Wheels Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue Shopping Mall

Just the week before CNY, a group of us went to Wheels Roller Skating at Subang Avenue Shopping Mall..

Wheels Roller Skating Centre is a newly opened funky disco-themed skating rink ala 70′s disco style..

For those who’s not from Subang, just like me, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall isĀ  just beside Carrefour, the one next to Subang Parade..

It’s on 4th Floor, take the lift and go up straight to the skating centre..

Initially I made a mistake, thinking it’s an ice-skating rink but it turned out to be roller skates and in-line skates..

The price are pretty reasonable..

If only I’m residing in Subang or Sunway area, I would have purchased the monthly entry..It looks pretty reasonable if compared to the daily package..

But of course it will only worth it if one decided to skate every week and all..

Else the daily entrance fees are pretty good too..

If you want to save more, head over to Hahah.com.my to purchase the e-voucher worth RM25, which only costs you RM12! You save up RM13 for the daily skatings!

Just pay for the entrance fees, you can rent a pair of roller skates or blades for FREE! But make sure you remember to bring your own socks because that’s not for free..

For a start, I chose the roller blades because I thought it’s easier to balance as compared to the roller skates since I know how to ice-skate and it’s been 20-years since I last played roller skates..

But the blades here is a bit unusual because the brakes are at the front instead of the usual back-brakes..So I changed to roller skates, easier to handle..

Oh I haven’t not introduced their in-house rollers yet..Both their skates and blades have blinking LED lights installed underneath the shoes and the purpose is to blend in together with the skating centre’s ambient..

Flashy spotlights are everywhere in the skating rink..There are 2 platforms for intermediate skaters to show off their skills..

I’ve tried one, failed miserably..

Laser beams everywhere, pop and hit music in the background, definitely a fun place to hang out with a bunch of friends or a place for you to teach your loved one if he/she doesn’t know how to skate..

Talk about that, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, bring your loved one here, do some exercise and have fun with each other with some hit songs playing on the amplifier instead of hitting the club too often. :D

IMHO, coming here with a bunch of friends would be more happening and fun..At least you have someone to race with, you have more people to show off to, etc etc.. :P

Here’s a video of me skating around the rink and you can see the spotlights and laser beams flashing about the centre..



22 thoughts on “Wheels Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue Shopping Mall

  1. KY >> can gua..something like bowling i guess..can bring own shoes and rent shoes but then your own skates got no LEDs..not nice :P

  2. mia >> can, why not?
    elyn >> i’m not too sure about this but if you bring your own skates then you wont have blinking lights when you skating around :P

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  4. heyy… I plan to rent this place for the whole day.. for a party of 30 people… Is it allowed?? and if it is allowed.. How much will it cost???

  5. Good Morning everyone, Salam 1Malaysia,

    can anyone tell me where to buy roller skates for 7-8 old kids? I will be in KL (at Hotel Istana for the next 5 days) number is 0198441727.. still in Spore waiting to board the plane in 1 hr.. Thanks

  6. Hello there,
    We wanted to do a Disco Roller skates Event in our school. Is there’s a chance that we can rents your rollerskates. If yes, how much each pair? Our school is near in KLCC.

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