Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 Review – 5 Megapix Camera

After a brief introduction on the Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone, I now will venture a bit into the 5-megapixel camera in the point of view of a normal user, not a professional DSLR cameraman..

BB Torch 9800 joins many other smartphones such as iPhone 4 and some Androids in trying to provide high-quality video recording function and also boost a 5-megapixel camera..

As a Symbian-phone user, I’m always disappointed with its camera quality even when it comes to 3.2-megapixel or 5-megapixel..

I’ve tried with a BB Curve 8520 and also Bold2, both with 2-megapixel and 3.2-megapixel camera respectively..

Other than the video-recording, the BB Torch 9800 photos are not any better than Curve, Bold, or some of the Symbians..

On the BB Torch 9800, you can choose from 11 different modes from Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up (macro), Snow, Sports, etc, just like any other compact camera..

*Close-up mode*

Here’s a sample of photo I’ve snapped by using close-up mode at Snowflakes inside Pavillion..

With some sufficient lighting from the few spotlights on the ceiling, the photo is still a bit grainy (noisy) which is usually due to low-light condition..

That aside, this close-up mode can only be used from a certain distance which I deemed rather far for a macro mode..

*Close-up mode test two*

As we know about close-up (macro) mode, usually it’s to focus at a very near depth (or maybe something in the background)  when it applies in a compact camera..

But for this BB Torch 9800, I can only shoot at a certain range not too close to the object as you can see from my picture above where I’ve tried to snap a close-up photo on a BB Bold2..

On the other hand, I tried it with the Bold2 which doesn’t has any other mode or auto-focus (which maybe has that I do not know of), the photo is much clearer than the one I snapped with the Torch 9800..

In low-light condition, sometimes I can’t even snap a photo with the Torch, unless the flash is switched on..

*Taken with BB Torch 9800 5-megapix camera with flash on*

If you can focus on the object correctly, the photo would turned out to be quite fine but still with dark background..

If you focused on the wrong object, which you might have focused on the background instead, your photo would most likely turned out to be like this..

*Nothing is focused*

Well so it happens if you want to camwhore say, in a club..And the photo above is taken in Mines Convention Centre during Hennessy Artistry..Failed miserably..

And there were few occasions that I couldn’t press on the snap button, maybe due to insufficient lighting or something, not too sure..

I’ve tried with Sports mode, which in common sense it has faster shutter speed to capture a moving object..

*Taken at Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur with Sports mode, without flash*

Snapped this at Paramore concert recently at Bukit Jalil using Sports mode, which turned out to be quite okay but the photo is quite grainy (noisy)..

I think the only explanation is the BB Torch has to boost up its ISO in order to increase its shutter speed, hence the noise..

I’ve tried with Night mode but nothing much can be done in a concert..So I guess Night mode is more to portrait kinda photos..

*Taken with Night mode, without Flash*

The photo above is taken with Night mode in Pavillion without using flash..It’s fairly good..

When it comes to Video Camera, it has continuous auto-focus function which I would say is a pretty good feature for a camera phone..

I’ve recorded a short video to show you the effectiveness of its auto-focus function..


I’ve tried it at Adam Lambert’s recent concert in Bukit Jalil, the continuous auto-focus doesn’t really worked well in concert or sorts, because of the moving crowd..

*Adam Lambert singing “If I Had You” at Glam Nation Tour Malaysia*

You can see the continuous auto-focus on the raising hands of the crowd..

I’ve recorded around 10 videos and I still couldn’t figure out how to zoom in and out when I’m in the midst of recording..If that is not in the function, I think it’s a  minus point for video recording..

You can check out my other videos on Paramore’s concert HERE..

Sound quality-wise, not to mention close-up personal video-recording, the videos recording at concerts have crackling sound so I can hardly hear a word from the singer..

So overall if you wan to compare it with the iPhone 4, the Apple totally win hands down but of course if you want to compare in that sense, why not buy a compact camera instead, right?

But then again, other than noisy photos due to low-light condition and the none zoom-in and out while video-recording (or maybe I couldn’t find it), it works fairly good like any other camera phone but I’m quite disappointed due to its 5-megapixel tag..

Do check out reviews by other Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 reviewers on Maxis’s Official Maxis10 Reviewers Page..

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