Zac Efron Is Charlie St Cloud – Non-spoiler Review

Charlie St Cloud (Zac Efron), a young chap with bright future in sailing is very close to his younger brother, Sam St Cloud (Charlie Tahan)..

Their bond is so close that Sam couldn’t depart with Charlie who is going to further his study in Stanford University, receiving sailing scholarship from it..

One night, both of them met with a serious accident and Sam died from it while Charlie is saved in a matter of thin line between life and death..

charlie st cloud

In the cemetary, Charlie starts to see Sam’s spirit..Don’t want to leave his younger brother alone, Charlie promised Sam to meet him in the forest teach him to play baseball everyday at sunset..Later he became the cemetary caretaker..

5 years later, the routine to play with Sam is still on going, and Charlie met his ex-classmate Tess Carroll in the cemetary..

Tess Carroll (Amanda Crew) is also a sailor and is determined to join the sailing solo competition..Charlie wanted to join but he’s torn between sailing, loving Tess, and being there for his brother Sam..

The storyline is pretty much predictable and I was hoping for a surprise sad ending because the trailer looks pretty sad..

I was all ready to tear my manly tears but the essence isn’t there for me to cry and mind you, I’m quite an emotional guy when it comes to sad movies..

But of course I would say some people could totally relate to the incidents when tragedy happens to someone close to you..There comes the manly tears..

Overall I would rate it a 6/10 for not making my teared and I bet girls would still want to catch the cute guy Zac Efron on the screen..

Also thanks to UIP for the movie tickets..

Here’s the trailer of Charlie St Cloud..


Megumi Nakajima / Ranka Lee – Seikan Hikou (Macross Frontier)

Megumi Nakajima, a seiyuu and singer of Ranka Lee fame, a character in Macross Frontier..

Born of a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, Megumi Nakajima made her debut performance at the “Macross 25th Anniversary Concert” on April 18, 2007..

She made her single debut in June 25, 2008 with the single “Seikan Hikou” and she won the award for Best Musical Performance in the 3rd Seiyu Awards held on 7th March 2009 for her performance as Ranka Lee for the same song in Macross Frontier..

The song has been used as the second opening song (OP2) in Macross Frontier only in Episode 17..

It’s also first being introduced in the anime where Ranka Lee helped the Frontier Fleet to prevent a war with 33rd Naval Fleet of Zentradi in Episode 12 when Sheryl Nome has been taken hostage..

Here are 3 videos, the OP2, scene from Ep.12, and a live performance by Megumi Nakajima on “Seikan Hikou” with romaji lyrics..


Macross Frontier Second Opening


Macross Frontier Episode 12


Megumi Nakajima – Seikan Hikou (Live)

Suimen ga yuragu
Kaze no wa ga hirogaru
Fureatta yubisaki no
Aoi denryuu

Mitsumeau dake de
Kodoku na kasokudo ga
Isshun ni kudakechiru
Anata ga suki yo

Toumei na shinju no you ni
Chuu ni uku namida
Higeki datte kamawanai
Anata to ikitai

Ryuusei ni matagatte
Anata ni kyuukouka ah ah
Noukon no hoshizora ni
Watashitachi hanabi mitai
Kokoro ga hikari no ya o hanatsu

Kaiwa nado nashi ni
Uchigawa ni mogutte
Kangae ga yomitoreru
Fushigi na yoru

Anata no na jumon mitai ni
Mugen no ripiito
Nikurashikute te no kou ni
Tsume o tatete miru

Karada goto sukitoori
E no you ni tadayou uh uh
Keshitsubu no inochi de mo
Watashitachi matataiteru
Tamashii ni ginga nadareteku

Ryuusei ni matagatte
Anata wa kyuujoushou oh oh
Noukon no hoshizora ni
Watashitachi hanabi mitai
Kokoro ga hikari no ya o hanatsu

Keshitsubu no inochi de mo
Watashitachi matataiteru
Tamashii ni ginga nadareteku
Tamashii ni ginga nadareteku

Maxis iPhone 4 Launching @ Gardens

The hype was already buzzing in the evening of 23rd September 2010 where Maxis officially launched the much anticipated iPhone 4 at the stroke of midnight on 24th September 2010 at The Gardens Hotel’s Grand Ballroom..

Some people were already in queue since lunch time to be the first group to get their hands on the iPhone 4..

I reached The Gardens slightly after 10.30pm and the queue was pretty long, holding at least 200-300 people and still counting..

maxis ihpone 4 gardens
*The crowd in front of The Gardens Ballroom*

Apart from Harry Potter new book craze, I would never thought Malaysians can be this enthusiastic to own a gadget as compared to what we usually see on TV where Americans camped days before the launching of gadgets like PlayStation consoles, iPad, or even for a movie ticket!

The long queue on a midnight that actually surprised me..If it’s launched in the morning or noon then it’s still acceptable but at midnight?

maxis iphone 4 gardens
*Crowd in the Grand Ballroom lobby*

People walking around greeted by Maxis promoters showing them the iPhone 4 and I must say the response was quite overwhelming..

The whole launch event was being broadcast live on terrestrial TV channel (TV3) and also some of Astro channels (Astro Awani)..

maxis iphone 4 gardens
*First 60 Maxis iPhone customers*

They did a countdown from 10 to congratulate the 60 first iPhone owners under Maxis network..

After that there were lucky draws to win an iPhone 4 for the members of media as well..

Also congratulations to Kelli and Jenifer to be chosen in the Maxis10 reviewer for iPhone 4..

Now talk about iPhone 4, it features FaceTime for enhanced video calling and Apple’s new Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, resulting in super crisp text, images and video..

I’ve seen the comparison between the iPhone 4 and 3GS, it’s stunningly beautifully where it’s heading towards the HD era..

iPhone 4 also features a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, HD video recording, Apple’s a4 processor, a 3-axis gyro and up to 40% longer talk time – in a beautiful all-new design of glass and stainless steel that is the thinnest smartphone in the world..

iPhone 4 also comes with iOS 4, the newest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, which includes over 100 new features..

Pricing and Tariff Plans for Maxis iPhone 4 as of media release..

iValue 1

Monthly Commitment – RM100
Free Minutes – 333
Free Data – 1GB
Free On-Net SMS – 200
Free On-Net MMS – 20

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,990
24-month – RM1,790

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,690
24-month – RM1,390


iValue 2

Monthly Commitment – RM155
Free Minutes – 667
Free Data – 2GB
Free On-Net SMS – 400
Free On-Net MMS – 40

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,890
24-month – RM1,390

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,490
24-month – RM990


iValue 3

Monthly Commitment – RM250
Free Minutes – 1500
Free Data – 3GB
Free On-Net SMS – 600
Free On-Net MMS – 60

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,590
24-month – RM890

16GB Plans

12-month – RM1,290
24-month – RM490

iValue 4

Monthly Commitment – RM375
Free Minutes – 2500
Free Data – 4GB
Free On-Net SMS – 800
Free On-Net MMS – 80

32GB Plans

12-month – RM1,190
24-month – FREE

16GB Plans

12-month – RM790
24-month – FREE


By the way, this is a photo I’ve taken at the Grand Ballroom before I left the place at about 2am..

maxis iphone 4 gardens

The crowd was dying and it was very long queue..When I reached home I saw someone tweeted that at about 3am they have more than 3,000 customers already..

It’s crazy!

For more info, visit

Plurkers Gathering @ Dave’s, 1 Utama

It wasn’t quite a Plurkers gathering but a farewell dinner for Jackie aka Yuri for her departure to Singapore to join the SIA..

On 10th September 2010 we had dinner at Dave’s, quite a cosy place to have a meal and the food is quite teh awesome too..

I had a Carbonara Linguine and it was awesome..Others had steak, pizza, and some others..Thumbs up from them too..

Okay no food review shits from me..Just an update just for the record..


I think I shall keep their identities a mystery..

Til the next time I see you Jackie, all the best in your training! Stimzzzz!

Malware Attack By Innity Ads On Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

UPDATED (20th September 2010, 11pm – GMT+8:00)

Innity has clarified their issues and took swift action is trying to solve the problem..As quoted from Innity’s Announcement Page as of 20th Sept 2010, 6.20pm (GMT+8) :

Google has now completed a review of our domain and certified that has now been re-activated and has passed all checks.

We at Innity though are still looking to enforce additional layers of checks and confirmations before reinstating all advertising scripts so please bear with us and we will notify you in the next 24 hours to put up our ad scripts again.

Furthermore, if your site is still currently blacklisted and you are having difficulty getting it reinstated, please drop us an email with your site details to with a copy to and we will complete this process for you as quickly as we can.

For further updates you can proceed to Innity : Announcement..


I bet many of you have heard of and also never heard of Innity Ads..

Unlike Nuffnang and Advertlets where both companies aiming at blog advertising, Innity Ads target more on corporate websites, or so I heard..

As quoted from Innity’s website..

Innity Ad Network is a South East Asia network of premium quality news, editorial and entertainment websites that reaches more than 200 million consumers regionally, with over 2.1 billion ad impressions monthly.

Innity Premium Network campaigns are designed to provide high profile brand exposure with no limits on specific placement sites or creative structure on selected premium content publisher sites.

It’s presumed at about Malaysian Time (GMT+8:00) 5pm, September 19th 2010, more than 500 sites contained Innity Ads have been labeled as harmful as it is listed as suspicious..

The time of attack can be confirmed by the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, where it’s updated 12 hours ago at the time this blog post is being written, 5am..

innity rojaks malware
*Printscreen of the page at Malaysian Time 5am, 20th September 2010*

In that page it’s also clearly stated that malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including

Here’s a printscreen of where you can’t view it on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers but they are working fine on Internet Explorer and Safari..

rojaks innity malware attack
* on Mozilla Firefox*

Here’s a printscreen of on Google Chrome..

rojaks-chrome innity malware attack
* on Google Chrome*

Using Internet Explorer is pretty fine, well I don’t know why as I’m not a tech guy but here’s a proof, visiting the blog at the same time..

rojaks-iinternet explorer innity
* bearing the Innity Ads banner*

So the question is what causes the “malware attack” that prevented those sites having Innity Ads from being visited?

After some research and discussion with Joshua, we found out that Innity is not at fault for causing the malware attack that paralyzed those blogs and websites..

If you visit you will safely enter the site without any warning at all..But when we tried, the warning page appeared and we found a better source of it..

innity-page malware attack google

Quoted from Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for says..

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 3 site(s) including,,

Other than the 3 mentioned sites, we also know that The Star is actually running Innity Ads but they have solved it pretty fast and The Star is working fine now..

But when Joshua searched on the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, it says..

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 902 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 75 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-09-19, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-09-19.Malicious software includes 63 scripting exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 3 domain(s), including,,

3 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,,

This site was hosted on 3 network(s) including AS10204 (ARCNET), AS17547 (QALA), AS2042 (ERX).

innity-thestar malware attack
*Printscreen of the page to support what I’ve quoted*

People started noticing this “attack” after some people tweeted bout it where you can search “innity” it on Twitter Search page..

Other than proofs from Google, DataKL Solutions also blogged about “Innity Ad Code Causing Reported Attack Page”..

Now don’t be surprised if you found out your blog/website appeared to be harmful :D

The solution is to temporarily remove the ad code in your blog/website by using Internet Explorer or Safari because these 2 browsers were not affected by the malware..

To date as of 6am, 20th September 2010, it’s reported that this malware has infected more than 644 domains including,, and

Check out Joshua’s – Malware Attack on More than 600 Domains/Blogs/Sites With Innity Ad Code Affected..

Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival 2010

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again for 2010 and it falls on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010..

Other than have a blessed family reunion dinner, it’s also the time to exchange boxes of mooncakes again and mind you, it’s hell of a price this year..

According to a friend’s mother who bakes mooncake almost every year, the price of lotus seed to make the lotus paste has gone up from about RM13 (2009) to RM30++ (2010) per kg..

So indirectly it affects the market price of the boxes of mooncakes as well..My family doesn’t really has the formality to buy mooncakes so it doesn’t really affect us..

But of course, it’s a way to show our sincerity in any way to give someone close to our family a box or two..

I’m not quite a BIG fan of mooncake so it’s alright if I don’t eat it for a year or so, but of course I don’t mind to have few slices if there is any :P

Well one must be thinking hard how to celebrate on that very day or any day close to the actual date..

You can always invite your friends and extended family to have a small gathering at your place and play lantern together..

Other than old fashioned-kiddo lantern-playing, as grown-ups we can also do it the Chinese style, gambling, but moderately..Don’t get addicted to it, it’s hazardous..

*Some old pictures from 2008*

If you are old enough to have kids, celebrate with them and teach them those Chinese customs that we have and we must cherish them in this modern day..

All these customs and traditions might be forgotten if one doesn’t remember their own roots and when the world is becoming more technology dependent..

mooncake lantern
*Taken from 2008 pictures*

Well of course, if you were to play old school lanterns which require candles and paper-made lanterns, do play with caution, else you might end up with burning lanterns..

Check out what I did with my friends back in 2008, celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival the DGMB style..

pandan mooncake
*Pandan mooncake*

Plan well, celebrate well, and hope you will celebrate again in the next many coming years.. :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you..Happy Mooncake Festival to you..Happy Tanglung Festival to you..Happy Whatever-You-Know-What Day to you :D