Uniqlo Malaysia Aftermath With 18 Cash Vouchers @ Fahnrenheit 88, KL

Went to Uniqlo for the third time last Friday and it’s the real shopping session for Daphne and I..

Reached Fahrenheit 88 at slightly after 11am, just to be sure there are sizes available because the shop opens at 11am..I know, kiasu we are but hell with it! :P

Got our 18 cash vouchers validated and off we scrutinized the whole shop for things we wanted..

As predicted, new stocks for every new day..We grabbed all the S-size that we saw on the Mickey T and of course a M-size of anime print for myself..

Got all the somewhat pretty designs and correct sizes, then only we start to filter which one we want and which one we don’t want..

Found the shirt that I want..Daphne found her leggings, and we have enough vouchers to grab some boxers :D

Here’s what we got ourselves..

*Mickey Mouse print Disney Ts*

Three of them are RM29.90..Used RM20 voucher for each so each costs RM9.90..

Two of them are RM24.90..Used RM20 voucher for each so each costs RM4.90..

*Anime print Ts*

Bought two Galaxy Express 999 T and one Inuyasha print..

Original price is RM59.90..
Promo price is RM29.90..

Used RM20 voucher for each..Each T costs RM9.90..The gray one is for me and the other two for Wilson for lending me his vouchers when I went with him..

*Oxford shirt and dry pants*

Oxford shirt is RM99.90..Used a RM50 voucher..Paid RM49.90 for it..

Dry cotton pants, original price is RM99.90..Promo price is RM49.90..Used RM20 voucher for it, paid RM29.90..

Bought another two Men’s Boxers, priced at RM19.95 each..Used RM20 voucher for each..I got two boxers for FREE! :D

Bought 4 Women’s Boxers, priced at RM24.90..Used RM20 voucher for each..Paid RM4.90 for each..

Bought two Women’s Leggings, priced at RM39.90 each..Used RM20 voucher for each, paid RM19.90 for each..

Total damage would be RM208.40, after using 17 RM20 vouchers and one RM50 voucher..

It didn’t use those vouchers, it would be..
(20 x 17) + 50 + 208.4 = 598.4..

Not to mention if those Ts were selling at original price of RM59.90..

So Daphne and I have saved up to RM390 on cash vouchers for our shopping spree~!!!

*18 receipts for using 18 cash vouchers*

Okay I didn’t mean to act cute or anything but the receipts were rolled so I have to use my face to ‘stand’ the receipts..

Yes, Daphne and I have 18 cash vouchers altogether..Worth waiting for not shopping for the past week..

Some might say I’m too much into Uniqlo fever or I’m promoting Uniqlo too much but do bear in mind that I’m spending so much on Uniqlo because the prices are reasonable..

And when I say reasonable is when I have so many cash vouchers..

I wouldn’t pay RM59.90 for an anime print T-shirt..I only paid RM9.90 for it..It’s even cheaper than night market!

And I got 2 boxers for FREE~!!

On a side note, I think my Oxford shirt is quite a steal because I just paid RM49.90 for it..I like it because of its checker-print on the inner sleeves and collar..

And I only paid RM208 for 18 items worth close to RM600..I can only say I’m a smart consumer..Not too extreme, nor want to hard sell on Uniqlo..

Not meant to defend my take on my shopping spree and to offend anyone if they REALLY like Uniqlo, but I don’t like to be tagged as too hard sell on Uniqlo..

Happy welcoming Year End Sales (Y.E.S) everyone :D

6 thoughts on “Uniqlo Malaysia Aftermath With 18 Cash Vouchers @ Fahnrenheit 88, KL

  1. You’ve got some great bargains here, I don’t think you’re too into the ‘Uniqlo fever’, there’s nothing wrong with spending money when you’re saving so much, particularly with the anime t-shirts (I only wish they had these designs in the UK stores).

  2. oooh.. sounds like a really steal deal!

    wow.. and u managed to garner all those cash vouchers.. that’s really smart and awesome!

    i ve been reading abt this uniqlo craze on plurk and am wondering how their clothes are like.. looks cute ish..

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