3rd Nuffnang Cheque In 4 Years

It’s the third time I clicked on the “Cashout” button and I’ve only waited for about 6 weeks, the most..

I got my first ever Nuffnang cheque in early May 2009 and my second cheque of almost the same amount as the first one few weeks before CNY 2010, which I didn’t blog about..

This time, clicked on 29th September 2010, waited for about 5 weeks I guess, an envelope reached my doorsteps on 2nd November 2010..

*Mail to : Yat dot dot*

Having received 2 cheques before, I could recognize the envelope and the weight of it, roughly..

I tore the envelope like Conan The Barbarian did to his enemy or any predator would do to its prey..

*My cheque*

I know the amount is not as much as my previous 2 cheques due to the drastic drop of traffic on my blog so that’s the reality..

And I would even say some newbies are probably earning more than me who has blogged since 2004..

Well it’s okay, it’s just a side income that I ripped off from my past-time anyway..

But of course, who would say no to more and more earnings, right?

*Money monay*

Now that I’ve got my money, it’s time to pay off my debts! My webhost and my domain other things of course..

Hopefully the remaining few tens could be used in Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88 :P

Maybe not these few days as it’s still superbly crowded..Should hit it during the weekdays :D

Happy blogging everyone!

12 thoughts on “3rd Nuffnang Cheque In 4 Years

  1. Lynnie >> thanks :)
    joshuaongys >> best!
    Elaine >> talk about that..reading back the 1st cheque i still havent treat u secret recipe :P

  2. Goingkookies >> umm..that should be from CNY til Sept =)
    Elaine >> u la so busy :P next time we come out yamcha k..now i has no car :(

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