Summary of 2010..Hello 2011

First and foremost, good bye 2010..Hello 2011! :D

Well I don’t usually do a year-end-summary blog post but 2010 has been pretty decent to me so I guess it’s good that I summarize my 2010, just for the record..

Mind you, my summary is not something you could read from my previous posts because I’ve missed out a lot of things, as in blog posts..

So the content is a mixture of something new (never posted in blog before) and something old (posted in blog)..

Warning – It’s quite a long post with quite an amount of photos..Enjoy if you are reading..Happy new year and all the best if you are not reading it..LOL..

January 2010

- It’s also the time where most friends trying to adapt themselves with my new short hair look (HERE)..I have to cut it due to my internship, not like a permanent job where most people have mistaken..

- Organized a Form 6 reunion dinner and I’ve relived my F6 Council President status for a night..LOL..More photos HERE..

- Malaysian Information, Communications, and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has caused an uproar among Twitter users and the twitter-attack on him has launched, with the hashtag of #yorais ..HERE is the FULL Transcript of #yorais..

It even made it into the Global Top 3 Trending Topic in Twitter with ’2010 Haiti Earthquake’ and ‘Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury’..

February 2010

- Went to American Idol Kris Allen Showcase in Gardens..

- This is the month where I got my first Blackberry review unit, a BB Curve..

- Celebrated CNY at Ren’s Crib..

*Lou sang*

Hikaru and I also created an awesome trick, without editing!


March 2010

Nothing especially interesting happened so we’ll skip it..

April 2010

- Went to Stereophonics Live In KL Gig with Dillon thanks to a pair of tix from Ginny..

- Caused a massive ‘Epic Plurk’ regarding someone and it reached more than 1,500 responses, out of the average 20-50 responses I’ve got on normal plurks and about 100-200 responses on a very interesting or active plurks..

May 2010

Met up with few Plurkers and got to meet the awesomely ‘doctor by day, singer by night’, Kelly Siew, hails from Kuching but residing in Aussie..

*We were having booze at Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South*

June 2010

- South Africa World Cup 2010 started..Watched at least 1/4 of all of the matches..

- Got to meet up with Daphne :P

July 2010

- Went to Jonker Walk, Malacca with family, a first family road trip..

*Queuing up for Chicken Rice ball*

- Went to MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon with Daphne..

- South Africa World Cup 2010 ended with the Spanish team becoming the world champion, going against Holland in the Finals..

- Been busy day and night rushing for my uni projects..

August 2010

- Went to i-City at Shah Alam with Daphne..(HERE)

- Completed my uni projects, an IR Signal Receiver and a Digital Piano..

*IR Signal Receiver*

*Digital Piano*

I’m sorry but don’t mind bout the design coz I failed at designing stuff..

- Finished my exam and on the way for a 4-months holiday..

September 2010

- Starting of my 4-months holiday..Wanted to find a job that relates to my study but I was bitten by the lazy bug :P

- Maxis launched iPhone4 at Gardens..(HERE)

- Went up to Broga Hill with kaki St Gab and it’s also the day we started..More photos HERE..

- Exam results were announced and for the first time in my uni days I’ve passed all of my subjects, 5 subjects that is..As pathetic as it sounds but it’s a good start to my full final year in Engineering..

Hope 2011 is the last year I’ll be attending classes..I want to go on stage and receive my scroll of graduation!

- Image makeover with Ana Consultancy at TANGS, Pavillion..(HERE)

- Attended the wedding of Wilson and Rachel and was a part of his Buddies team (heng dai)..More photos HERE, HERE, and HERE..

*Wrestler masks imported from US*

October 2010

- Research In Motion (RIM) launched the newest Blackberry Torch 9800 in Westin Hotel..(HERE)

*Maxis10 Blackberry Torch reviewers*

- Went to Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour at Bukit Jalil..(HERE)

- Went to Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur a week after that..(HERE)

- 2 weeks of review of the new Blackberry Torch 9800 courtesy of Maxis10 Programme..(HERE)

- Another round of Hennessy Artistry at The Mines Convention Centre, featuring Da Mouth, Kardinal Offishall, and Mizz Nina..More photos HERE..

- Went to Singapore’s world class resort Marina Bay Sands Resort which I’ve yet to blog about..

*Taken from Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark*

November 2010

- Received my third Nuffnang cheque..(HERE)

- Japan’s street brand of apparel Uniqlo (pronounced u-ni-ku-ro) opened its first outlet in Malaysia..(HERE and HERE)

- Traveled to Kota Kinabalu as a new MAS’ Eastern Hub on the newly acquired Boeing 737-800..

- The yellowest birthday party I’ve ever attended..

- Got back my beloved car from a month-long full makeover..(HERE)

- Raven Chai and Daniel Chik’s wedding..A good friend from Form 6 times..More photos HERE..

December 2010

- Went to Manila for a FAM Trip..It was fun! (HERE)

*Rizal Park (National Park) in Manila*

- Celebrated Daphne’s birthday with a blast!

*Celebrated at Kissaten with her jimuis, and another session at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie, and Alexis*

- Celebrated NYE 2010 at Vivien’s house doing BBQ..

That’s all for my not-so-interesting summary of my 2010..

All in all, it’s been a great year for me as I’ve found new pathway, new goals to achieve, and of course new love to take care of..

I’ll definitely strive for the better in 2011! Happy new year and wish you all the best too!

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