South Africa World Cup 2010 – The X-Rated And Gay Version

DISCLAIMER : All of the captions are just for laughs and it’s not meant to tarnish any of the player’s image..Enjoy..

Well I’ve done this before during the World Cup 2010 but all the photos have been wiped out because they were no longer in the website where I leeched from..

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa has ended and I’m doing it again just for laughs..

I’m a football fan myself and you can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty gay because 20 guys running around to chase just one ball while 2 others waiting for the ball..Jen jen jeng~~

All photos are taken from Soccernet World Cup Photo Galleries..

*Goalkeeper Enyeama catches on the ball in Nigeria (2) Р(1) Greece  match*

Theofanis Gekas (white, #17) : Whoa now that a huge cock he has there..That was close!

Danny Shitu (green, #6) : Yes I have to agree with you Gekas..

*USA players celebrating its goal in USA (2) – (2) Slovenia match*

Everyone fighting for a place to give a blow on Gomez..

Herculez Gomez (#9, centre) : Come get your load of cum hell yeah!

*England coach Fabio Capello, druing England (0) – (0) Algeria match*

Fabio Capello (in suit) : Who drop his ball here?!

Algerian players rushed over to check out whether it’s theirs..

*The referee shows Miroslav Klose the yellow card in Germany (0) – (1) Serbia match*

Referee : Next time please use this yellow-packet condom if you want to do it..

Miroslav Klose (#11) : WHY?!!

More X-rated World Cup 2010 parodies up ahead..Read on for more..

*Schweinsteiger looks on as Serbian keeper catches the ball*

Bastian Schweinsteiger (#7) : Shit! His balls are dangling I have to close my eyes =.=

*Ghana players celebrating after scored a goal against Australia*

Ghana players sing together : Touch my body, put me on the floor..Wrestle me around, play with me some more~~~

*During Ghana (1) – (1) Australia match*

Aussie player (middle) : Ref..Why don’t you want my dick?

Aussie player (right) : You better take mine ref, seriously..

Aussie player (left, Harry Kewell) : What bout mine? Take mine too!

Referee : Errr *staring at Kewell*

*During Netherlands (1) – (0) Japan match*

Sperm : Now where’s my Dutch ladies? *spurting out from the dickhead*

*During Denmark (2) – (1) Cameroon match*

Nicklas Bendtner (right) : I love you, you love me..We are happy family~~

Dennis Rommedahl (left) : Ugh! Here we go again..

*Yoann Gourcuff is shown the red card in France (1) – (2) South Africa match*

Oscar Ruiz (Referee) : I’ll give you guys..*look at watch*..5-minutes to do a bukkake on Macbeth Sibaya (on the ground)..

Yoann Gourcuff (#8, blue) : Wh-What?? 5-minutes??

Katlego Mphela (#9, yellow) : Can’t you guys do that??

South African player on the left : Let them be..They don’t have huge dicks like ours..

Djibril Cisse (#9, blue) : Quick guys we have no time to lose!

*South African player, Bongani Khumalo celebrating his goal in France (1) – (2) South Africa match*

Bongani Khumalo (#20) : Look at my huge erected dick yo~!!!

South African supporters cheered for his goal dick..

*Nigerian players doing the prayer hoping goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama*

Nigerian players (standing) : *fap fap fap fap fap fap*

Vincent Enyeama (yellow) : ugh umm uhm umm ugh~

*Nigerian players  dejected after drawing with South Korea 2-2*

Both players : Now where is my masseuse??? *with grunt voice*

*England players celebrating their goal in Slovenia (0) – (1) England match*

Gareth Barry (the one looking to the right) : Hey you! Why are you running away?

Miso Brecko (#2, white) : No worries I ain’t gay *smirk*..

*Australia (2) – (1) Serbia*

Milan Jovanovic (topless) : What are you waiting for? Let’s get movin’..

Vladimir Stojkovic (#1) : I don’t want to see your BC (butt crack)..

*Paraguay (0) – (0) New Zealand*

Paulo Da Silva (#14, Paraguay player) : Here! *spread hands wide* Hug me from behind and give me a good poke~

Leo Bertos : Oh man I can’t see this shit..

*Keisuke Honda of Japan cheered when he scored against Denmark where Japan won 3-1*

Keisuke Honda : Aaahhhhhhh~!! *moan* That was a good cummmm~~

Now who says football isn’t gay at all? :P

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