Maroon 5 Live In KL Roadshow & Promotions with Maxis & HTC

You would probably already knew that Maroon 5 is coming to Kuala Lumpur for a concert on 29th April 2011 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil..

But did you know that Maxis is actually giving away FREE tickets to the lucky ones and tickets at discounted price if you are ‘unlucky’..

*Taken from Maxis website*

In conjunction with the promotions of HTC phones, Maxis is having a roadshow event at Fahrenheit 88 (formerly KL Plaza) on 18th-20th February 2011..

If you have ever thought of getting a new phone, it’s time for you to act and make the move and HTC is definitely another option for you..

*Taken from Maxis website*

First 500 customers to purchase any of the following HTC Devices – HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart or HTC Desire Z with ANY Value Plus Plan + 3GB Data Plan x 24 months contract at the roadshow will get a pair of FREE tickets worth RM255 each..

Who would want to miss such great deal to catch Maroon 5 live in Kuala Lumpur for free?? I bet I wouldn’t want to but I don’t need a new phone :(

If you have missed out on the roadshow due to tight schedule, it’s fine because Maxis is throwing in another surprise for HTC lovers and of course Maroon 5 fans..

*Taken from Maxis website*

Just enter any Maxis Centre, purchase any of the HTC phone above with any value plus plan and sign up for a data plan of 3GB x 24 months contract and you will get a 30% Maroon 5 concert ticket discount voucher, valid at all authorized Ticketpro outlets..

The Maxis Centre Promotion is only valid in Peninsula Malaysia, from 18th February til 15th April 2011..

Well if you don’t feel like purchasing any phone right now, it’s fine, because Maxis is throwing in another offer, just for Maroon 5 fans..

If you are a current Maxis customer, you can enjoy a discount on Maroon 5 tickets by showing the ‘My Maxis’ logo on your mobile screen (the one beside your network reception bar) at authorized Ticketpro outlets..

The discounts :-

10% between 18 February and 18 March 2011 and,

5% between 19 March and 18 April 2011

Click HERE to go to Maxis website to check out the details and terms and conditions if you have any doubt..

What are you waiting for? Head over to Maxis Roadshow at Fahrenheit 88 this weekend or any Maxis Centre and enjoy the privilege of being a Maxis customer!

No Strings Attached – Non Spoiler Review

As much as some people wants to be involved in a no-commitment relationship, it’s not as easy as you think..

No Strings Attached is quite the “slice of life” kinda movie that reflects some people around you, even in Malaysia! Well I speak from experience :P

Thanks to UIP, Daphne and I had heaps of good laughs watching this movie..

*Taken from Wikipedia*

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher is no stranger to movie-goers in the romance-comedy genre and this time he’s teamed up with Natalie Portman, his love interest in the movie..

The movie tells a story about long-time friends Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) bumping into each other few times on the street..

The story starts to kick in when Adam tries to find any random girl just to sleep with, and it happened to be Emma..

As suggested by the movie title, they want to keep it as no stings attached, casual sex with falling in love into each other..

*Taken from Google Images*

“Drama” goes on and on and it got me thinking how many casual sex would last long without love feeling involved..

The movie also starring Kevin Kline as Ashton Kutcher’s dad and Ludacris as one of Ashton’s buddies..

Overall, I like the movie very much..Maybe I’m the type of person who likes chick flick as much as I like action and drama movies..

Watch it with your loved one or your love interest, which I hope it would turned out to be good after you watch this movie with him/her :D

I’m rating it 8/10 for the good laughs that I had..I think it’s been some time since I last watched romance-comedy in cinema..

Here’s the trailer..“I’m warning you, if you take one step closer, I’ll never let you go..”..


Wheels Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue Shopping Mall

Just the week before CNY, a group of us went to Wheels Roller Skating at Subang Avenue Shopping Mall..

Wheels Roller Skating Centre is a newly opened funky disco-themed skating rink ala 70′s disco style..

For those who’s not from Subang, just like me, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall isĀ  just beside Carrefour, the one next to Subang Parade..

It’s on 4th Floor, take the lift and go up straight to the skating centre..

Initially I made a mistake, thinking it’s an ice-skating rink but it turned out to be roller skates and in-line skates..

The price are pretty reasonable..

If only I’m residing in Subang or Sunway area, I would have purchased the monthly entry..It looks pretty reasonable if compared to the daily package..

But of course it will only worth it if one decided to skate every week and all..

Else the daily entrance fees are pretty good too..

If you want to save more, head over to to purchase the e-voucher worth RM25, which only costs you RM12! You save up RM13 for the daily skatings!

Just pay for the entrance fees, you can rent a pair of roller skates or blades for FREE! But make sure you remember to bring your own socks because that’s not for free..

For a start, I chose the roller blades because I thought it’s easier to balance as compared to the roller skates since I know how to ice-skate and it’s been 20-years since I last played roller skates..

But the blades here is a bit unusual because the brakes are at the front instead of the usual back-brakes..So I changed to roller skates, easier to handle..

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Thieves Start It Young On CNY Day 1

DISCLAIMER : The following is just my point of view of a normal Malaysian, and not from my race as a whole..There is not even a single racism sentiment and it’s all based on assumptions on why such situation/incident is happening..

Today, 3rd February 2011, Day One of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011..I looked out from a house balcony and I saw an incident, which I think it’s pretty much an eyesore, at least it is to me..

Look at the pic and take a wild guess..

I bet you don’t see any irregularity in this pic and the sky was pretty blue and clear, how is that an eyesore?

Now, take a closer look..

A group of kids together with 2 ladies on their bike were taking away bags of goods from the Charity Recycle Box in Taman Kobena, Cheras..

Well obviously the “recycle box” is locked on the outside, but the kids are small enough to climb through the “entrance window”..

These kids actually ran through the bags in the box, threw them out, and started to scavenge the goodies, and the 2 ladies joined the fun by stealing taking away their chosen goods too..

*Other kids are hiding*

At one point, 2 policemen (actually 1 male and 1 female) were on their bike patrolling the housing area..Good job I must say, but they didn’t even bother to warn the kids and just let them continue do what they were doing..

The kids actually ran and hid when they saw the policemen coming their way..So I guess in their right mind, they actually knew or thought that what they were doing is somewhat wrong, or else they wouldn’t have hid..

If you ask me, I would say these kids are a bunch of future-to-be thieves..

Now they are looking for goods in the Charity Recycle Box, who knows next time they may move on to roadside snatching and/or daylight burglary..

I know some of you would actually question my stand or am I dumb to even say they are actually stealing from the Charity Recycle Box..

Yes, it’s somewhat a known fact that people actually donated stuff that they didn’t want anymore..In another words it’s called used goods..

So are you saying that there is not a single good Samaritan who actually donates new goods to the people who are in need?

Think about this situation, let’s just assume that some goods in the box are new and most of it are used stuff..They are for the people who needs them..

So by assuming these kids are from poor family, just because they resorted to take things from the recycle box, so it does make sense they really need those goods..So they are not fault if they take the goods..

If that’s so, is there any difference if I were to say that you actually agree to robbery or snatch theft or burglary, only if the robber or thief is poor?

Some may even argue that they are still young and naive..They need proper guidance and all..

Regardless of their age, stealing is still stealing..You stole a pen, it’s stealing..You stole a shirt, it’s stealing..You stole few thousands of ringgit from whoever it is, it’s STILL stealing..

This Mercedes actually stopped for a while to have a look..

My initial guess was the driver or people in it actually thought of donating some of their goods to the people in need..But once they saw the kids and few construction workers scavenging the bags, they drove away..

Who wants to put their goods in when they know their donations will NOT reach those who really needs them??!

Well if “stealing” things from the recycle box is not bad enough, the kids actually kicked and stomped on the goods that they didn’t take..

Meaning, there’s really nothing left for the people who really needs them..

Okay, some might also argue that the goods are meant to be given away so what’s wrong with them taking the loots away?

Let me ask you, if your sandals or shoes that you placed outside your house, would you be angry if they were stolen? The poor or in this case, the kids could’ve thought you actually don’t want the shoes already..

If you want them, you would’ve placed them inside your house, not outside..Does that make sense? Of course it’s not you dumbass! Stop being a hypocrite!

If your parcel doesn’t reach the recipient say, via Poslaju, you could’ve sworn and cursed that Poslaju is doing a bad job and all..

But if your donations didn’t reach the organisation who was suppose to handle all the goods because these kids were looting away the goods, you might not blame the kids..

There you go, hypocrisy..

The kids left with a smiley face and the construction workers had to clean the mess, while looking for stuff that they can use..

Talk about proper guidance, now I remember it’s not properly taught in schools..

The Moral subject only teaches you to be helpful, hardworking, be polite, be loyal, etc etc..From what I remember, they didn’t say that stealing is actually wrong..

They only teach you the good things, but didn’t say what’s wrong and what’s bad..

After such long story, my point is that these kids are very wrong and I’m utterly saddened when the adults actually joined them to search for the goods..

The adults know it’s wrong and they should have warned them instead of join-in the party..

What have the society come about? The Government still think the rakyat are able to cope with the expensive livings? Get real people..

It’s a fucking eyesore for me on CNY Day One..