Daniel And Raven’s Wedding Morning Ceremony

First of all, congratulations to Daniel and Raven once again on their lovely wedding to mark a new beginning in their life together as husband and wife..

Known Raven for 9 years since the heydays of STPM..Time flies and everyone has moved on to a new journey in their life and Raven is the first from our batch to tie the knot on 20th November 2010..

If there’s a first, for sure there’ll be second, third and so forth..As expected, few more from our batch would tie the knot in 2011 should everything goes as planned..

Once we were close friends, and we shall remained as close friends for as long as can be..So I wish all of you all the best and we shall see each other again in such inaugral reunion dinner..

As promised, got up pretty early (on a Sunday) and headed to Raven’s house for the morning ceremony to be the unofficial photographer..

*Preparing for the games*

Here you can see all the maids of honor aka bridesmaid were busy getting their things ready because they didn’t prepare it earlier!

*The Ultimate Killer Drink*

This I call it the Ultimate Killer Drink, contained Pepsi Twist, raw eggs, chilli boh, and a bit of wasabi paste..

Now here’s a little story to¬† the games they played in that morning..

We had a little gathering at Raven’s house the night before wedding, heard the plans from the one in-charge of the games, BeeYan..Few of us guys, weren’t very happy with the games..

Not that they were too cruel, but they were rather too lenient..So when all of the bridesmaids have left, few of us helped alter the games a bit here and there to make it much more interesting..

The Ultimate Killer Drink was one of them..I’ll continue with the games as we move on..

*The groom, Daniel*

Now, if you are an avid fan of Hong Kong TVB drama, you will definitely know who is this guy..Can be seen in Forensic Heroes 1 and 2 and many other notable drama where he’s usually with the police force..

Ok just kidding..He’s not that HK actor but I can tell you that Daniel is 90% looks exactly like that actor, Chou Weng Nin (or however you pronounce/spell his name), in terms of face sturcture and even his smile..

*The groom and his groomsmen*

The groom had his warriors groomsmen wore their ‘uniform’ ala football style, short pants, knee-length football socks and sports shoes..

Daniel had about 15 groomsmen with him that morning and I applaud to that..It’s not easy to gather your best warriors to help you get Rapunzel off the tower..

So back to the games..It’s understood that the games provided by the bridesmaids for the groomsmen is a symbol of support by the groomsmen to help the groom in anyway they could in order to marry the bride, or something like that..

Earlier, we were told that the elders might not like something to extreme or raunchy hence the lenient games..

We thought that marriage is a once in a lifetime thingy..So I think it’s okay to have some fun which is not too extreme just for the sake of a lovely event on a lovely day..

First off, we have this..

*Groomsmen in ugly briefs*

I know this is normal but it wasn’t even in the initial plan! Wicked I know..I had it on for Wilson’s wedding and now I’m on the audience’s side for something funny and interesting..

Then we had the groom to use a marker pen to write “Daniel <3 Raven” on the butts of his warriors by using his mouth..

Then we got them to kiss each other wtf..

Much more raunchy stuff after we’ve consulted the bridesmaids..

Well it’s not really kissing though..Even if we are crazy enough to come up with that idea, I bet no groomsmen in their right mind to oblige to that request..

The initial plan by the bridesmaids was to pass a pingpong ball around by using a spoon..We thought it’s a bit too girly and unsexy..So we got rid of the spoon and used mouth instead..

*Do your thang*

The bridesmaids were afraid if this game will waste some time..I can assure you that it won’t waste too much time because when guys get down to real business, we won’t and don’t care much anymore..We’ll get to the bottom of it!

Then came the Ultimate Killer Drink..

*Brush teeth*

First we got them to brush teeth using wasabi paste, then gargle with the Ultimate Killer Drink, just because we didn’t want them to miss the dinner later at night :P

As expected, the drink was to hard to handle..They immediately spit it out once the drink touched their taste buds..

Then the last game before they were given permission to enter the first gate..

*Push people!*

We teamed them up in 3 groups of 3..One seated with a banana in the mouth..One standing, facing the seated one and has to peel and eat the banana by using just the mouth..

Then the third person, strapped with 5 balloons around the waist, has to pop the balloons by stroking the one standing..The picture above explains all..

It was exhilarating and thrilling..The hard strokes trying to pop the balloons while the person being pushed had to eat the banana were damn funny and interesting..

*Things are getting rough!*

I even heard a lady told the children not to see the acts..LOL!

It was quite a sight to see them stroking in front of the house..

Check out the video on the games we played HERE..

Long story short, they managed to pop each and every of the balloons so they entered the first gate..

Then came the second gate where the groom and his men had to buy several duplicate keys to open the padlock..

There were 15 keys (14 duplicates and 1 real) being frozen in plastic cups..The groom had to exchange them with angpow, of course.. :D

It’s a matter of time for them to find the real key..The second gate is completed in more than 15-minutes because there negotiations going on..

*Parents in-law*

After the second gate, Raven’s parents have to prepare with the prayers and all while the groom and groomsmen had to continue with other games..

*Some of the bridesmaids*

At the stairs, the groom had to sing a love song to Raven via video call..Well it was quite an easy task..

So off they charged up the stairs and the last task is awaiting them..

*Lifetime-bond contract*

In front of the room, Daniel had to read a poem from a paper provided by the bridesmaids..The poem is actually the terms and conditions of the lifetime-bond contract which he’s about to sign later on..

All of the tasks were completed and there he entered the room to meet his wife-to-be..

*Will you marry me?*

Every thing has been done and the time has come for them to be announced as husband and wife..

Mixed reactions came from the crowd, some laughed, some cried, but all for same reason, the joy of happiness..

*The bridesmaids aka jimui*

Ended up the groom a happy man to finally got to meet his bride, groomsmen were all happy too coz tasks are all completed..

Not to forget, the bridesmaids becuase of the angpows from the generous groom and his warriors..

Last but not least, the consultants..

*The consultants*

These are the faces of the ‘consultants’ who helped the bridesmaids to spice up their boring games :P

Maybe we should set up a consulting firm to offer services like this..LOL!

Seeing a good friend to get married brings the joy in me..Not that I’m longing to get married but seeing a friend moving on to a new journey in her life is quite moving..

She hid her feelings pretty well coz she may broke down to tears anytime, tears of joy, that’s it..

Not only the newly wed couple, to be able to see so many friends in such memorable moment and to share the happiness with the couple is certainly another level of happiness..

Also, we were really glad the groomsmen were pretty open and sporting with the games..That’s what I call sportsmanship! Good job guys! :D

Once again, congratulations to Daniel and Raven and it’s a pleasure to know you guys..All of us are happy for you and hope you guys live happily ever after :)

For full album, do check out my Facebook Album on Daniel & Raven’s Wedding..

Do check out the video concentrated on the games HERE and a video of the morning ceremony HERE..

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