Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 Review – Overview

Time flies and it’s been 2 weeks since I got the Blackberry Torch 9800 under the Maxis10 programme and my review will come to an end with this post of an overview of the BB Torch 9800..

I’m going to do a slight comparison with iPhone, not technically but how I choose my smartphones, and some other not-so-big technical glitch about this BB Torch 9800..

First of all, let’s go to the size of it..

*Taken from*

Height (closed) – 4.37 in / 111 mm
Height (open) – 5.83 in / 148 mm
Width – 2.44 in / 62 mm
Depth – 0.57 in / 14.6 mm
Weight – 5.68 oz / 161.1g

Well save your time from the measuring tape or ruler..The size of BB Torch 9800 when it’s closed is almost the same size as Bold2, just slightly longer by about 1-2 mm..

Although it’s a slider phone, the thickness is just exactly the same as Bold2..If you have no problem with Bold2, you got no problem with Torch 9800 at all..

The weight feels slightly heavier than Bold2 due to its solid casing on the slider..

When it comes to the keypad, it’s quite flattened as compared to Bold and Curve..One need some time to get used to it and I’ve achieved that in about 2 days..

*Flat keypad body*

Not to mention it might be a bit small for people with big thumbs..

Battery-life, it’s a common-complaint that we always heard from BB-users and iPhone-users..

I must say that the Torch 9800 isn’t any better when it comes to my hands..It dried flat in about 8-hours maximum, with just BBM, Foursquare, and UberTwitter..

I haven’t even activated my push e-mails and making phone calls..A double-charge is necessary for me who is a frequent user on BBM and perhaps e-mails..

However, when I was in Singapore few days ago, I switched off the mobile network and left just Wifi on, it lasted me for 3 days without double-charge..

I didn’t use it as frequent as not all areas in Marina Bay is wifi-enabled but from the amount of time correspond to its battery-life, it’s quite a surprise..

It’s also known that the 3G-network connection drains the battery very fast..

The whole new experience of touchscreen on a Blackberry is just awesome!

I know there haven been debates saying BB-users are just contradicting themselves because most BB-users are conservative in accepting the touchscreen or virtual keypad platform..

I have to agree to this because my only reason I didn’t like iPhone is because it’s a full-touchscreen..

But here I am, loving this Torch 9800 because of its touchscreen and yet I dislike iPhone..It’s very contradicting..

However, I have never really used the virtual keypad on my Torch 9800 when I’m on the go, because I can’t really touch-type and I can’t feel the keypad surface..

From what you can see on my review on the OS 6 video, I’m fully engaged on its touchscreen to scroll and browse around but that’s the only thing I like about it, quick response as compared to the trackpad..

When it comes to typing, I preferred it on the keypad itself, not the virtual one..

*The virtual keypad*

So if you ask me whether I would choose an iPhone because I like the touchscreen now, I would still prefer the BB Torch 9800..

Now the camera (which I have reviewed HERE)..Honestly, I have no problem with the camera-quality..I know people been boasting bout HD video and high megapixels camera but hey, this is just a phone, and still is a phone..

If you are looking for an all-in-one phone, this might not be the one for you because it can’t take DSLR-quality photos..

Seriously, I got not much problem with the camera, what’s more the video camera is auto-focus enabled!

However, what got me disappointed is the 5-megapixels tag because I expect more from what I get..If it’s a 3.2-megapixels, I’m totally fine with it, and it has 11 different modes to choose from..

Which one to buy, Blackberry or iPhone?

This is the most common question I’ve heard of in recent days..

First and foremost, ask yourself what’s your purpose of getting a smartphone, in my context, BB or iPhone..

Both has its own advantage and disadvantage..I’ve not really tried on an iPhone so I can’t really comment on that but like the Chinese saying goes, “Comparisons between humans can be fatal“, or it sounds something like that..

There’s no use comparing 2 phones with have their own traits of its own..

IMHO, iPhone is more to applications-using and a bit of games while BB is more to work-oriented with the efficient of push e-mails..

Of course I do received comments that iPhone can be work-oriented and some iPhone-users didn’t really play games or use its thousands of silly-cum-funny apps..

So once again, it depends on a person’s usage and reliability on its phone..

I’m totally fine with a Blackberry which doesn’t has much games as compared to iPhone just because I don’t really play games..

I’m all satisfied to just occupy my time on the social media apps and most importantly, a solid keypad for my thumbs to feel on..

If you ask me whether the Blackberry Torch 9800 is a worth-to-buy phone, I would say it gives you a whole new experience with its touchscreen platform and of course the new sleek interface of the OS 6..

I’m not sure about the price in Malaysia so don’t ask me about that..

Functionality and features wise, I would give it an overall rating of 8.5/10 (I had initially put it at 7.5, which was a typo..sorry for the mistake =.=)

Other than the camera and the infamous battery-life problem, Torch is quite a wonderful BB that I would totally buy..

Here I would like to thank Maxis for creating the Maxis10 Programme to let the 10 lucky reviewers on the new phones..

Also thanks to the PR for such great job in liaising with the reviewers in the long run.. :D

Do check out the other Blackberry Torch 9800 reviews and also upcoming phones..Try your luck and register for one too! ;)

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