Friendster Is Stepping Up For Step Up 3

How many of you have watched Step Up 1 and 2?

Well if you didn’t know what is that, Step Up is a dancing movie franchise, mostly associated with break dance and a slight bit of contemporary dance..

In Step Up 3D, it tells about Moose (Adam G. Sevani) who missed his flight back to Baltimore when the Maryland School of Arts (MSA) goes to Paris for an international dance competition..

He soon makes friends with an American away from home and beautiful French sophisticate. They introduce Moose to the red-hot Parisian underground dance scene, and before long he is wowing the local dancers with his unique moves as they prepare for an underground dance competition..

With time running out before the big event and their routine stolen by a rival crew, Moose turns to his loyal MSA crew in Baltimore for help..

Like previous Step Up movies and any other dancing competition, it’s all left to the battle between the dance groups and all..

To watch the awesome dance routines, Friendster is pleased to share with you “Friendster Fizz”, a new Friendster Official Profile which allows the Malaysian Friendster community to join as a fan, and win freebies all year round..

There are 2 concurrent promotions going on in Fizz..The first promotion is with Step Up 3D..

In order to participate, interested fans would just need to post a comment on why they would like to win those preview passes! Additional gifts to be given away to fan who post creative dance poses on their profile pages..

These includes exclusive Step Up 3D movie premiums, and Celebrity Fitness vouchers..Contest ends on 18th August..

Watch Step Up 3D trailer here!


Traffic Congestion At Cheras Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur

On every weekday Monday to Friday, traffic congestion during off-work hour is kinda unavoidable, be it in KL city center, Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Damansara, Subang, or Shah Alam..

Unavoidable is one thing, but making it become worse is another thing..

I always freaking hate selfish irresponsible drivers who managed to get their driving license and driving around not knowing how to respect other drivers..

In this case, traffic congestion at a roundabout..The one in Cheras specifically..

Congestion usually happens when drivers on either side of the incoming road don’t give way to the other road despite blocking the road and causing massive jams..

I got fed up and made an impromptu video on that very roundabout and I know it’s kinda boring or whatsoever but hey, it’s my way of reporting reckless-selfish-irresponsible drivers!

So here’s the video and I’ll definitely come back with more videos..


This is a part of my Traffic Offenders series..Do check it out..