Anime – Highschool of The Dead Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

Highschool of The Dead, or known as Gakuen Mokushiroku in Japanese, is an anime-adaptation of a manga of the same name written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato..

The manga has been released since September 2006 and was adapted into anime by Madhouse where it began airing on 5th July 2010..

Highschool of The Dead (HOTD) starting-plot takes place in a highschool, where Takashi Komuro and his gang of fellow students, childhood friend Rei Miyamoto, swords-woman Saeko Busujima, geek Kota Hirano, genius Saya Takagi, school infirmary doctor and Shizuka Marikawa..

Suddenly the whole world infested by zombies and other fellow students who got bitten by the zombies will eventually become one of them too..

So the story is about survival and the journey to look for other survivors..

Character development is pretty good on each of the main surviving character and it has the mind-boggling thing if it really happens to you..

Unlike Resident Evil kinda zombie plot, HOTD is more about survival, human instinct and nature when such apocalyptic incident happens upon mankind..

Its genre falls into action, horror, thriller, and with the themes of gore and fan-service..

Fan-service is the kind of theme where it “pleasures” the fans with partial nudity and/or sexual images, where in most cases involved upskirts, down-blouse, and lots of panties views..

Takashi Komuro is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who also did Archer in Fate/Stay Night, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in Bleach, and Greed in FullMetal Alchemist, just to name a few..

Rei Miyamoto is voiced by Marina Inoue, who also did for Yoko in Gurren Lagann series, Kana Minami in Minami-ke series, and also sang for OP and ED for Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei..

The Opening Song (OP) is “Highschool of The Dead” by Kisida Kyodan and The Akeboshi Rockets..

Ending themes (ED) are pretty unique in HOTD because it has 12 different EDs on this 12-episodes anime..Each ED suits the mood on how each episode ends..

All of the EDs are sung by Maon Kurosaki..Do check out some snippets after the EDs, they are not previews of the following episodes..

I would say it’s NOT the kind of anime suitable for minor due to its goriness and mild sexual content..

It’s a 12-episode anime and it seems 2nd season should be up anytime because it ends at the beginning of Chapter 16 in the manga, which have a total of 28 chapters as of July 2010..

I’m not too sure if the manga ends there or there’s still more to come but the anime certainly has more to offer!

I think it should be pretty similar to The Walking Dead, which is about survival after post-apocalypse when zombies have ruled the world..

According to ANN, the readers gave it a median rating at ‘Very Good’ with 931 voters in total as of now..

I would give it a very decent 8/10 for the gore scenes and the killing instinct just to survive at the end of the day..

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