Zac Efron Is Charlie St Cloud – Non-spoiler Review

Charlie St Cloud (Zac Efron), a young chap with bright future in sailing is very close to his younger brother, Sam St Cloud (Charlie Tahan)..

Their bond is so close that Sam couldn’t depart with Charlie who is going to further his study in Stanford University, receiving sailing scholarship from it..

One night, both of them met with a serious accident and Sam died from it while Charlie is saved in a matter of thin line between life and death..

charlie st cloud

In the cemetary, Charlie starts to see Sam’s spirit..Don’t want to leave his younger brother alone, Charlie promised Sam to meet him in the forest teach him to play baseball everyday at sunset..Later he became the cemetary caretaker..

5 years later, the routine to play with Sam is still on going, and Charlie met his ex-classmate Tess Carroll in the cemetary..

Tess Carroll (Amanda Crew) is also a sailor and is determined to join the sailing solo competition..Charlie wanted to join but he’s torn between sailing, loving Tess, and being there for his brother Sam..

The storyline is pretty much predictable and I was hoping for a surprise sad ending because the trailer looks pretty sad..

I was all ready to tear my manly tears but the essence isn’t there for me to cry and mind you, I’m quite an emotional guy when it comes to sad movies..

But of course I would say some people could totally relate to the incidents when tragedy happens to someone close to you..There comes the manly tears..

Overall I would rate it a 6/10 for not making my teared and I bet girls would still want to catch the cute guy Zac Efron on the screen..

Also thanks to UIP for the movie tickets..

Here’s the trailer of Charlie St Cloud..


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