Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly Contest

It’s the time where you will see lots of drivers filling up forms at Shell stations for a contest called Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly..

Was at Bukit Bintang last week to witness the Shell campaign awareness by the Men In Red, handing out leaflets and contest forms to the public..

*Men In Red*

Together with me was Daphne, April, and Xiang snapping away photos of them doing their job under the bright sun..

Glad that day was pretty cloudy at times so it’s still tolerable..

*Girls In Red*

Okay I just made up the term Girls In Red but yeah, there were guys and girls promoting the campaign to the public and it’s no easy task coz I’ve worked as promoter beforeand it’s quite a hassle to make people stop for a moment to listen to you..

Okay enough of craps, what’s the deal with Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly contest..

There is over RM3 million and more than 4,500 limited edition Ferrari key ring to be won over the 15 weeks period..

*Image taken from Shell website*

The Limited Edition sets are each made up of 6 Ferrari championship models in chrome finish, comprise of Ferrari 156 F1 (1961), 250 GTO (1962), Ferrari P3 (1966), Enzo Ferrari (2002), F430 Spider (2005), and F2007 (2007)..

There are 304 Ferrari Key Ring sets up for grabs each week so don’t forget to fill-in the contest form after you’ve pumped at Shell station..

How to join this contest?

You just need to spend a minimum of RM30 on any Shell fuel (RON 95 and/or 97), lubricants, or any Shell Select items..

Here’s a catch..pump RM30 of RON97 you cant fill-in 2 forms while RM30 of RON95 just one form..So if you pump RM60, you get to fill-in 4 forms for RON97 and 2 forms for RON95 clipped to that one receipt..

Weekly prizes include :

  • RM30,000 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x1
  • RM3,000 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x3
  • RM300 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x300
  • RM50 Shell voucher x600

The campaign runs from 21st December 2010 until 6th April 2011..

To check out if you are a winner from week to week, do visit for more details..

I’m so going to try to get myself a set of Limited Edition Ferrari key ring after being a loyal customer for such a long time :D

Also, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Good year ahead everyone! :D

P/S – Thanks to Ogilvy PR for inviting us to be there for the campaign :)

Manila Trip By Philippines of Tourism – Media FAM Tour, Day 1 – Villa Escudero and Bonifacio Global City

Few weeks weeks back, on a Sunday night, 28th November 2010, was the first time I boarded a bus express at KL Sentral..

Was at Kl Sentral at 9pm, bought bus ticket to LCCT for check-in at 11pm for my Manila-bound flight at 1.20am via Cebu Pacific, Philippines largest airline..

Been to LCCT numerous times but it’s my first time to board a plane in LCCT, and my fourth time to fly on a plane (not including return)..

There I boarded Cebu Pacific, got to know 4 new friends who were in the FAM trip with me, all first time meeting each other..

*Boarding Cebu Pacific*

Although Cebu Pacific being the largest airline in Philippines, it’s a low cost carrier airline..Well I can’t compare it much with other low cost carriers but I was pretty satisfied with the plane, the service, and of course the journey :)

The flight from KL-Manila is about 3 hours and 45 minutes..I snoozed all the way from KL to Manila and we arrived Manila slightly earlier than scheduled..

The plane touched down at about 4.30am (Manila and KL have the same timezone) so we had to wait for the tour guide for a little while..

Due to tight schedule, we were brought to a 24-hours spa and massage center to freshen before the real deal began..

*Wensha Spa Center*

Wensha Spa Center is located at Cultural Complex of the Philippines (CCP) area near Starcity..

It has shabu-shabu buffet, shower, pool, sauna, locker, and all kinds of massage..The price range from 500 Pesos to 2,000 Pesos..

I guess the one we had was 680 Pesos, inclusive of the buffet, pool, shower, sauna, locker and a full body massage..On top of that, one can hang out in there for as long as 8-hours!

Since we were on tight schedule so we just had about 45-minutes of sleep in the massage room after the massage session..

After that, we had to head out to Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort at San Pablo City, about 2-hours drive from Makati City..

*AERA Memorial Museum at Villa Escudero*

That’s the AERA Memorial Museum and the front yard, founded by Arsenio and Rosario Escudero..

It houses alot of rare items, especially the religious arts of silver altars, gilded carrozas, ivory santos, embroidered vestments and intricately carved inages, all dated back in the 17th and 18th centuries during the Spanish colonial era..

Other than that, there are also lots of sculptures, Oriental ceramics from China during its Dynasty-ruling period, items and weapons from World War 2, and things that reflect the Filipinos, from the traditional clothing to some of the modern ones’ worn by important figures..

Camera is not allowed in the Memorial Museum so I couldn’t show you anything here..I can say it’s quite an eye-opener..

*The journalists with me*

Okay I know this photo is failed..So let’s move on..

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Merry Guinness Carnival @ Sid’s Pud, Bukit Tunku

Yesterday, 19th December 2010, I was at Sid’s Pub in Bukit Tunku for their Merry Guinness Carnival..

Got an invitation from GAB and thanks to G2 for informing me that I can bring few friends together with me..

The carnival started at 11am and ends at 6pm with some live band and magic show performances..But due to some business I was late and the performances were finished when I arrived Sid’s Pub at 3pm..

The Merry Guinness Carnival held at Sid’s Pub, Bukit Tunku is done ala high school Canteen Day where you purchase stacks of coupons and use them to buy food and drinks..

Some of the patrons even brought a picnic mat and just do as they pleased under the chilling moody weather..Everyone was there on a mutual interest, Guinness fest..

For a Guinness event, it will only be complete with Guinness, on the tap..Other than that, Strongbow is available too..

Since it’s a Guinness event, it’s sold for RM5 and Rm15 for other drinks..

Most of the food were marinated and/or cooked with Guinness, namely fried chicken, chicken hot dog, turkey kebab, and the delicious beef burger..

*Beef burger*

The Beef Burger was quite a delight..Without sauce it’s slightly dry so I’ve added a bit of chilli sauce and mustard for better taste..

The patty is kinda dry on the outside but it’s quite juicy on the inside, just the right amount of moist..The buns are quite fragrant that I can just eat it even without the patty..

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Watch Chelsea vs Manchester United With TM Everyoneconnects

Two days ago, I watched the Man Utd vs Arsenal match alone in McDonald’s because it’s at freaking 4am Malaysian time! Friends gotta work, so there I was watching Arsenal lost 1-0 with some sloppy defense, alone..

Sometimes, I think the Barclays Premier League (BPL, used to be known as EPL) is all fixed up but on a second thought, how could it be??

You see, last weekend, MU gotta face Arsenal for the top spot..This week, MU gotta face Chelsea to stay on top spot and for Chelsea to redeem their current bad form..

Other than this, there’s always some other matches which involved other decisive spots such as the mid-table battles, UEFA Champions’ League spots, and not to forget the relegation zone..

But it’s impossible to fix them because the whole season’s match schedules have been decided before the season started!

Anyway back to Chelsea – MU..Guess I won’t be watching this match alone anymore coz there will be a LIVE viewing party going on Padang Timur PJ this coming Sunday, 19th December 2010, with the acclaimed largest TV screen in South East Asia..

As the campaign has been live up to its name, TM is connecting everyone with events, hence Everyone Connects..The party is starting around 12-noon and be there to watch the LIVE match at 12-midnight..

Just head over to The Stadium in to catch the latest news of Man Utd and also leisure talks with fellow fans alike..

Thanks to its avatar (that comes with name of your choice) and a chatbox, I actually met the so-called moderator and he brought me around ‘the world’ to check out the special features..

As you can see, there’s actually day and night in ‘the world’ and there are different features between day and night..

For instance, the fireworks..

Just click on the ‘Click Here’ button and one can ignite the fireworks..There are other little things and you can explore ‘the world’ by just clicking anything you see..You might find something interesting..

You can also enter the Kopitiam (the coffeeshop look alike building next to Unifi signboard) and srat up some conversations with other users..That’s how everyone connects! :D

So in conjunction with Chelsea – MU match, consumers have a chance to get exclusive TM Man United merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services..

Also, ‘Like‘ Everyoneconnects on Facebook at and get a cool Everyoneconnects wristband at TM booth..

See you when I see you there! :D

Freddie Aguilar – Anak (Tagalog)

Been listening to ‘Anak’ since I was at very young age, haven’t even entered the kindergarten..

The only surprise is I didn’t know the name of the song nor the name of the singer until my recent visit til Manila, Philippines..

Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar, better known as Freddie Aguilar, a Filipino folk-singer who wrote this song and made it into international scene with 26 covers in different languages..

The song is mostly about himself, a remorseful child expressing apology to his parents when he quit school and left his family at the age of 18..

The song was also the finalist for the inaugral 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila..’Anak’ won gold, platinum, and double platinum record awards in 1978..

Here’s the video of ‘Anak’ by Freddie Aguilar and lyrics in Tagalog..


Freddie Aguilar – Anak

Noong isilang ka sa mundong ito,
Laking tuwa ng magulang mo.
At ang kamay nila
ang iyong ilaw.

At ang nanay at tatay mo,
‘Di malaman ang gagawin.
Minamasdan pati pagtulog mo.

Sa gabi napupuyat ang iyong nanay
Sa pagtimpla ng gatas mo.
At sa umaga nama’y kalong
Ka ng iyong amang tuwang-tuwa sa iyo.

Ngayon nga’y malaki ka na,
Nais mo’y maging malaya.
‘Di man sila payag,
Walang magagawa.

Ikaw nga’y biglang nagbago,
Naging matigas ang iyong ulo.
At ang payo nila’y,
Sinuway mo.

Hindi mo man lang inisip
Na ang kanilang ginagawa’y para sa iyo.
Pagka’t ang nais mo masunod ang layaw mo,
‘Di mo sila pinapansin.

Nagdaan pa ang mga araw
At ang landas mo’y naligaw
Ikaw ay nalulon
sa masamang bisyo.

At ang una mong nilapitan
Ang iyong inang lumuluha.
At ang tanong,
“Anak, ba’t ka nagkaganyan?”

At ang iyong mga mata’y biglang lumuha
Ng ‘di mo napapansin
Pagsisisi ang sa isip mo,
Nalaman mong ika’y nagkamali.

Super Tom Yam Cup Noodle

When you are lazy to cook and getting hungry at any time of the day, instant cup noodles are the best!

*Super Tom Yam Cup Noodle*

Not only at home, you can also bring it for your 1-night trip to anywhere..

Instant cup noodles was a favorite back in pre-U times when we are staying for a night up in Genting..Things weren’t cheap, what’s more for a student!

Not to mention finding food at late night in Genting can be quite a headache if you are not familiar with the hidden eateries..

It saves time..Just boil sufficient amount of water, pour it in with the seasoning powder, wait for about 2 minutes, and you are ready to eat..