Jamie’s 20th Birthday @ Opus Bistro, Bangsar

Last Friday on 8th October 2010, the bunch of us gave Jamie a private surprise birthday party at Opus Bistro in Bangsar..

Not much of food review kinda thingy but more on a party post..

It was almost a failure because she was supposed to attend an event at Ecoba..Glad the boyfriend Didjital managed to somewhat tricked her to go somewhere else, which is to meet us..

Photos credit to Nigel‘s 550D and Ren‘s Leica Digilux 2..

*Balloon surprise*

There we have colorful balloons floating around for a more relaxing atmosphere in the cosy restaurant..

With time fixing and taking a detour from Ecoba, the time has come and we can’t wait to surprise her..

*Rise and salutation*

When Jamie and Didjital entered the bistro, we definitely surprised and we caught her off guard..

*Jamie and Didjital*

Well, the surprises to see the surprised face was priceless and it’s kinda fun to do this once in a while..

*Muka stimzzz*

I don’t know why but she looked stimz in this photo..By the way, Jamie always got high on helium balloons..You’ll know later on..

And so the camwhoring started before and after the food arrived..

*L>R – Joshua, Kelli, Daphne, yours truly*

The food there was kinda awesome and the pricing is around RM30-50 per pax for pasta..Not too sure bout steaks and others..

*Stormtrooper cupcakes*

Jamie is kinda well-known for loving cute things such as Domokun and many other things (can be seen in HERE)..

So we got her some customized Stormtrooper Cupcakes for something different *Imperial March theme playing in the background*..

More photos ahead and of course a recorded video!

*The birthday girl, Jamie Chin*

Wishing Jamie a happy belated birthday and stay pretty but not so thin :P

*Taken using Ren’s Leica Digilux with yellow color gel*

Ren was using Leica Digilux 2 with the help of Holga color gel flash to create the lomo-effect on the photos..

You can do that as well with your own camera by using color gel on your camera flash..

*A photo of Jamie, Didjital, and Ren the Leica owner*

As usual, with floating balloons around so it’s normal to play with helium gas when everyone is done with eatings and talkings..


Jamie likes to play with helium balloons and we all like to be entertained too! She has this very significant chipmunk voice after she inhaled the helium gas..

Too bad I don’t have a video of her sing song or talk craps, everything on helium mode..

Almost everyone was high on helium..

And what else to play with used balloons? Play safe!

*Balloon is the new rubber*

Nothing will go wrong with balloons, even if it’s totally wrong! :P

Now there goes the lomo-ed group photo session with Leica ..

*Group photo with Leica Digilux2 with Holga color gel flash*

Let’s take a look at a normal photo..


Now that’s a vibrant and colorful photo but the lomo-styled photo is nice too, nonetheless..

*Jamie and high school friends*

We adjourned to Vintry at Jaya 33 for after-party booze session..

Quite a cosy place with a wide selections of wines and many other booze..

*Yam senggg*

It was quite a night because it had been quite some time since we hang out together for a birthday party get-together..

I reckon we should do it more often..And talk about that, we celebrated another person’s birthday the next day after Jamie’s..

Stay tune!

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