Warning At Petrol Sation For Foreign Registered Vehicle

Malaysian Government has announced that starting on 1st of August 2010, all foreign registered vehicle is not allowed to pump RON95 petrol..

They are also not allowed to pump diesel of more than 20 litre at a time at any petrol kiosk within the vicinity of 50km from the border..

Good news is they can pump RON97 without any limit..

*Taken at Shell Station in Taman Connaught*

This warning notice is taken by me at a Shell Station in Taman Connaught..

Can you spot the mistake in this notice?

Now take a deep breath and read out loud the warnings written on the notice..

Still don’t get it?

Once again, the notice is a warning towards foreign registered vehicles, so it’s presumable that foreigners (without MyKad) are not allowed to pump the RON95 petrol..

So, foreigners include Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Caucasian, etc etc..

How the heck can these foreigners read the Malay notice?!?!?!

But on the bright side, I saw the same notice in other petrol kiosks in both Malay and English..

Get smart yo!

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