Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Is Coming To KL

The luxurious Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is hitting Kuala Lumpur on 9th of April 2011 at an undisclosed venue because it’s so exclusive that I’m not told about the venue yet, maybe until the passes are given to me, that is..

I was pretty upset because I’ve missed out the highly anticipated one in Singapore as Johnnie Walker is one of my favourite brands and for it to be involved with Formula One, a stylish a sophisticated sport, it’s definitely one of the many reasons that my friends would say, “Wish you were here”..

I wish to be there at the Black Circuit Lounge party because Johnnie Walker, the world’s leading Scotch whisky has partnered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes because they both shared the same values of innovation, winning, and leadership..

I need the vibe as much as I could because I’m on the verge to create something exciting and interesting with my bunch of partners to revolunitize the social world..

Last but not least, Johnnie Walker has a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows me to experience the lifestyle of Formula One..

Like I said, I’ve missed out on the highly anticipated one in Singapore, I definitely want to go for the Kuala Lumpur installment of Black Circuit Lounge party!

Who knows I might be able to meet Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton at the party..

*Jenson Button (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)*

I’m so pumped up so this VVIP party..Are you ready for it?

Check out Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook Fanpage and maybe you would get lucky and win some passes to this money-can’t-buy VVIP party..

Let’s see what Lewis Hamilton has to say about the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge..


Party people, party responsibly and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE~!!!

Tiger Beer Presents The Biggest Asian Music Festival In Malaysia

Tiger Beer is proud to bring us the BIGGEST Asian Music Festival right here in Malaysia, featuring non-stop performances for a marathon of 10-hours long of musical bliss, going to happen at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Sri Kembangan on 30th April 2011..

There will be massive performances by great line-ups of artistes from both international and local music scenes belting out their best numbers; such as Se7en from Korea, Edison Chen and FAMA (?? – Nongfu) from Hong Kong, Taiwanese artistes Jing Chang and Tiger Huang, Bibi from China, Olivia Ong from Singapore, Namcha from Thailand and lastly, our very own Suki and dayDream from Malaysia, just to name a few..

*Edison Chen from Hong Kong*

Three emcees, Paisley Wu from Hong Kong, and Astro MY FM deejays Mei Yan and Jeff Chin will further amplify the atmosphere by keeping fans entertained throughout the night..

*Olivia Ong (L) from Singapore and Namcha (R) from Thailand*

Refreshing ice-cold Tiger beers which will be served throughout the event is definitely the best beverage that always goes well with such rip-roaring music event..

*FAMA from Hong Kong*

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St Patrick’s Day @ Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights [Non-Halal]

In conjunction with St Patrick’s Day, Sid’s Pub had the few of us over to their 4th branch outlet at Damansara Heights for a food review session, all thanks to G2, GAB, and of course Sid’s Pub..

Just a small group of Wilson, Peter, Daphne, and I, we were greeted by Frank, one of the person in-charge of Sid’s Pub..I’ve got to know Frank at the Bangsar South branch and he’s known to be pretty friendly and warm to his customers..

The new Sid’s Pub has been in operation since August 2010 and it’s around HERE in the Google Maps..

Without further ado, each one of us was served with a pint of Guinness to toast for St Patrick’s Day..

On a side note, Frank told us that GAB has notified them that Sid’s Pub is the highest selling restaurant/pub/bar for Guinness (on the tap) last year..

As you can see, the set up of the pub is pretty much the same like other Sid’s Pub outlets..The only difference is the arrangement of the tables and seats..

Let’s cut the crap and make way for the food, shall we?

*Blue Cheese Mushroom*

Our starter would be Blue Cheese Mushroom..

First time trying the blue cheese, I love it..I know it has lots of types and some people didn’t like the smell of blue cheese, the one served here is pretty good, IMHO..

The toast goes pretty well with the blue cheese..Dip the bread in the blue cheese with a bit of mushroom, it makes my tummy growling for a starter..

Nice cheesy Blue Cheese Mushroom at just RM14..

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UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour 2011 @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

The most prestigious trophy of football in the club level, the UEFA Champions League trophy made a pit stop in Malaysia in its Trophy Tour 2011..

The last time the trophy made a visit to Malaysia was 4-years ago and so it’s said that the trophy will not be coming to our shore for the next 4-years, at least!

So I made a visit to Sunway Pyramid to catch a glimpse of the trophy and boy, it was crowded!

*The stage*

Numbers of people queued up to have a photo with the trophy, all donned in their favourite team’s jersey..

The Trophy Tour event was further brightened up with the presence of Joey G as the emcee throughout the event..

*Arsenal fan with the trophy*

Sunway Pyramid was the trophy’s first stop before heading to Gurney Plaza (Penang) on 5th and 6th March 2011..

Then the trophy will be making a comeback in Kuala Lumpur in Centre Court, Pavilion KL on 11th and 12th March 2011..

As this event is brought to you by Heineken, queue up to take a polaroid photo of you with the trophy, buy a bottle of Heineken beer that comes together with a coaster, and you are entitle to join a contest to win a trip to Wembley Stadium..


Other than showcasing the Champions League Trophy, Heineken also brought us some memorabilia from previous matches, from the balls to jerseys and goalkeeper hand gloves being worn by certain players during a Champions League match..

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Adjustment Bureau – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s weird that the few people I’ve talked to before the movie, they have no idea what movie is this, despite the numerous times of the trailer being shown in cinema..

When I tell them it’s the trailer of Matt Damon holding a girl’s hand (Emily Blunt) running around trying to escape from pursuers..

Then they go “Ooooohhh”..

That’s right, Adjustment Bureau is some kinda romance-thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, is loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s short story of “Adjustment Team”..

I saw the newspaper ads for this movie, it says, ‘Bourne Meets Inception’..I thought this movie should be a mind-blowing one..

Thanks to UIP for the pair of tickets again, and of course thanks to Kel Li for giving he tickets to Daphne and I :D

So the tagline ‘Bourne Meets Inception’ did give me a little bit of idea what to expect of the movie..

David Norris (Matt Damon), a young candidate running for the US Senate, meets highs and lows during the election and eventually loses out to the other candidate..

During his low time, he met Elise (Emily Blunt) and eventually they fell in love at first sight of some sort..

At this point of time, a group of people called the Adjustment Bureau appeared and they don’t seemed to belong to this world..

As the name of the organization suggests, it’s a bureau in-charge of adjusting people’s life to make them run as according to the bureau’s chairman’s plan..

The reason David Norris is in their plan because he could turned out to be someone very influential and powerful in the future and meeting up with Elise could ruined the plan..

So the bureau is trying their best to stop David and Elise meeting each other..

The plot continues from there and that how you got the movie trailer where David and Elise holding hands running around the city trying to escape from the bureau..

I would say the story is pretty interesting and yes, there is a slight similarity to Inception but of course not as mind-blowing as it is..

Given the plan from the bureau and also ‘chances’, it definitely shows that one has a lot to consider for the best of the future and at the same time, it may be something that you can consider much because everything is already planned by the ‘authorities’..

All in all, I would rate it at 8/10 for its great concept of the ‘adjustment bureau’..I could have given higher rating if not due to its sloppy ending..

Here’s the trailer of Adjustment Bureau..


Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Formula One come and go like a gust of wind, heavy news headlines of strong contenders every new season and winners are no longer the usual suspects of the red colour, if you get what I mean ;)

Formula One (F1) was almost as boring as attending a History class when Mika Hakkinen retired from F1, until 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button joined McLaren Mercedes in 2010 and teamed up with the youngest world champion so far, Lewis Hamilton..

Check out the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calender..

*McLaren Mercedes team mates – Jenson Button (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)*

Johnnie Walker, the World’s number one Scotch whisky, which is one of my favourites, and global partner for Formula One team McLaren Mercedes, once again will be bringing Malaysians the ultimate VVIP after-race party experience to Kuala Lumpur, the Black Circuit Lounge..

*Step Inside The – Black Circuit Lounge*

This highly anticipated event is an inside-look at the glamorous lifestyle of global racing that Johnnie Walker has privileged access to and of course to bring that experience to normal citizens like me :D

On Saturday April 9th 2011, Johnnie Walker will once again organizing the Black Circuit Lounge, an official race party of the Malaysian Grand Prix and host the crème de la crème of Malaysian society where party-goers will be treated to V-VIP privileges and a high-flying lifestyle by the likes of McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and of course other drivers..

I’ve been to a few small-scale Black Circuit events few years back but I bet those are definitely not anything like this Black Circuit Lounge which I think any party-goer would die for it, just saying..

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