Image Makeover By Ana Consultancy @ TANGS

Few weeks ago, I had attended a consultation session regarding image makeover..The image consultant is none other than Ana Cheong, of Ana Consultancy..

Ana, an image consultant, helps the people who sought after her service to know themselves better and translate the inner strength into the outer image without changing your much of their own personality..

Before the personal consultation, Ana had studied a bit of my personality..So during the consultation, I can see that Ana had put a deep thought on interpreting my personality and how to improve it to suit back myself..

*Putting a deep thought*

The whole consultation is about knowing myself better, from image to communication skills to body language..

Knowing one self better is where I realized which path I should follow best and how to improve my communication skills and some simple knowledge about body language..

*Trying out a new image*

After her study, here Ana was giving me an outlook of what I should do to my image at this stage of my life..

I must say I’ve learned a lot in this consultation and am able to express myself better than before, be it in image, communication skills, or body language..

Two weeks after the personal consultation, few other people and I were in a joint “workshop” to see result of “before and after”..

*The bloggers makeover group*

Attendees were Joshua, Rebecca, Iza, Huai Bin, Thomas, Jamie, and yours truly..

Before I continue, a huge thanks to TANGS Pavillion for the sponsored venue, a private lounge for us to change and make up and all..

TANGS too offered Personal Fashion Styling services and they were a big help! :D

*Before makeover*

So all of us got a “before shot” before we get changed and transform into a new person on the outside and yet same on the inside..

As usual, I went to the workshop with my favourite jeans, sneakers, and a stripe collared T-shirt..

After that we got into changing rooms and tried on few sets of pre-selected apparels where Ana and her assistant Catherine had chosen for us as a result of the makeover..

*The apparels*

Once again, thanks to TANGS Pavillion for letting us try on those clothes..

Read on the whole entry to see the final result of our makeover..Stimzzzz~~~

*The handsome us :P *

Shirt – Library
Dress Pants – Arthur Galan
Tie – Ferretti Cravette

The shirt is of fine cotton and I would say it’s a pretty good investment if I were to buy something like that..

After the formal outfit, we were suited up to bring the posh look out of us..


Suit – Greyhound
Leather Shoes – Democrata

Well it was kinda awkward for us as we were not used to wear suits but I would say it’s definitely a good investment because suit can be classy for a formal function and yet casual smart for a cocktail party..

After the few sets, we adjourned to lunch..Huge thanks to Island Bistro for the delicious refreshments..

*Island Bistro*

The BBQ chicken was awesome as it used only breast meat..The sandwiches and puffs were good too..

After lunch we got back into the lounge area and proceeded to our final decision on our makeover..


This time we get to have a hairstylist to work on our hair and of course a little bit of make up for the ladies..

After full makeover we were supposed to choose the outfit that suits us best..

This is me after full makeover..

*The set I prefer*

Stripe Shirt – N.Tyler
Sweater – N.Tyler
Leather Shoes – Daytona

I love the metro look and I think the sweater is not too thick for Malaysia weather..

I’m happy with my hair but I think it’s a bit heavy say for normal outing, would be great for events :D

All in all, this consultation is one “workshop” that helps you understand yourself better and improve your image to adapt it to your current lifestyle..

This I think is very good because you can never change one’s personality in one go but to help one find his/her inner strength and express it in the person’s image..

I think I’ve done a fairly good job here and hope it would help me in the long run..

Here’s a photo of us after final makeover with consultant Ana and hairstylist Sharon..


Thanks to TANGS for the cash voucher and also don’t forget to check out Ana Consultancy Facebook Page..

Now after everything is done, it’s time to fool around and please forgive us for our syok-sendiri moment..

Here’s a combo photo of Thomas and I on a different background wall which matches our outfit very much..

*The contradiction*

*Posing maut*

*The Bond guy and the Bond girls*

*Random ads*

Got Michelle and Fresh to join in the syok-sendiri shots LOL..

*A happy family*

Joshua and Jamie the Korean-wannabe too joined in the fun..

*2 nerdies and the 2 wackos*

*The 3 men*

In the end, all photos thanks to Jamie and Ee Ping, taken from the Facebook album in HERE, HERE, and HERE..

Need a makeover? Look for Ana Consultancy at, one of the most sough after image consultant around.. ;)

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