guinness and a great snack for a football match..

The pork sausages with bacon is RM16 for one serving..I say it’s a pretty good deal :D

*Sid’s “Ben Nevis” Burger*

The Sid’s “Ben Nevis” Burger, consists of 2 pork patties with a slice of ham, an egg, lettuce, and melted cheese all over..

The pork patties are quite juicy and it’s good to eat it just like that without any sauce..It can be quite a mouthful, so cut it off from top bun to bottom and enjoy every bits of it..

Frank did mentioned about an eating contest with the use of Sid’s “Ben Nevis” Burger..You might want to check out the availability of the contest and of course the rules and all..

As most friends knew I’m quite a big eater, I think I would have a bit of problem to down 3 of this burger..It’s quite a challenge..

The Sid’s “Ben Nevis” Burger is selling at good RM28..

*Greasy Caff All Day Breakfast*

If you feel a lil’ bit English one day, you can try out their Greasy Caff All Day Breakfast..

It’s pretty much an English breakfast with toast, a fried sunny side up, hams, fries, sausages, and red beans..It’s all for RM28..

*Cod and Chips*

The cod fish is crispy fried on the outside and juicy on the inside..The cod is pretty succulent and with drips of lemon and dips on the tartar sauce, I can finish it in no time!

Priced at RM32, it’s pretty much a standard price for cod fish and did I say it’s succulent? :P

*Shepherd’s Pie*

The Shepherd’s Pie has good slices of potato to go with the beef filling underneath..This RM24 pie can be quite filling, bad pun intended..

After all the heavy duty of main course and meats, desserts are served not long after that..

*Fudge Brownies*

The Fudge Brownies is served with vanilla ice-cream..No one can resist this even after all the heavy duty..Your RM12 would be well spent..

*Bread and Butter Pudding*

The Bread and Butter Pudding has some raisins as the topping and the butter pudding is quite savory..I would say all of the edible liquid form of food here is quite nice to dipped with bread..

A good RM10 dessert should put a closing to the meal and diners shall proceed to sit back and enjoy their pints of Guinness..

In conjunction with St Patrick’s Day, Sid’s Pub will be having All Day Happy Hour for Guinness, Kilkenny, and Strongbow..

On a side note, do head to Sid’s Pub at Bukit Tunku on 20th March 2011 for some carnival of sort to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day with Guinness..Party starts at 1pm to make sure everyone has enough of Guinness to start off the week :P

Sid’s Pub has been quite a popular hangout place for football fans especially during the World Cup 2010..

I was there for few matches and it’s jam-packed like sardines! Good place for people of different races, different culture, different circle of friends, but for one objective, that is to enjoy a pint of chilling Guinness..

Once again thanks to Frank for having us that night and I shall head to Sid’s for a few pints soon..Anyone’s up for it? :D

P/S – I heard there might be another branch coming up somewhere in KL..Stay tune and keep close for more updates :)

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