MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia Is Back

The second installment of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is back where last year’s one ended with a blast at the very same venue, Sunway Lagoon..

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 is one of MTV’s most recognizable and eagerly anticipated events..This global series reaches over 550 million households worldwide and features the hottest music artists performing at unique locations around the world.

Music fans in 162 countries are transported to front row seats somewhere in the world to experience their favorite recording artists live.

mtv world stage malaysia 2010
*MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010*

I’ve got an opportunity to go for the very first MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia in 2009 but I snubbed it due to my exam and I’ve definitely missed one of the greatest event/concert being held in Malaysia..

Last year’s MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia featured The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Raygun, Boys Like Girls, Kasabian, Pixie Lott, and of course local outfit Estranged..

So this year I’m not going to blow the chance and am definitely going to Sunway Lagoon and enjoy my weekend to the fullest this time around..

The artistes line-up is quite an awesome one with local artiste Bunkface, internationals with Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, and Korean girl group Wonder Girls of the “Nobody” song fame..

The thing is, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is one of the very few events where its passes are money can’t buy! It’s either you win it, win it, or win it!

But with Celcom Xpax, you can get an exclusive money-can’t-buy passes by reloading RM50..

  1. Type and send MTV to 28881 and wait for a confirmation.
  2. Reload RM50 upon receiving confirmation SMS and wait for your mobile voucher.
  3. Once you have received the mobile voucher, redeem it at the Ticket Hotline office at NO. 96B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. 03-77251177


Play MTV World Stage Challenges on Xpax/S.O.X./U.O.X. Facebook pages and be one of the special few who walk away with EXCLUSIVE XZone passes.


Download Call Me Tones from Channel X and stand chances to walk away with these cool prizes. More details at

Just follow the instruction and stand a chance to win cool prizes!


Download Katy Perry “California Gurls” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83987 to 22990..


Download Tokio Hotel “World Behind My Wall” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83465 to 22990..


Download Wonder Girls “Nobody” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83971 to 22990..

So either you find a way and wait to win a pass, or wait no more, do it the Xpax way..

I’ll be there and see you guys there yo!

Def Leppard – When Love And Hate Collide

Def Leppard, a familiar name to early 80′s babies who listened to English songs and I’m no exception..

This English hard rock band is formed in 1977 and were a part of New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement..

The band consists of Joe Elliot (vocal), Phil Collen (guitar), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Rick Savage (bass), and Rick Allen (drums)..

This is their first song that I’ve heard of when I was still in Primary 5..It was and is still one of my favourites..

“When Love And Hate Collide” could be the only memorable song that I knew of from Def Leppard even though they were regarded as hard rock and heavy metal band, where another song “Two Steps Behind” being quite a regular on local radio..

Here’s the official video and lyrics for Def Leppard’s “When Love And Hate Collide”..


Def Leppard – When Love And Hate Collide Lyrics

You could have a change of heart if you would only change your mind
Instead of slamming down the phone girl for the hundredth time
I got your number on my wall but I ain’t gonna make that call
When divided we stand baby united we fall

Got the time got a chance gonna make it, got my hands
On your heart gonna take it all I know, I can’t fight this flame
You could have a change of heart if you would only change your mind
‘Cause I’m crazy ’bout you baby time after time

Without you, one night alone
Is like a year without you baby do you have a heart of stone?
Without you
Can’t stop the hurt inside when love and hate collide

I don’t wanna fight no more I don’t know what we’re fighting for
When we treat each other baby like an act of war
I could tell a million lies and it would come as no surprise
When the truth is like a stranger hits you right between the eyes

There’s a time and a place and a reason and I know I got a love
To believe in all I know got to win this time

Without you, one night alone
Is like a year without you baby do you have a heart of stone?
Without you
Can’t stop the hurt inside when love and hate collide

You could have a change of heart
If you would only change your mind
‘Cause I’m crazy ’bout you baby
Crazy, crazy

Without you, one night alone
Is like a year without you baby do you have a heart of stone?
Without you, one night alone
Is like a year without you baby if you have a heart at all
Without you, can’t stop the hurt inside when love and hate collide


For more songs check out my English Songs tag or Lyrics and Musics category..

South Africa World Cup 2010 – The X-Rated And Gay Version

DISCLAIMER : All of the captions are just for laughs and it’s not meant to tarnish any of the player’s image..Enjoy..

Well I’ve done this before during the World Cup 2010 but all the photos have been wiped out because they were no longer in the website where I leeched from..

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa has ended and I’m doing it again just for laughs..

I’m a football fan myself and you can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty gay because 20 guys running around to chase just one ball while 2 others waiting for the ball..Jen jen jeng~~

All photos are taken from Soccernet World Cup Photo Galleries..

*Goalkeeper Enyeama catches on the ball in Nigeria (2) – (1) Greece  match*

Theofanis Gekas (white, #17) : Whoa now that a huge cock he has there..That was close!

Danny Shitu (green, #6) : Yes I have to agree with you Gekas..

*USA players celebrating its goal in USA (2) – (2) Slovenia match*

Everyone fighting for a place to give a blow on Gomez..

Herculez Gomez (#9, centre) : Come get your load of cum hell yeah!

*England coach Fabio Capello, druing England (0) – (0) Algeria match*

Fabio Capello (in suit) : Who drop his ball here?!

Algerian players rushed over to check out whether it’s theirs..

*The referee shows Miroslav Klose the yellow card in Germany (0) – (1) Serbia match*

Referee : Next time please use this yellow-packet condom if you want to do it..

Miroslav Klose (#11) : WHY?!!

More X-rated World Cup 2010 parodies up ahead..Read on for more..

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Malacca Day Trip With Family – Jonker Walk

Well it was about 4 weeks ago where my dad had an impromptu plan to visit the historical state of Malacca on a 1-day trip..

It was our first family outstation trip after my mom had passed away in 2006 and not like we traveled a lot when my mom was still around back then..It’s like a first-timer thingy..

So off we went off early in the morning for some breakfast before the 1-hour plus 2-hours trip..

A big mistake was we took the LEKAS highway via Kajang route, where we thought passing by Seremban would be faster as Cheras is nearer to LEKAS (Lebuhraya Kajang-Seremban)..

Once we reached Seremban we had to take a detour and exit to PLUS highway to follow Johor Baru, which is the very same highway if we were to follow KL-Seremban highway..

So a reminder to first-timer to Malacca, unless you are staying in Kajang-bound area, keep off LEKAS highway to go to Malacca..Always take KL-Seremban highway..

So on the highway it’s all the way follow road sign on the highway and we exited at Alor Gajah if not mistaken..By the way, my family is not a keen user of GPS-device, though we did try it on my phone for that trip..

Once you’ve passed the toll plaza, follow Pusat Bandaraya Melaka or something like that..

Straight away we headed to Jonker Walk (or some say Jonker Street) as most people know there’s nothing much to do in Malacca other than going to Jonker Walk..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball
*Kedai Kopi Chung Wah – Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball*

Our first stop in Jonker Walk, to find Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, the Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball shop..

It’s located at the end of Jonker Walk connecting to the famous red colored Christ Church Malacca..

There were a few chicken rice ball shops but I’ve heard of good reviews on Chung Wah so we decided to queue up despite the long queue under the hot sun..

The queue was not like freaking long but I guessed we’ve waited at least 30-40 minutes, standing under the hot-burning sun..

Coincidentally, while we were queuing, I bumped onto Akira “Jian” ceo, Jacquelyn, and Alex..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*The chicken rice balls*

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*Steamed chicken*

I would say it’s not like superbly delicious but it’s way better than a lot of chicken rice..The rice balls are to die for..

It’s difficult to find any chicken rice that you can eat just the rice without putting any sauce or gravy on it..In Chung Wah you can..

The steamed chicken is quite tender and not too salty, which is just right and just dip into the chili for better taste..

kedai kopi chung wah hainanese chicken rice ball melaka malacca
*Both my sisters Min, Eshan and my dad*

Once again I wouldn’t it’s especially great that you have to travel so far just for it but if you are already there, why not?

malacca jonker walk christ church
*Walking distance*

In Malacca town, where Jonker Walk, Christ Church, and few other places are all just walking distance..

malacca trishaw rental
*Trishaw rental rate*

Other than walking around you can also rent a trishaw which is equipped with sub-woofer audio system blasting on Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”..

malacca jonker walk christ church melaka
*Walk walk*

We opted to walk around instead of taking the trishaw..

Reminder, do apply sunblock lotion and take necessary pre-cautions to deal with the heat in Malacca..

malacca jonker walk christ church ice kacang
*Ice kacang*

After the long-haul under the hot sun, it’s best to sit down and have a bowl of ABC a.k.a ice/ais kacang before you leave..

We didn’t stay for the night nor stayed for satay celup dinner due to fatigue and the heat is hitting us..

So off we went back to KL at about 5pm..

It’s a good journey and definitely will be there again..

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Despicable Me 3D – Non-Spoiler Review

“Does this count as annoying?” *pok pok pok pok pok*..Yes, that’s the cute action by the little girl Agnes while she slaps her own cheeks to create that cute annoying sound..


Despicable Me 3D, one of the most hyped animations this year with the cute little yellow Minions that like to punch and beat around the bush face..

Thanks to UIP for the movie ticket for such an early screening..

*Taken from Google Images*

The plot centers around Gru, a villain trying to be, well, one of the greatest villains of all time, try to steal the moon..

He’s pretty nasty and wicked towards anyone or anything, except his mother..

The usual plot of hero vs villain is so yesteryear and that’s how Despicable Me sells, villain vs villain..

Everything is so evil they even have an underground Bank of Evil to fund the villains in their evil deeds..

I bet most people would ask whether it is worth to watch in 3D and all..

Indeed Despicable Me tried to put in as much 3D elements as they could but it’s hardly felt in most scenes..

Don’t get me wrong..Hardly felt 3D elements here I was referring to eye-popping scenes such as bullets flying right beside your head, and something that actually interacts with the audience..

*Taken from Google Images*

The one I felt the most was the roller coaster scene where it does really feels like you are sitting in it going down the track at 90-degree..

Other than that, all in all I think it’s just so-so, maybe because I’ve had high expectation in it..

So my advice is enter the cinema with empty or lower expectations, that would be better..

And of course it’s a perfect family movie because kids would love the cute Minions..

despicable me minions
*Taken from Google Images*

I can assure you that none of the scene involving the lil’ Minions isn’t funny at all..They can make the cinema laugh hysterically with just one movement, or one word in their language..

With 3 children character of Margo, Edith, and Agnes, you can also expect quite a number of “awww moments” in this movie..

Overall I would give it a 7/10 rating..

P/S – Stay seated at the end of the movie with your 3D glasses on because that’s what I hope most of those 3D element scene to be included in the movie itself..

Enjoy the spectacular effects where the Minions trying to reach out to the audience by sticking out their hands, using a ladder, and also long-sharp rocket-shaped thingy..


Here’s the 4th official trailer of Despicable 3D