Homecoming – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s the time of the year again and lots of Chinese New Year (CNY) themed movies are showing on screen now and/or soon..

If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I don’t usually watch Chinese movie in the cinema, what’s more a Singapore or local production..

But this time, many thanks to UIP for the pair of tix to Homecoming ‘gala premiere’ where Daphne, Joshua, Nigel, Kel Li, Bryan, and I watched together with the casts, namely Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Rebecca Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, and Koe Yeet..

*Taken from Google Images*

The movie plot sets on 1-2 days before CNY where all of the characters try to rush home for reunion dinner in the spirit of balik kampung..Hence the title Homecoming..

Mark Lee plays a famous chef and his dialogues are all very punny and funny when he mixes Cantonese and Mandarin..Koe Yeet plays as Mark Lee’s daughter..

Jack Neo is cross-dressing as a housewife, Karen Neo, and Ah Niu plays as her son..

The story focuses on Mark Lee who can’t have reunion dinner with his daughter, Jack Neo and the son Ah Niu rushing to KL to have a reunion party with the family, and newly-wed couple Huang Wenhong and Rebecca Lim realize the importance of reunion dinner with the family..

The angle changes from time to time among the 3 events but overall it’s actually inter-connected in a way or another..

All I can say is that if you know me well you would know I can hardly speak Mandarin and sometimes understanding it..

This movie primarily conversed in Mandarin with a little of Cantonese, English and also Malay..With my little understanding of Mandarin and with the help of subtitles, I actually laughed throughout the movie, no kidding!

The jokes are mostly from Mark Lee’s puns, Ah Niu’s character as a rebellious son, Jack Neo’s character of a typical Chinese mother/housewife, and a some very subtle jokes about current events about the actors/actresses..

*L>R – Huang Wenhong, Ah Niu, Jack Neo, Mark Lee..Image taken from Google Images*

If you know local news very well then you would most likely be able to catch the jokes..

Afdlin Shauki actually played quite a role in this movie as a taxi driver and at some point I think his acting is much natural for his character as compared to other local productions..

IMHO, the movie have a very obvious message to the viewers regarding the importance of reunion dinner and family ties..

I actually teared at some scenes, which I think I could somewhat relate myself in that situation..

As compared to lots of modern Hong Kong CNY movies which are quite silly, I think this movie fared pretty well and we could relate ourselves in the balik kampung spirit..

I would give the movie a FANTABULOUS 8/10 for its jokes and puns, and some touching moments..

P/S – Don’t ask me if Homecoming is better than the other local CNY movie or the other way round..I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually watch Singapore or local productions so I can honestly tell you this is the first Chinese movie of Singapore or local production that I’ve watched, and I love it!

Here’s the trailer for the movie Homecoming, directed by Lee Thean-jeen..

Happy Rabbit Year to everyone who is celebrating CNY directly or indirectly due to the public holidays..Hehehe..


GAB Chinese New Year Campaign Launch @ Grand Palace, Pavilion

On 10th January 2011, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) launched its 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, Celebrate Together With The Best..

It was a rainy day and glad it stopped in time because GAB had prepared a stunning grand performance consisting of 9 Dragons and 99 Drums outside of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur..

*The awesome crowd*

The event was hosted by Angel Wong aka Chui Ling and Goh Wee Ping (correct me if I’m wrong)..

It was a stunning performance by a group of children from various acrobatic schools..

*The 99 Drums*

The 99 drummers whom I think were mostly primary school kids..It was a great effort from their hard work and practices..

*2 of the 9 Dragons*

The 9 Dragons were too pretty impressive, whom I think are slightly elder, maybe in the age of lower secondary..

*Acrobatic stunt*

Thinking that Malaysia has some world-class winning Lion Dance troupes, it’s not surprising to see these kids performing such stunts in front of the large crowd..

Consumers can look forward to GAB’s special promotions of the availability of a 26-can special festive pack of Tiger, Guinness and Heineken at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide..

After the big-scale performances and inaugural launch of the GAB 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, we proceeded to Grand Palace Restaurant in Pavilion..

*GAB VIPs lou sang*

Newly appointed Marketing Director of GAB, Ms Yap Swee Leng, gave an opening speech , she said, “Chinese New Year trends may come and go, but the tradition of reunion and gathering amongst families and friends is still the most important custom for Chinese during this festive season.”

GAB VIPs gathered for a lou sang session to kick start the CNY dinner of the night..

More yum seng and food session..My first lou sang session of the year :D

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Goldfrapp – Rocket

Goldfrapp is an English electronic music duo consists of Alison Goldfrapp (vocal/synthesizer) and Will Gregory (synthesizer)..

They were formed in 1999 but only gained international success in 2005 with their third album, Supernature..

Goldfrapp has been changing its musical style from time to time and is now more incorporated as an electronic music band..

That being said, Goldfrapp has made themselves quite a name as a dance band..So don’t be surprised if you heard any in the clubs or discos..

“Rocket” is the first single from its fifth album, Head First (2010)..This song has a heavy influence of 80′s music and culture..

IMO, it’s a very nice song with a soothing and joyous rhythm to it that will makes you move your body and lip-syncing the lyrics..

It’s something that may even bring the younger generations explore more into the 80′s music..

Here’s the lyrics and music video for “Rocket” by Goldfrapp..


Goldfrapp – Rocket

starting something, thought it could be fun
i started something, couldn’t go wrong

danger, heartache, i’d always knew
there’s no winner, in this game you lose

but i still wanna know how she got in the door uninvited

oo-ooh i got a rocket
oo-ooh you’re going on it
oo-ooh you’re never coming back

this is secrets, stories unfold
flow by pleasure, losing control

danger, heartache, something has died
no good pretending, i’m leaving this time

but i still wanna know how she got in the door uninvited

oo-ooh i got a rocket
oo-ooh you’re going on it
oo-ooh you’re never coming back

oo-ooh i got a rocket
oo-ooh you’re going on it
[- From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/g/goldfrapp-lyrics/rocket-lyrics.html -]
oo-ooh you’re never coming back

you’re never coming back
you’re never coming back again no no
you’re going out on your own

you’re never coming back
you’re never coming back again oh no
you’re going out on your own

oo-ooh i got a rocket
oo-ooh you’re going on it
oo-ooh you’re never coming back

oo-ooh i got a rocket
oo-ooh you’re going on it
oo-ooh you’re never coming back
(you’re never coming back)

we have lift off

Paranormal Activity 2 – Non-Spoiler Review

The time is back..After slightly a year after Paranormal Activity is shown around end of 2009, the much anticipated Paranormal Activity 2 finally has reached Malaysian shore..Thanks to UIP that I can watch it beforehand again :D

If you have watched Paranormal Activity 1 (PA1), you may say that it’s a boring movie that you almost fell asleep and all..But for me, PA1 is something very fresh and I know the plot is moving very slow but the effect is all it counts..

The movie itself is not that scary at all but the after-effect is simply terrifying..I who usually watch horrors like normal movies, if not like comedies, too felt the after-effect has gotten me a bit..

If you have not watched PA1, don’t worry because it doesn’t really mater as Paranormal Activity 2 (PA2) is actually a prequel of PA1..

The family in PA2 is related to the family in PA1 and PA2 gives you a better picture of what was happening in PA1 and why does it happened..

PA1 seems a bit hanging here and there and left you clueless back then as why Katie was possessed..Was it just because the house was haunted or was it something from the past..

This prequel definitely tells a lot and I would say it’s much more interesting and horrifying than PA1..

Whenever I watch horrors, I usually predict the next scene that would make the girls scream so it’s not that horrifying when one can predict the next move..

But in PA2, I can hardly predict the next scene and it caught me by surprise..

All in all, I would rate Paranormal Activity 2 for a horrifying 8/10 for its prequel story prior to PA1 and lots of surprises that got me scared..

For those who thought PA1 was boring, you might not think the same for PA2..From a psychology point of view, I would say for a person to say it’s boring is a way to neutralize or control the fear in them :)

Owh, expect quite a surprise ending too..It got me think about karma for a while..

Watch the official trailer..Not for the weak-heart..Lower down your volume..You have been warned..


Summary of 2010..Hello 2011

First and foremost, good bye 2010..Hello 2011! :D

Well I don’t usually do a year-end-summary blog post but 2010 has been pretty decent to me so I guess it’s good that I summarize my 2010, just for the record..

Mind you, my summary is not something you could read from my previous posts because I’ve missed out a lot of things, as in blog posts..

So the content is a mixture of something new (never posted in blog before) and something old (posted in blog)..

Warning – It’s quite a long post with quite an amount of photos..Enjoy if you are reading..Happy new year and all the best if you are not reading it..LOL..

January 2010

- It’s also the time where most friends trying to adapt themselves with my new short hair look (HERE)..I have to cut it due to my internship, not like a permanent job where most people have mistaken..

- Organized a Form 6 reunion dinner and I’ve relived my F6 Council President status for a night..LOL..More photos HERE..

- Malaysian Information, Communications, and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has caused an uproar among Twitter users and the twitter-attack on him has launched, with the hashtag of #yorais ..HERE is the FULL Transcript of #yorais..

It even made it into the Global Top 3 Trending Topic in Twitter with ’2010 Haiti Earthquake’ and ‘Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury’..

February 2010

- Went to American Idol Kris Allen Showcase in Gardens..

- This is the month where I got my first Blackberry review unit, a BB Curve..

- Celebrated CNY at Ren’s Crib..

*Lou sang*

Hikaru and I also created an awesome trick, without editing!


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